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  1. the colour of the walls and ceiling? usually dedicated room will not be so lightly coloured
  2. hmm preferred as it was a few days ago, it worked and looked good to me. cant really be constructive as i dont know how/who/why these things need changing, i would vote to return to how it was.
  3. its horrible.. but obviously not your fault
  4. hmm i wouldnt be quoting a 2 poster with unknown pj experience. wait a while, sit quietly and let the thousands of w1070/70+/80/80+/1110/1120/1300/2000/ owners who most likely will upgrade, do the shouting for you. 🙂
  5. hmm those "reviews" are not reviews, they are opinion pieces. no lens shift? well there is limited lens shift so look at more recognised reviews as they emerge. is it better than the w1700.. from readings on forums the answer is yes. you are in the states? so isnt it the HT3550 over there and cheaper?
  6. hmm thats good to know.. i think the gear from that popular U.S. material company is sent rolled in tubes. sorry cant remember the name
  7. well done, i actually could not understand why you didnt use wood in the first place haha i hope you didnt use the usual youtube flimsy stuff but then you didnt use what i did (90x35) and now i cant lift the damn thing by myself haha i probably need to do a similar screen due to room design so i say keep on doing your own thing. nothing like saying its your idea/design/build.
  8. hello, how would this amp be packed? i live adelaide looking to purchase thank you
  9. he most likely is right. those that owned an entry level w1070 knew it was special. every benq since (1080p w2000 and under models) has been based and judged by the w1070. even the w1700/tk800 has been (longer throw/no lens shift moans could be heard ) this model no matter what some will say should have the same effect.. to get thousands of every day people into a new projector by way of buying one or buying the 1080p 2nd hand units that will most likely come onto the market. its a win win for benq. as long as benq do the ground work before full release like a good company should.
  10. apologies Max. as usual i jumped the gun, must be use to the constant benq/dlp/entry/mid pj bashing over the last few years haha. although i also have criticised benq as a company that (until recently) seemed to release "new" pjs willy nilly. at least epson seems to have defined levels and lets a model have more than a few days production run (exaggerated) anyway i guess the good thing is there seems to be some possible initial, yet careful support for the new benq's in 2019
  11. nice one Max.. good generalisation and anti benq line about inferior lenses. i cant see the point of benq trying to make a "jvc" which i guess you and most posters refer to all the time. well the majority of pj owners do not own an expensive JVC and dont want to. Benq provide great value and affordable to the average worker projectors that they can easily set up and enjoy without needing to extend the mortgage. they have some irrelevant pjs imo such as the w2000/3000 but did bring out an affordable w1700 tk800 for those wanting to try "4k". now they have released the w2700 and w5700, also there is the higher again lk970. so they now do cover the full range for anyone to enjoy. lets hope they have not rushed things and rely on consumers to beta test the new range as JVC have obviously done with the N series. so many posts with problems in all forums.. didnt jvc make a DLP pj? anyway as benq have released 4? new pjs it might be optoma's turn soon. getting crowded out there but great for the average home user.
  12. you can get "whites" anti vibration pads from bunnings for the speakers. the ats5 is known for bass so they are cheap, rubber and seem to work. blocks or sheets. some bunnings dont sell the sheets but they are better value and you can cut to size.
  13. agree wait till you have things set up and then you can buy the pads from bunnings and see if they make a difference. if not just return them haha they come in 50x50 blocks, 100x100 blocks, 100x100 sheet, 200x200 sheet. 12.5mm thick possibly will work better under the sub. is it down firing?
  14. i would not be using the throw calculator for this model from the w1700. as stated it has basically been made to slot into the w1070/1090/1110 models throw distance. use one of the many calculators on the net for any of those models. the w1700 is not as short a throw. as for vertical lens shift its the same as the w1070/70+, w1110 cant benq make their entry pjs in black? 1080p/4k actually from the throw calculator your pj needs to be 17cm closer at 333 max for a 100" screen. your pj is too far away to get down to 100"
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