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  1. being a simpleton i can only offer simple ideas. yes make the door open out, i really do not understand why people dont do that. who cares about the rest of the house hearing the sound.. spend the money elsewhere, same for the starlight ceiling. might look great when not actually watching a movie but once movie starts there goes a few hundred bucks not being used. 3.5m i would not go less than 110", mounted low. try around 600-700mm off floor make sure enough air around the avr in that cabinet
  2. hopefullguy

    Home theatre cabling and Sub

    sorry i thought you were refering to the sub. well i just buy a basic sub cable from https://www.selby.com.au/cables/audio-cables/subwoofer-cables.html am sure there are even cheaper if you look on ebay but never had problems with various subs including klipsch. as for speaker wire i have heard the "solid core" is better over distance than the usual kind but i just get mine from bunnings 14/16ga this style https://www.bunnings.com.au/studio-acoustic-30m-16ga-speaker-cable_p4360364 you dont provide your set up so maybe more informed will comment once you provide more details of your system, room size, length etc
  3. hopefullguy

    Home theatre cabling and Sub

    basic rca cable should suffice. how much is the builder charging for the cable?
  4. hopefullguy

    4K projector recommendations

    while its great to contribute by throwing in a name.. ie casio pj.. if you explain your actual experience with the particular model it might reassure the op about your recommendation. i see some negs that might effect the choice if this is the model in question https://www.projectorreviews.com/casio/casio-xj-l8300hn-projector-review-summary/#pros
  5. hopefullguy

    Help Speaker choice...Upgrading my 7.1.2 setup

    if you research "bouncy atmos speakers" you will find you can not use them in your room due to your ceiling style. anyway they are hit or miss from many different user opinions. if the sound is already great why spend more money for small incremental improvements? imo you should get a pj with a drop down screen (in front of the tv) as for the front left speaker seems you have no choice where it goes.
  6. hopefullguy

    Screen direction

    are you having a riser? the window is there most likely for building code requirements. have you considered a sliding door access or even reversing the door to open into the hallway.
  7. hopefullguy

    Shipping Heavy Boxes

    i have used ego to ship subs around 32kg.. never worried about it being over any limit ie 25kg they have on the website. i think it was all ok as i always ship depot to depot. so i take it to the depot and get the buyer to pick up from the depot therefore eliminating the weakest link.. the 100 yo subcontractor with a barina delivery car.
  8. hopefullguy

    SOLD: FS: JVC X35 Projector

    do you have original box/packaging for posting to adelaide thanks
  9. hopefullguy

    Onkyo TX-NR686 7.2 Channel Receiver

    very early 2012 avr for $1400? doubt op wants avr with no mod features.. 4k, 2.2, atmos, dtsx, etc etc. basically obsolete tech. yes it would have much better build, power output etc etc but depends on op needs. if not from a shop doubt it would get a grand.
  10. hopefullguy

    SOLD: FS: JVC X35 Projector

    hi can you tell me, from actual use not a throw calculator, what distance the pj would need to be for a lens to screen 16:9 123" size picture. thanks
  11. hopefullguy

    FS: AARON Sub 240 (Dual 10" sub)

    message sent re: shipping
  12. hopefullguy

    Onkyo TX-NR686 7.2 Channel Receiver

    some whirlpool forum members bought these a few months back when on another special. along with the denon, yamaha, pioneer and sony. they all seemed to be going out cheap at some time in the last few months. a small number of the the onks have had a hdmi issue still. this carries over from the debacle of a while ago. anyway most seem very happy with it and it has a warranty so at the price not much down side i guess.
  13. hopefullguy

    Thor 10.6 or SVS PB 1000

    bit of a miss match.. the thor is 50% more power and price. maybe compare it to the svs pb2000 as for music i always thought music lovers prefered sealed box subs not ported.
  14. denon. but it is all subjective. yammy is always on special/refurbed so generally cheaper.