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  1. really think you need to "plan" for a pj, its not that hard to set one up. you are positioning speakers for a tv, what size? have you calculated the seated ear height (usually 900mm to 1m) vs height of the centre? usually if lower the centre needs to be angled up so tweeter points to seated ear level. how far back do you plan to sit? in walls need good planning for the best location to seating and some thought should go into position if you do get a pj. wiring can easily put in frames with a little extra should positions change later. subs.. why sealed in that size room, for movies get ported. 2 subs can work better but so can a big single, as long as position is determined by best position not where it "looks best" dont disregard looking at 2nd hand subs to save some coin. is the room a dedicated room or open plan? looks open from the pic.. get ported x2
  2. hmm all subs are better value if 2nd hand, why pay new if you dont need to. no room size, use movies/music/gaming, expectations, past sub use is known so it will come down to your budget.
  3. ah yamaha.. got to love this mob. who knows in answer to your question as yamaha never (well no longer) quote amp rms, its always "dynamic" i hhave the old sw800 10" down firing which has a 250w amp rms and supposedly is 800w dynamic, yeah sure. they stuck the same amp in the sw1500 12" downfiring and called it 1500w dynamic. well i had that as well and it was shite. the sw800 is a nice sub if positioned correctly in the right room. the 700 is a 10" down firing sub with a "dynamic" of 270w and no rms mentioned so who knows.. audition and listen for your self. also please do not think because it is down firing you can plonk it anywhere as some will tell you.. thats b.s. but i like d/f subs, have 3. anyway you do not mention room size, price, use etc so its all a guess. from yamaha: https://usa.yamaha.com/support/faq/audio_visual/2483.html
  4. 730mm is better than 400mm, why do you want a bulk head anyway? they serve no purpose. looks mean little if they impact on the reason for the room.. to enjoy a movie. seems the riser is a set piece so just take into consideration the safety ideas mentioned. the pj should have settings for various screen sizes, just press a button on the remote. as for the rears.. well i run rears and have them inside the line of my fronts. i would experiment with them on temp stands before deciding their permanent placement. but each to their own.
  5. i found for actual rears with 2 rows of seating (but a room with questionable design ) mono poles worked better than bi pole. so much i decided to get the same speakers for sides as well. works better imo. i have tried centre speakers in the rear and as side surrounds and they also work well.
  6. haha it is a bargain actually.. getting what you want, in this virus world with 2 items i would call rare. wouldnt lose sleep over paying $600. try getting similar new :-) note: as long as you audition them.. none of this buying 2nd hand with out testing stuff.
  7. yes because to find them thesedays is getting harder and a seller who knows this will jack up their pricing. if you want them you need to pay a "i want" tax. put it this way if they all sold tomorrow would you be happy waiting months and hoping for another chance? i have had a set of ats5 + 240 centre and have researched the ats4 matches better with that centre. i sold mine as i thought they were a bit ho hum but the 240 sub is rare, the cc240 rare. just do it and enjoy.
  8. plenty of speaker sellers on gumtree or facebook market place.. yamaha, jamo, dali, aaron, richter you wont get a 4k capable avr with speakers/sub at your price point.. if you do you will need to be very lucky. refurb avr's at excel hifi can help with things.
  9. my goodness you need to STOP going to retailers. is that 2 svs pb16's? in that room. clear out the room clutter and set up a standard 5.2/7.2 system.... then sell the rest
  10. can i be a bit picky? ok seems the riser is a no compromise thing. normally a riser would go from one side of the room to the other, this one cant on one side due to sliding door and cant at the rear due to the door. your 3rd section is very high for anyone actually walking on it, falls will happen. i first built a riser similar, fell off and re built it so it covers the full back of room area. i think some thought to modifying the sides for safety needs to be done.
  11. i think i can speak for the majority here and actually any other forum. that room should have 2 subs.. thats 2 subwoofers... ie: 1+1... or just buy 1 sub and then go out and buy another sub but dont tell the first one.. 🙂 the front seating distance will matter if the screen is too large from that position and your eyes are forced to move all the time. it will then make the front row disliked, un used and a waste of money.. cant have that. sorry but for movies ported subs work better as long as placed/EQ'd correctly niterida.. the screen i mentioned previously is not a expensive one.. sub $900? and would be an alternative to DIY. but yes i also am liking your venture into spandex, so to speak haha
  12. sorry hope i didnt give impression of anti paradigm subs, just not 10" subs 🙂 can you post the room size, it may not be as big as it looks. how far is the front row to that proposed 150" 16:9 screen?
  13. i was referring to the woofer size. i would not bother with a sub+10" woofer no matter the watts. nothing wrong with both subs behind your seating imo. i run 1 front and 1 rear and it works well. yes its difficult helping others when they dont listen to you haha as posted for HT 1 big centre 2 good subs.. the rest after. if you use actual rear speakers i would still be inclined to mount the "rear" speakers inside the line of the front. with atmos the sides, rears, even fronts are basically at the same tweeter level. i actually raise my front speakers off the floor to being the tweeter to about 1/3rd up the screen. the centre will be very low and i honestly feel i would not like sitting in that 3rd row. have you thought of an acoustically transparent screen just so the centre can be mounted better. from another member these are not too shabby and they can customise the size for you.. just an idea. you can keep the fronts as is or put them behind as well, raised up of course. Class a audio.. visualax AT screen sorry forgot.. NO i would not buy those 2 120w subs OR the 1x bigger sub you posted.
  14. wow thats a alot.. are you having 3 rows of seating? thats a lot imo for the sound to be even in all seats. i can only go by my 2 rows of seating in a basic ht room (non atmos).. rears do not put them in the corners as they should be inside the "line" of the fronts. sides.. this may be interesting over 3 rows but not much choice other than in the middle of the 2nd row. subs.. imo you must get 2 subs in that room, minimum 12" with one at the front and one behind seating. definately would not be buying a 10" 120w sub and a $2000 10" sub.. sorry that room needs bigger. consider buying 2 of these.. http://deephzaudio.com/Specials.html $1650 each. 15" drivers from PSA will do the room justice. in a dedicated HT room subs and centre are the most important, the other speakers come after they are chosen.
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