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  1. hopefullguy

    Room Query

    sorry hope i didnt give you the wrong impression. i dont listen to music, HT room i have/closed. just that from general reading if you were using that same area as a HT situation then 2 ported subs would be the way to go. as for music hmm sure there would be some music experts that could help. but i do wonder who suggested that particular sub? they should be able to help. keep moving it around until bass is better, as suggested, but at that price i would have expected a better result obtained easier.
  2. hopefullguy

    Room Query

    open room 20m2 joining 16m2 kitchen... sealed subwoofer. expecting too much maybe.
  3. hopefullguy

    FS: Velodyne Subwoofer F-1500R - Sydney

    pm sent
  4. you mean 2 years extra warranty unless you are buying refurbs from excell hifi. for the same money get the biggest. no negative in that. oh please dont get carried away by the difference in warranty, that is only the manufacturers..not the extra you get under Aust consumer law.
  5. hopefullguy

    SOLD: FS: SVS PB 2000 Subwoofer

    if you go to https://www.e-go.com.au/home.do;jsessionid=63BEE1DFC67D1F01DF3684E78FE6B570 easy to get a quote.. tip: ship depot to depot. main reason is the seller can drop into depot in adelaide, if you ask nicely, then they can deliver to the depot in your area for you to pick up. you save 30% freight cost but you eliminate the underpaid, lowest bidder, doesnt give a rats local delivery guy/girl. this is where most damage will be done. learnt from experience (various delivery mobs)
  6. you should be posting pictures of the unit, even in the box. stock pictures wont help a sale.
  7. hopefullguy


    "Pioneer has developed a Reflex Optimizer technology for resolving the phase-lag inherent in the multi-directivity sound in Dolby Atmos set-ups" looks like they are using sounbar tech on an avr?. so dolby atmos has gotten down to 3.2.2? soon they will just stick it in one speaker with one woofer/tweeter and still make money from it haha..
  8. most likely correct..jvc owners love to update to the newest and that means bargains for those wanting to wait.. do jvc pj's go DOWN to 96". is that size classed as "HT".. :-)
  9. hopefullguy

    2019 projector releases ?

    hi Marc it is interesting when a member of the "entry" level projector world moves up.. a lot haha. it will be interesting to hear your feedback from that entry level to the sony. as a w1070/w1110 user and current viewsonic pro8100 i recently moved up to a epson 8200 (thanks to stereonet member ) it does give you a moment of "how can it be that much better?" unfortunately you got the sony and this thread, although not noted, is actually for jvc owners haha. well thats how it seems anyway.. oh well thats how forums work i guess. anyway Marc enjoy the sony and the tv and the headphones.. maybe jvc should have done that to sell their dlp.. sorry couldnt resist
  10. seems to be a scratch on the woofer.. can this be confirmed?
  11. hopefullguy

    Marantz SR7012

    +1... guessing you didnt pay the retail price but you need to add any loss to the new cheap avr you will be buying.. so the new cheap avr will end up costing much more than its worth. but each to their own. and i would not be stressed if it took longer than a day to sell.
  12. hopefullguy

    Projector Setup

    op not trying to be mean but you have been told about pj/screen throw distances elsewhere. fine to get other opinions but that pj WILL NOT do a 120"screen at 3m and 5m. you need to adjust your set up ideas.
  13. hmm ok i will be the bad guy... .. BUDGET to get what op wants will not happen. get rid of the 4 "average" subs and start saving for the pb2000 or equivalent other brand (these pb2000 pop up for around $800 2nd hand) or get a loan and buy one of the pb/sb13 ultras that have come up in the last few weeks and be done with it. take your time, save up and i think once done you wont want for more.. well maybe a 2nd 20hz sub haha
  14. while it sounds you have everything needed to place a 5TH sub? in your room from recent sales and current svs pb/sb1000's on gumtree you are not being realistic... sorry. new they are around $870 on special but free delivery? even if you find one under $600 you need it sent to your remote? location with out testing. yes they have a good reputation but if you do some research you will find a great deal of users upgrade to the pb2000 or higher. it seems you want a chest thumping pressurised room from a spend of $600 but i doubt it will as you expect from 1xpb1000.. but we do not know the size/config of your room. if you cant go the pb2000 (maybe 2?) or other make equivalent it wont be worth it imo. this is based on many readings and some limited experience with the pb2000. maybe build your own.. i also was going to suggest bass shakers.. the dayton bst-1. a member recently sold 4 with a plate amp.. but thats not your thing i guess.