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  1. 1.. you have your surrounds in the "rear" position as you would in a 7.1 set up. they really need to be out wider, also too low as they dont clear the back of the couch. it looks like a "comfy" couch and i doubt your ears are above the top when seated. so the "surrounds" should be a little higher and you could point the tweeter down a little towards those seated. not 7.1 in that room but atmos can be done.. look at where the atmos speakers would go here: https://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/dolby-atmos-speaker-setup/index.html a little confused on all the silly model numbers integra have but here is Gene reviewing that integra.. at 6.15 he mentions the denon 3600 as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMGVvv53yvM if interested in integra here are lower cost versions.. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=integra+receiver&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_sop=2 ambertech are the aust distributor for an avr, to cover the aarons and that room i would want a 7.2 avr with pre outs.. usually a 7.2 avr gets 7 pre outs, a 9.2 gets 11.2. but thats a generalisation. many avrs out there including refurbs.. https://www.excelhifi.com.au/audio-visual-receivers/ oh and integra being better? well they suffered the same B.S. hdmi board problems onkyo did so no better imo.
  2. the thing is.. any freighter can be good one day and bad the next, you just need to eliminate the chances i see many people sell stuff and pack in the original box but for me thats still not good enough. the original box was not shipped by itself, handled by several lowest bidder self employed delivery people.. they were factory packed, stacked and shipped. imo extra internal packing is needed and even extra strengthening of the box. i remember getting a original yammy rxv3075 and was appalled by the original box/packing vs my equivalent denon. but again just the rant of a picky seller/buyer 🙂 anyway
  3. shipping is interesting.. at 66kg just about all freighters will use a truck with a rear lift. those that dont have will charge a lot for that extra service. i would say about ego.. dont always go by the online reviews. i have used them many times and the trick is depot to depot delivery. subs at 40kgs, amps and avrs up to 18kgs, never had insurance or needed it. the weight limit does not seem to matter.. as for pack and send? i find them hit and miss as individual shops just make up pricing, poor boxing and packaging and damaged. but each to their own.
  4. impress people with a good movie experience.. and if you dont do the work yourself in a ht room it means you have money and like to show off. but as posted each person has their own standard, decor becomes "window dressing" once the movie starts though. yes good idea about the black for screen wall, then out from the screen moving to another colour for the rest of the side walls.. would stick with a full ceiling in black. taking into account seating.
  5. who cares about marks? why touch walls anyway unless drunk. better to have what looks best with a movie on than what looks (to some) annoying with lights on... never thought a ht room was for showing others with lights on.
  6. "pretty cool and informative. " haha thought it was a good comical read full of contradictions. oh well they do need to sell cables dont they.
  7. no idea.. but as he says if you like movie watching in a dark HT room this is not the pj for you. seems to be made for a price point as low as they can squeeze it in, no different to entry viewsonics $1400, benq $2500 and others. stats mean little if you dont see it in your room environment or similar) before buying. i cant see it selling much in oz at $3000. but i definitely would not be buying from o/s as i will guess the quality control is fairly average, his test unit was faulty, and sending things back is a cross your fingers situation. saving $500 just not worth it imo. note: dont have or used 4k, just from research.
  8. review here.. price wise still doesnt compete imo.. but i only buy 2nd hand 🙂 so its ok to floor mount the laser pj... but not shelf mount the normal pj on the back wall? cant see it worth the $3000 aust and warranty?
  9. the cambridge auto setup for HT is basically so basic that i doubt it does anything (from readings) from the power specs, your speakers and sub you should be getting great sound. maybe your room is too damped down.. ht is meant to be in your face or just watch a tv. i doubt you need to do anything but get a better auto set up system and rip off some dampening.
  10. of course your MCACC could have a fault.. but not usually. if you want to try a different avr/auto set up then look for a higher level 2nd hand avr or a refurbished unit from excel hifi. that way if you try it and you really cant find much difference you can sell the unit with not much loss. then you will know it is something other than the MCACC. i always prefer to "know" and have it cost me a little than be left wondering. each to their own though.
  11. no you dont listen loud, you dont use the auto set up features so no point spending more to do the same imo
  12. sorry mate but the thread heading has the wrong denon model..
  13. "plus" came before the pb13 ultra.. non "plus" before the pb2000
  14. sorry forgot to say you will need a $4 splitter from selby or ebay for 2 subs.
  15. hmm "sqid".. lets hope other manufactures dont come close to jvc "VC Global need to really do something about the service/support we have here in Australia, The Service support tech that you have to deal with at JVC plays dumb as though known issues are non existent, tells you that you can not firmware upgrade you N series projector or risk voiding your waranty and the fact that the JVC Aust website still shows the X5000,7000 and 9000 as the latest projectors with no mention of the N series is astonishing to me. Those models must be 4 years old by now."
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