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  1. Advice on screen and projector

    110" (if thats the biggest you are prepared to go) mounted 600mm off the floor (for better immersion) what about a fan to blow around air? ceiling paint colour/matt more important than walls
  2. Advice on screen and projector

    my 2 cents about some posted points. screen size... sorry i disagree with getting a smaller screen. my 123" screen has seating at 3m and 4m.. great immersion at 3m and actually too small at 4m. if your seating is at 3.5m a 120" screen will be perfect (mounted 600mm off the floor) imo. you are spending a lot for your first ht set up so get the most out of that money. heat build up.. i didnt know the epson runs hot. my entry benq w1110 doesnt but my earlier w1070 did.. still my room has no aircon and no windows. it doesnt get hot since getting the w1110 but my room is not a multi purpose living room so i assume you have aircon but i doubt you will need it on. the avr should not be "boxed up" so that it gets hot anyway. best to get everything set up, even the pj temporarily and project onto the wall to test seating positions and screen size just to make sure.. do it for a few movies then decide on the screen size. bet you get 120"
  3. Advice on screen and projector

    you note the wall colour as being light grey and a white ceiling? cant you continue the light grey to the ceiling for this room.. in matt/flat of course.
  4. Epson 9300 VS Optomo UHD65

    maybe go over to whirlpool and ask nuyers of the optoma their thoughts on rainbows as they are users. as for dlp if you are worried just go to officeworks and buy a benq dlp.. set up and see if it effects you or others.. then return it for a refund. i would think the optoma uses a better/faster colour wheel than the benq?
  5. Everything unplugged

    old house with ceramic fuse box... i unplug everything from the wall after use
  6. Epson 9300 VS Optomo UHD65

    http://www.projectorreviews.com/vivitek/affordable-4k-capable-projectors-comparison/ found this... seems epson blacks beat the oppy... if thats important to you over on whirlpool several have imported the optoma from the states and saved a lot minus warranty.
  7. Theatre advise

    hi matey.. first to clarify i am at the lower budget ht end. you dont put your budget so i will assume it could be at the lower end at first ? so pj.. entry level ( i am waiting for the stone throwers) look at the epson 5600 at under $1k or the benq w1090/w1110 under $1k to $1300. or better still as an interim the older benq w1070/epson 5300 2nd hand $500-$600 dont know what sort of screen size you want but all will do a 120" screen.. what is your seating distance? the couch against the rear wall is not always good.. and most people seem to get the bulkiest lounge they can find which limits positioning as for how it will all sound? i dont know speakers as others do.. i run old klipsch (stones whooshing past ) combined with 2 old 15" and 10" subs and old denon 4311 avr.. but they cost me very little and sound good to me.. your room is not big so most "reasonably priced " speakers should work well.no need to go high end imo the optoma 60/65 is on a thread over at whirlpool forums.. guys are buying from the u.s. much cheaper with u.s. warranty. only 1 of the 2 will be sold here and i dont think it is the 60 model. yes a squarish room may not be perfect for sound... and the glass is a problem, but thats the room. i assume you are not looking for a perfect room just a room where you can enjoy a big movie experience. so first set up a nice 5.1 system. sure consider expansion later and that avr will fit the bill. but look at excel hifi and pick up a refurb much cheaper. http://www.excelhifi.com.au/ "4k" projectors are debatable at best, just scan all the threads and opinions on them :-)... the optoma have tried to make them affordable. they are what they are and a first step. i cant see any harm in waiting to see how things develop price wise and start with a budget pj while
  8. Help choosing speakers

    when you matching subwoofer... sub can be any brand. you dont mention your budget for a sub as for 6ohm 8ohm any current avr should handle both easily. normally adding extra speakers later is fine as long as you get the matching centre
  9. hmm dont laugh but we still play COD WWII on the ps3, split screen, 4 players on a 123" screen in my HT room.. full surround, 2 subs plus bass shakers. easily the best COD soundtrack.
  10. First home theater

    sorry mate i didnt specify... i dont have the same pj, mine is the benq w1110 as i need to mount at 3.1m lens to screen to get my 123" 16:9 my seating is 3m... i assumed your seating was also 3m from other post. as for 35cm.. most normal speakers are under 30cm wide so again if you are seated 3m 120" 125" would be your max. i have not considered a scope screen because it would reduce my 16:9 gaming area which is equally important than movies. once a movie is on we dont notice any black bars because the movie takes our interest. always intrigues me people get distracted by black bars, room features, speaker colours etc etc when watching say a movie or gaming..maybe it means what they are watching etc has little appeal.
  11. First home theater

    listen to Al i am surprised you have satellites as fronts, sorry havent been following this thread. one day you may get true fronts and will be glad you have some spare room between screen and side wall. my 123" screen is perfect at 3m (90 cm border x2 on a 4m wall) 1st row of seating at 3m 2nd row at 4m. ( at 4m i would prefer 130"+ screen but too big at 3m imo ) using the pj in eco will extend life and create less heat in the room. also consider your mounting height. at 3 m seating i would prefer 600nn to 700mm max to give good immersion.
  12. Riser build. Height? Insulation?

    mine is only a step up riser 280mm high.. but i actually made 2 separates ie split in the middle to get to the back area of the room. i looked at audioholics website and did one with the soundproofing and rubber isolation.. one without. save your money and time. no difference from my ears. get some free thick mdf from bunnings or buy their mdf "cover sheets" the sheet used top and bottom of each wood stack. they let them go for $10.
  13. 1 x SB13-Ultra vs 2 x SB2000

    i actually use 4 bst1 bass shakers in my 4 seats.. but as posted, i agree most people set them far to "high" i use them to compliment my vely 15" and yammy 10" sub combo and they work very well. like anything integration is very important.
  14. 1 x SB13-Ultra vs 2 x SB2000

    i have the same size room with 2 rows of seating.. not those subs BUT 2 rows = 2 subs better options of placement and better bass seat to seat
  15. Need a HT suggestion for budget of ~15k

    package deals are great.. if they are great deals. any package you get shown you should also research buying separately and also research if things do actually gel. recent bpp package was sourced cheaper and the sub offered was never up to scratch (different forum). not saying anything against posted shops.. just do your own homework as well.