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  1. if you see the old version at said discount price i wouldnt dilly dally too long as most stock would have been sold at that $1150/1250 delivered last week. could have got 2 for nearly the price of one of the pro, especially with aust $$ makes the old model very good value. in most normal aust size rooms 2 pb2000 is far and away enough. will be interesting to see how many "upgrade" to the pro 2000 from the old version. in the U.S. the price difference is only $100 so the 2nd hand market for pb2000 etc has been destroyed. here a $400-500 difference may just support those current sellers who last week were close/above specials pricing. time will tell but i cant see the 4000 range doing much business as the 3000 seems too good so i doubt the pro 2000 will have the split coil design of the 3000 as it is not highlighted anywhere and svs may have learnt their lesson from the 3000 vs 4000 comparisons.
  2. 1 power board to one wall plug.. isnt that the formula?
  3. well that may be the case but seriously they dont hold value imo. everyone wants the newest this and that feature but if you are happy without then bargains can be had.. be patient
  4. can of worms.. each speaker brand has their likes and dislikes. klipsch are a bit in your face and that is great for movies imo. i dont listen to music so others can direct you. for bookshelf speakers i wouldnt bother buying new unless a run out price, 2nd hand you will get more for your money. also in a pick up situation you get to test them out in a "home" situation, not some retail set up that may or may not replicate your home.
  5. firstly nice, underrated sub. features.. if you dont need them why pay for them. the 3085 is a 9 amp sub but has 11 preouts. pity yammy only does that on its flagship models. the ypao on the latest top models is suppose to be the best so far from reading places like audioholics. the models before the ypao was not highly regarded. will you notice the difference in DACS.. i doubt it as the price wont justify any improved sound you may perceive. room acoustics/set up/EQ will do more for you. remember the 3085 and all others mentioned are AVR'S not AMPS.. very different.
  6. why not get a "normal" sized pj screen ie: 120" if this is a main viewing room 100" is too small unless the room is say 4m long. even at 3m seating 120" is fine and if you are wanting 4k then sitting a long way back defeats the cost of going 4k doesnt it?
  7. the w2700 wont do 100" 3.6m the w1700/tk800 will but they are a step down from the w2700 epson 8000/9000 series will, most probably the new ehtw7100 will but i cant find a throw calculator for it
  8. way to open up a can of worms.. one mans treasure is another mans junk. you really need to use your own eyes to judge what is acceptable for you and your wallet.
  9. there was another sold 2 weeks ago..
  10. as posted there are variables Mallard.. its not just a case of plonking down a centre.. can your avr set things up correctly, room acoustics, centre model etc. my beef is with stupid manufactures that still think we live in the stereo era.. large over sized fronts with puny centres. most people can get by with good book shelf fronts and larger centres for ht in normal rooms imo tried no centre in my ht room (with pj/screen not tv) and big fail.
  11. the thing is that with ebay and using paypal you do get some protection in case of a problem as they do tend to favour the buyer.
  12. my searching was limited to gumtree QLD for pick up reasons.. the ebay unit is a 5300 or a 5600.. the seller seems confused as the title says 5300 and the epson link is to the 5600. the 4 year warranty is a bonus as LONG AS you get the receipt and the paperwork to transfer that extra warranty to your name.. and the seller will post. is it worth $750? if a 5300 no as it is the model before current and i would definately expect to pick up a current 5600 for even less. keep watching epson seconds website they usually come up around $600 ish https://www.epson.com.au/shoponline/shop/BrowseProducts.asp?CatID=6&Store=Refurb as for the gumtree unit..its in W.A. so i doubt will ship. but around 400-450 tops is probably ok. always ask if they have original box/packing. if not thats a big negative from me. these things are fragile..a bit of bubble wrap in a non reinforced box is not good enough.
  13. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-home-theatre-systems/qld/benq+projector/k0c21118l3008841?sort=rank benq w1070 is an example but worth around $500/550 not what these sellers are asking imo you can usually pick up a benq w1070/1070+ for $500/550.. epson sellers tend to want a bit more but if patient should find a epson ehtw5300 to 5600 series pj. the benq is a closer throw pj.. so 100" at 2.5m vs 100" at about 3m. dlp vs lcd. both have pros and cons. 2nd hand pj screens hold value like a new car driven off the lot. with all the sales on i would just keep a look out as many people will upgrade to 4k and this means more sellers which brings competition, lower more realistic pricing. 🙂
  14. hmm well a can of worms but if you are only interested in your seating position and you are watching atv? and not a 120" pj screen then why not try it. when you say free up for a rear dipole do you mean adding a "rear" speaker? that is 2 fronts,centre,2 side surrounds + 2 rears, so a 7.0 ?
  15. lots of value there. the 4311 is old school but a nice japanese built avr that does a good job by itself or with separate amps to assist.
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