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  1. if selling or buying something over $500? i wouldnt until deliveries get back to normal... couriers/posties signing for you?? get out of here.
  2. +1. the side surrounds seem far to high for atmos, they should be lowered and then add the 2 back height speakers. base layer of sound+ upper layer of sound for atmos as far as i know anyway.
  3. so you have speakers weighing 35kg packed each.. so that is not standard post, the weight would preclude that as not a one man lift. i have sent subs weighing 30kg packed to qld with ego and that just made it under their normal rules. most of my buy sell i use ego but only depot to depot. when using tnt or pack & send or couriers please i also only use depot to depot. this cuts out extra handling. personally you could not pay me to use pack & send or couriers please. ego and tnt depot to depot are fine, although ego may be slipping but times are still good. remember the 3 rules: 1. pack well 2.pack well 3.pack well.
  4. i havent read a lot of this thread but i recently visited Edward for some basic repair work. skidstar's post sums up the guy, take the rest as you will.
  5. 2nd hand in adelaide for svs subs is rare. no sb1000 is worth near $1000, 2nd hand around $600. sb2000 in adelaide (even rarer) under $900. more kef, krix come up than svs. just need to be on the look out all the time.
  6. sorry just not sure outcome expected.. placing LRC speakers together, next to each other, on a cabinet vs a soundbar. well if u have those 3 speakers try it. if you have those 3 speakers why not set them up as they were made for? having been to Edwards workshop you are comparing a mass produced long plastic box made in a factory to a wooden box speaker that can be modified to your needs. you pay a premium for that.
  7. nah you can do it much cheaper. look at a rotel rb991 2x200w usually go for $450. or a rotel rmb1066 150w x3 bridged mode so you can run your 3 front speakers at around $400. but depends on your budget.
  8. oh haha.. sorry i was excited by the size of what looked like a strange new centre. as for riser build, just keep it basic. i watched one this week that was total rubbish (imo) and overly complicated. they made these "piers" for the top to sit on? make sure you have a step on either side, dont skimp on screws and take your time. with the riser/all my builds i never glue so it gives me the option to dismantle and rebuild if things change.
  9. i do remember when "nit" did his earlier postings about his use of spandex and the somewhat negative responses. in the end it cost him less than postage of a bought screen, he didnt have to have any real carpentry skills and i bet he got great satisfaction, if he can do it so can you op. he did use some solid wood unlike most youtubers that use flimsy rubbish for a frame (i used 90x35 and that is damn heavy) but there is no twisting. i am still wanting to try one but need to remove a fireplace and chimney (slightly more than the cost of postage haha) on a side note "nit" what the **** is that centre speaker?
  10. oh i get it, makes no sense to do that. no front stage separation. not sure the outcome expected.
  11. hmm 3 centre, i doubt it will work how you think. they would need to be "in series" so if 8ohm would show as 24 or 32ohm? cant put in parallel as it would be sub 2ohm showing to your amp/avr. as for sound.. the power from your avr/amp would be divided by 3. each speaker would play the same sound and as all will be close together you may get some "combing".. muddy/cancellation etc of sound. i have tried 2 speakers as a centre but it didnt do much in my room anyway. Edward can customise it and even make it bigger.
  12. having met Edward i would say you are getting a speaker that produces good sound, like all his speakers do. . cant say i have used the latest soundbars with all the so called tricks but if that is what you are looking for then i guess stick to that. more likely Edwards "soundbars" are more of a "speakerbar" than the commercial plastic, bouncy bouncy, room dependant trick bars. anyway he answers emails and i am sure would be happy to discuss.
  13. price spruiking as always. too many people jump on saying what a bargain something is and makes the seller (who should have done their OWN research) feel they made a price mistake. tough luck imo the seller set the price at $1000 so take the ad down and re advertise it at the higher price. if someone has offered to pay the advertised price and seller accepts it is a contract and should be honoured. just stop with posts shouting how cheap something is. no different imo to posting how over priced something is which seems not be allowed for some reason.
  14. depends on your budget. the marantz should be fine but what else are you running? just the 2 speakers? i note they have poor sensitivity but unless you pick up a 200w power amp cheap (giving +3 db extra vs the marantz 110w) then dont know what you will gain. still everyone hears differently so you still might pick up on some differences. again comes down to budget and current use.
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