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  1. yes good suggestion, move to 4m with a 130" screen. the other thing to consider is the height from floor you mount the screen. personally i would look at 600mm-700mm maximum for immersion reasons.
  2. this is the problem when auditioning anything.. you are reliant on the set up of others... the room acoustics, what is powering the sound and how it has been EQ'd etc etc as for the psa they are made for movies but if cant be auditioned it makes things difficult. 1.2m from the back wall is ok. what size screen will you have? 5m from a screen is a bit of distance but as you have an A/T screen you can go big
  3. what seating do you have? this may determine the 7... or 5... but i would feel the 5.2.4 will suffice. agree with the LCR all the same. problem with the krix wall of sound is once you listen to it/see it you will WANT IT haha PSA do some speakers the MTM-210 that is good behind screens and has horns (as HT speakers should have ala krix) contact Peter at http://deephzaudio.com/ just another option.
  4. if looking for inexpensive at screens here is a thread that we are awaiting a review for.. if starting a room from scratch then nothing wrong with an AT screen. if starting a room from scratch then getting the same speakers is logical (at least LCR) imo you do not need to go and buy 2 big front "stereo purposed" speakers for HT duties. look at psa MTM210 as an example..http://deephzaudio.com/Power Sound MTM-210 product page.html you have 3 vertical. also note they use horns. same as krix https://www.krix.com.au/dedicated-home-cinema/ real theatres use, none of this soft dome stuff for HT. paint should be flat, yes deep blues, reds, charcoal for contrat. watch the screen mounting height.. 600mm-700mm from floor agree get to under 4m eye to screen at 130" diagonal screen. 2 subs
  5. your better starting a thread than asking about pj's in a AT screen thread
  6. cant you just get out of your chair and turn the power switch off? saves $259, gives you some exercise and no worry about power surges. then again its onkyo so just get a refund and buy something else.
  7. oh no.. you have just thrown fuel onto the fire. this should be an interesting thread hehe
  8. how much will it cost op to build 2x 18" subs?
  9. just buy this https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wilson/speakers/svs-pc-12nsd-subwoofer-for-sale/1240201511
  10. look for a denon 4311 usually around $500 has xt32 and around 90w for 5 channels driven. but you dont post room set up, current speakers and current avr.. a simple rotel 1066 bridged will give you 150w to 3 channels.. they usually run around $400
  11. hmm if it brings pricing and ownership with picture quality that makes the owners happy who cares? what "true 4k" pj do you own?
  12. i watched T-34 from a friends download.. it was quite effective although ended up in a hollywood b.s. finish. such a pity the winners write history..would be interesting to see how war movies would be if the axis powers had fought the war the correct way. but T-34 is a good watch, just too bad its only available o/s and expensive imo.
  13. cold war ? best to stick to films like "The Bedford Incident"
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