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  1. this is an old svs pc sub. svs no longer make the amp or even the driver (they can make one for me to fit but cost is huge). they have a later model amp that will fit with digital dsp and i can get that sent here. BUT the new amp is "flashed" only to this model sub so cant be re-used should the need arise. just did not count on a failed amp a day after purchase (another story) so looking at alternatives. parts express sell a 500w BASH plate amp but by the time all things are taken into account it is still not a cheap fix (as said this was not expected so no limited budget)
  2. yes from -12 to +2-+4.. something is very wrong.
  3. looking at what external amplifier to power a old svs 12" subwoofer. originally a 525w BASH amp but that has failed. must be 2nd hand due to budget. was trying to find a crown XLS-1502, some CDI models around on gumtree. also considering the XTI2002 but readings seem to indicate the XLS is better.
  4. no warranty https://www.qualifi.com.au/warranty_terms/Marantz/2 b. That the product was purchased from an authorised dealer appointed by QualiFi Pty Ltd f. That the product was purchased in Australia and it is the original purchaser applying for repair under warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. no aust consumer guaranty as it is a private purchase, but thats will all private sales anyway.
  5. its not so easy in Vic compared to the rest of the country i guess. no one knows how the guy is holding up and i am guessing he isn't 30 any more? as for using your consumer rights, why people bag the process is beyond me. go over seas and see what you get.. zippo. friends from some countries i know cant believe we even get a refund/exchange/repair in the first 12months on most things. let alone have rights after the manufacturers warranty expires so stop complaining please or one day we will lose the rights. as for using them if you are not going to follow though to a
  6. your in luck then. that and the A series 80's are from a bit of research the only yamaha's with ypao that can EQ subs correctly
  7. i use whites anti vibes under everything.. cheap. as i posted down firing i would use a stone paver, thick piece of hard wood etc under it, even on a wood floor. did that with mine anyway. what avr / auto set up do you use to EQ the subs?
  8. svs should be shot for selling separate feet as there 2000 feet are rubbish. why change from down firing to front? you lose tactile response.
  9. but but its got "ACTIVE COPPER" from a lot of reading many people try this cable, no question returns https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/comsol-high-speed-hdmi-cable-with-ethernet-10m-cohdmi100 or from member https://www.ezyhd.com.au/ i use wooden wall plates even for solid brick/plaster walls.. as said DO NOT attach to gyprock itself.
  10. personally the yammy is for a tv room. anyway if movies i seriously suggest looking at this sizing https://www.classaaudio.com.au/projector-and-projector-screens/2327-visualax-125-fixed-frame-acoustic-transparent-projector-screen-2351.html then when gaming it will mean a smaller visual at 16:9 but depending on seating distance gaming on too big a screen will cause eye strain (i know haha) i am moving from a 125 16:9 screen to a 130" 2.35:1
  11. i will guess 2 just 1 row of seating? i would go 2 subs using audyssey xt32 EQ them easily. so try what you have first but a warning.. the 10" yammy wont hack it. sell it and get another sub say svs/krix etc at the front and try the sealed behind your seating.. or look at things like this haha 2nd hand example:https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-electronics-computer/qld/osborn+subwoofer/k0c20045l3008841?sort=rank screen depends on aspect ration. i would be projecting onto the wall for 2 weeks to find out size in relation to your seating and your eyes. content is im
  12. no intention felt 🙂 it comes down to an issue i have mentioned today to mods regarding selling something for a friend, basically a third party sale. some may purchase influenced by the members standing, their item description and confirmation by p.m. of condition. As is common now ads include no audition can be had, then maybe not helping if a problem arises? should there not be some rules against 3rd party sales? who gets the negative review, the non member?
  13. what if you want to leave negative feedback due to something you feel the seller did/should have done? is that going to cause that person to leave negative for you as payback?
  14. i reckon do what you want op.. after all "atmos" is just a money spinner, didnt they put it into an avr with 3.1.2? and bouncy sound bars. anyway check your budget, buy some things second hand and the you can try and re-sell if you like one set better than the other.
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