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  1. Tried to send you a PM but think your mailbox is full?
  2. Further information: Great little stands, particularly for use on desks or for similar nearfield setups. Selling as I upgraded my speakers to something larger and these are no longer suitable. No obvious issues that I can see externally, but the supports show clear marks where they've been sat in the rubber sockets, hence the 8/10. To be clear, these can't be seen when used. Will entertain shipping at cost, but preference given to local pickup.
  3. These are provisionally sold, pending collection this weekend.
  4. Hi Stinger, there's quite a few people who have already expressed interest in shipping, but I've noted your interest. I've also got people potentially interested in a local pickup so just need to discuss this further with them.
  5. Hey Musicbee, I think it would be about 5 years old now. If there's any warranty left, it would be very minimal. However, it's run perfectly the whole time I've owned it.
  6. Further information: Hey guys, This is purely an EOI now as I've got some actives that are currently covering almost all of my needs, so I'm debating selling off the subs from my 2.2 setup. The subs are only a few months old and have been working perfectly, but I'm struggling to fit them in to small Sydney apartments, so just considering my options.. I'm open to selling one or both of them (N.B. the listed price is per sub). I thought they were both in perfect condition, but I've noticed a couple of small chips on one (see pics), so I may be open to a small discou
  7. Further information: Hey guys, I'm considering putting my Benchmark AHB2 up for sale. I've kept this as an EOI for now, as I'm not sure I'll be ever able to replace it for the same price. There's loads of reviews around about what this thing can do, however, the review from ASR really does explain why it's special. It's in excellent condition, with just some minor swirls from where I've cleaned it and also comes complete with the original box. I'm based in Haymarket (Sydney) and would prefer a local pickup if I do end up letting it go
  8. Further information: Hey guys, I’m selling my KEF LS50’s as I've decided to try out actives. They are in excellent condition with just some minor swirl marks in the gloss coating on the top of the cabinets. Original boxes included. Local pickup from Haymarket (Sydney). May consider postage if no one bites locally. I can optionally include some Isoacoustic L8R155 for anyone that wants them for $100. I've only pictured the extended height configuration in the attached pictures, but they come boxed and fully complete. Photos: Advertisements without photos of t
  9. I've got a pair in Sydney that I'm open to selling if you don't find anything closer to home..
  10. Item: ~500mm high stands with decent/high WAF Price Range: TBC depending on model Item Condition: OK with minor damage so long as it's presentable Extra Info: Hi guys, got a good deal to potentially replace my speakers, however, I'll need to get new stands to support them. Large top plates preferred as they're quite sizeable and weigh in at around 30KG each. I'm based in Sydney so would probably prefer someone local if possible
  11. Wow I remember the hype about these when they came out - hardly ever see them up for sale which probably says a great deal. Makes me wonder what you're upgrading to? GLWS!
  12. Item: Dutch & Dutch 8c Price Range: TBD Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Bit of a longshot but looking to see if anyone has a pair they'd consider moving on Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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