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  1. hmm not anti krix as i have some older theatre speakers as surrounds) but i would seriously question getting a "wall of sound" vs their MX series with separate subs. (1 front of room behind screen and 1 rear seating) have a read... thought this guy was up with stuff, see the result of blind faith/discounted product.. who knows) hhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIGHVDkenNU ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3uBxN5H9Ac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljCWzAOVQkQ
  2. bravo niterida, now you can lead a horse to water but..... dont forget adding a riser, even 1 row of seating should have a riser if you want the cinema feel.
  3. i like to keep things simple and in budget so i would suggest dont buy anything else. you dont actually list what you have, that would be nice to know actually. so set the room up and start using it. add thick/backed curtains where needed, carpet or rugs where needed. i run full length thick velvet curtains over my solid brick walls and that alone made a huge difference. start with a basic room and add as you feel YOU need to. its your ears and you might be surprised how little of these "acoustic treatments" you may actually need.
  4. hmm contact https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/162546-oztheatre/ and ask how much he can do screen material for, then make your own screen. its not rocket science and you get that "i made that" boast.
  5. not sure what svs model plans are actually as they seem to bring out models that virtually "replace" the model above. from my readings the pb1000 pro now it is 12" is not much short of the old pb2000, the pb3000 is not much short of the pb4000 and the 16? well that should be a 15/18" model. in the states the pb1000 pro is $599 and pb2000 pro $899 so easier to justify the change, especially with svs exchange policy. here pricing is a bit of a joke. but hey there are plenty 2nd hand .. 1000...4000.. 16.. anyone?
  6. that room is 3600 cubic feet, not a small room. i would suggest running one sub at front and one behind your seating. from my readings (i dont have atmos) with your seating so far back a 5.2.4 set up may be the better choice. just my 2 cents here but imo for HT buying an external amp for the front 2 speakers is a waste. the centre does 65% of the work so needs power as much as the fronts.. get a 3 channel amp
  7. save some money.. if you like what you have then use it. when you say "package" what is in it as most packages have 2 major problems... centre is puny and sub is very average.
  8. really? best of luck with the sale, if a "looker" does not know what a JVC is they wont be a buyer.
  9. respect Mr Boop's opinion but beg to differ (for my set up anyway). i run the 1066 in bridged but it is powering 2 x klipsch RF-3 fronts and PSA mtm210 centre (so horn loaded tweeters) and it does a great job in bridge mode. i would think room, speaker and use will cause variables to sound quality in bridged. i will say the rotel runs stone cold and is just a great little amp. but i will at some time give the bi-amp method, mentioned above, a go as it sounds interesting.
  10. i have always felt the yammy 1080 was a strange avr, just better than the 685 but i doubt in practice worth the money gap. the new v6a can be had for under $1000 every week so i feel you will be competing with that. before the v6a came out i would have guessed $900+ but that would mean competing with Excel hifi refurbs at around $1100 with warranty. now that the new yammy's are out and they have been popping up as refurbs (rxv6a $899) i think you may have trouble getting more than $800. but thats a guess as all you can do is stick it on and see.
  11. avr's.. not sure your reason for looking at the high end avr's (other than the yammy 2080/3080 which excel hifi sell as refurbs at big price discounts) as a denon 3700 does independent sub EQ now and that is mid level, 9 internal amps and 11 channel processing... recently 3 marantz sr6013's have come up 2nd hand for around $1300 they have the same features as the 3700. many people with new tvs seem to be changing to the problematic 2.1 new avr's. this gives you a great chance to pick up a 2-3 y.o. avr cheap. anyway you have a pj and a big screen and are trying to run a "phantom cen
  12. you can post a fact, provable if required but i would change it to "my recent experience with..." as you cant say every buyer will have your experience.
  13. hmm why not go with 2 new svs pb1000 pro... will be better and cheaper than 2x klipsch 12" also why buy rear ported deep front towers behind a screen? they will take up to much space. have you looked at krix specific cinema speakers?
  14. hmm why not maximise the front area by doing an A/T screen with built in speakers
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