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  1. can i ask who on ebay you ordered from? i gave up on anyone in Aust. and got mine from spandex world in the U.S. thats who just about all diy people use on AVS forums. what pj have you got? not yet set up as still re modelling the room.
  2. if you have already ordered it then you answered your own thread.. next time you do post i would suggest providing more information so others can post relevant responses. budget speaker/sub set up room set up room size expectations etc etc enjoy the denon.
  3. why do you want 2 subs left and right of mains? standard way 2 subs are advertised but reality may say place one behind your seating.. always works better for me and you have audyssey xt32. anyway you are in Vic so just buy this https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/skye/speakers/svs-pb-12-plus-subwoofer-great-condition/1266333026 use with existing sub.
  4. just to confirm warranty is dependent on original purchase receipt as per yamaha website.
  5. it states that audition is not possible.. i would suggest a buyer at least turns it on.. i learnt the hard way buying another svs sub
  6. so this is a 2.1 system? sub choice is interesting if for music as that sub gets very ave ratings from users, but can mean little if it works for you. the thing is down firing are usually for movies and usually placed on a hard "slab".. ie: thick piece of hardwood or a large paving stone etc. try as suggested and centre the set up, to far to the left. try the sub behind your seating. is there an avr in your set up? what auto EQ does it have?
  7. movies = ported, get the svs pb2000 pro or buy a 2nd hand pb3000.
  8. have always looked at that equation used by many many many people but here is a different version just use your ears to decide.
  9. dont want to be negative but.. "packed well"? where is the corner protection, just a few bits of card board with bubble wrap. would have made some corner supports from polystyrene at least or they should have those very thick cardboard ones at the very least. used those idiots just once and ended up with a forklift tong thru the box.
  10. thanks Almikel, great reply much appreciated. well done op seems like a nice choice.
  11. so you feel say 2x 15" sealed subs, for a diy noobie, is a much easier project. i have actually joined avs forums and researched some diy but what talk about is not cheap here and most of the technicalls go over my head easily... is there an aust. site to get the info from ie what driver, box size/materials etc that relate to gear here we can actually get.. i mean parts express hundreds of $$$ for a driver, come on.
  12. hmm so this replaces bass shakers in effect. can it be retrofitted to a 13" riser i already have? sorry i looked at avs link and lately all this stuff goes over my head. what powers it? my shakers run off an old yammy avr.
  13. think a bit more detail is required about room sizing and speaker placement vs tv? seating position. seriously seem to have the sub covered, the fronts in HT lucky to do 20% of the work so what centre are you running? most manufacturers do not "match fronts with centre correctly anyway.
  14. hmm fair enough, i would be just as wary of a charge that became part of the repair. all repairs are sus these days unless you actually watch them do it... thats for anything
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