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  1. i use ego couriers but send depot to depot. not sure they have a depot drop off in country Vic. but i would require buyer to pick up from their Adelaide depot. this cuts out the local,low bidder delivery guy. also i extra pack even if i have original box/packaging. reason is the item was originally shipped nicely packed with other units on a pallet, so very safe. individually not so safe.
  2. dave.. relax, take things out of context. i should have said it wont give better bass vs the correct room placement even with eq. find the best place in the room and forget how it looks or get 2 subs. if not accept a compromise which is most ht rooms anyway. but thats just me and if others do different thats their choice.
  3. https://www.lifewire.com/speaker-sensitivity-3134850 guess it depends on what speakers you are use to. i use a combination of klipsch/psa so around 95 db sensitivity.
  4. sorry op and no offence meant to others but waiting around and trying to pick up a rotel 1075 for $500 could mean missing other possible amps that come up... last 3 sold on this forum for an ave of $650. your speakers are inefficient so seemingly need more power than normal to get volume out of them.
  5. https://www.excelhifi.com.au/audio-visual-receivers/ just watch for new stock
  6. no comparison.. 1 x pb1000 vs 2 x sb2000.. buying a sub based on a gap in a entertainment cabinet is not going to give you better bass
  7. your budgets seem to be related to 2nd hand gear or refurbished. no mention of number of speakers required,room use, size, expectations, movies/music/gaming, tv or projector. without those you will only get the logical " low budget" replies.
  8. op please post your existing avr.. also why not post your speaker and sub just to round off your info.
  9. no point arguing as it wont help op. people listening to music is not HT so their set up will be from a different perspective. people with a tv is not Ht either as so called phantom centres can work with a tv, but not with a projector/screen. each person has different room, expectations and budget. as op has not returned with relevant details its all guess work.
  10. i will guess it is for movie watching and the room is a dedicated home theatre. your room size is not known but for $500 you wont find one new. reason is the 10" wireless sub is the back up so the main should be bigger ie: 12" minimum and ported imo. you could find a 2nd hand rel (sealed) on this forum or even 2nd hand krix (ported) go for reasonable prices. but moving up to a 2nd hand svs 1000/2000 is out of budget. but thats just my 2 cents and again, no room size/configuration posted.
  11. sorry but home theatre is surround sound not stereo, what home theatre set up has your friend got? budget room style seating projector ( a tv means its a tv room) expectations needed to suggest anything.
  12. normally i would suggest starting your 5.1 with some front speakers and then add 2 side surrounds and a sub.. but $500 to start will get you a new avr entry level. you are in 2nd hand territory or soundbar. just an example but not a recommendation as such you can pick up a full system: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/freshwater/home-theatre-systems/home-theatre-yamaha-yht-894-high-definition-7-1-channel/1250679063 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/petersham/home-theatre-systems/onkyo-home-cinema-theatre-audio-system/1249894240 or you buy individually : yamaha speakers 2nd hand can be bought cheap especially their speaker ns-50/ ns e50/55 series and subs. this guy has centre and surrounds actually he has all the bits you need. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-seller/Davo/1002461673/date/1 the avr is going to be the more expensive but https://www.excelhifi.com.au/audio-visual-receivers/ do refurbs rxv385 rxv485 that will work with those speakers sorry i dont use soundbars
  13. please post: room size, open or closed, use, expectations and budget. no one can help if they dont know these things
  14. 3 years is used.. priced accordingly
  15. thank you kindly although most of it went over my head. i run 4 of these for my side surrounds and rears. i got conned by one seller (first pair) and saved by second seller (stereonet member) on the 2nd pair (actually 2+1 free for parts) unfortunately i got 1 from each seller not working and had Edward from Adelaide speakers repair them. looks like i got 4 mk1's and 1x mk2. (note the first seller knew it the 2nd was so sorry for it and extremely fair about helping out.. ) anyway they are up and have a nice surround "sound stage". feeding with rotel rmb 1075 120w per channel. they set up very well with audyssey xt32 with very little variation between each speaker... uniformity of build i guess. a pain to try to mount on my diy mounts. they are actually quite "fragile" when handling imo due to shape/10" driver and size, fear of damaging/dropping thing. the plastic lugs for the grills break easily. overall they helped finish my ht room and i have no need to change them.
  16. hmm sorry to differ but 1066 amp runs cold, no distortion when bridged, but thats in my room with my speakers, others may find a difference. anyway i guess the 1066 could power 4 atmos @60 watts a channel.
  17. sorry no i dont use rel subs but going "down" to a even smaller 8" sub is something i personally could never consider.
  18. i use a rotel 1066, if wanting to power 4 atmos equally i would not buy that model. it is best used in bridge mode for your front L&R+centre. i use a rotel 1075.. you will need more than luck getting it for under $500 or any number with a "5" in front of it. :-)
  19. only you can decide that, but if you wont lose money why not try it as you can always buy another if the 5 does not satify. running at half is quite normal for subs, my 2 run at 35% but damn if i am going to replace them for smaller subs haha
  20. most home theatre chair designs are far from what is used in theatres anyway. except for the "gold" seating stuff i guess. these chairs with their massive back structures will block sound getting to your ears, so not for surround sound really. especially as some people just do not recline enough to remove that back block.
  21. always feel its best to pm an offer, especially that one.
  22. time to look for a high lumen, low lag pj with lens shift. the tk850 is still new, as with all these things prices fall over time. keep an eye out for when Benq aust website starts selling refurbs again, closed due to virus thingy. not sure if the epson ehtw7100 fits your needs, keep an eye on the epson aust seconds web page.
  23. pj from looking at the manual if you place the benq up against the ceiling there looks to be a "vertical offset" of 162mm for a 130" 16:9 screen ( https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1567087/Benq-Tk800m.html?page=12#manual) so if you have 2400 mm ceilings - 162mm v.offset - 1619 (130" screen height) - 2 border widths (say 100mm each) -200mm = 419mm from floor to bottom border. well thats how i work it out anyway and thats the problem with no lens shift.. the newer tk850 has lens shift that fixes this problem.
  24. please forget the watts output avrs tell you as they are uaually only 2 channels driven and lately just 1 channel lol. your speakers are not that efficient at 87 db but it all comes down to budget. you have 2 fronts/ a centre and will be buying 2 side surrounds (they are not "rear" speakers even if placed behind you.. that is for a 7.1 system) so you are going 2 fronts+centre+2 surrounds+ ?? atmos ( 2 or 4) you could be better off waiting and buying a denon 3600 on runout and adding a seperate amp if you feel more power is needed. the 3600 was a big change to the 3500 because it became a mid level avr with 9 internal amps + 11 channel processing. the 3700 has very limited extras and will be too expensive imo.. sometimes it is far cheaper/better watts to buy a lower avr and add an external amp than go to the top tier avrs. you could keep an eye on excelhif for yamaha refurbs but they dont sell denon. please post the following: room size, room use, open or closed room, seating situation, tv or projector. sub does not need to be same make as your speakers, consider 2nd hand as well. oh nearly forgot.. post your BUDGET
  25. just note the front stage speakers "should" match ie same maker. this is not a problem as you usually find a maker has several different model centres. you could look at krix speakers as they have many combinations but they also pop up frequently 2nd hand and there is always a centre/books somewhere. same as dali, jamo higher end, aaron (although hard to find their big centre these days) as examples. the other thing is you can consider a smaller maker such as Edward at adelaide speakers who can match the books with a centre and adjust accordingly http://adelaidespeakers.com/ subs can be found 2nd hand most times. just comes down to budget.
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