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  1. https://www.evatco.com.au/
  2. Don't use cable ties, use velcro. Best way to buy velcro ties is in a roll rather than individual ones. The roll has hooks one side and loops the other. I bought a roll of this stuff years ago and it is so handy, just cut to any length you require and wrap around cables at intervals.
  3. Neil Young is my favourite artist and own more of his records than any other artist. He keeps releasing records and I kept on buying them but in the end I'm running out of room so while I have lots I don't own them all. It was 1991 and I got Ragged Glory on CD and from then on I was hooked. Prior to that I did not really take much notice of him. Next one that got me in was Comes A Time from 1978, so different to RG but still fabulous in a different way. Anyone that attempts to rank Neil's album certainly has a near impossible task. Interesting that Weld is
  4. The graph shows a difference but is this difference noticeable when listening?
  5. I am not aware that this album is "well thought of on vinyl". I consider it OK, but do not class it as great high fidelity. This is an interesting question and in my listening tests on my system I prefer the LP over the CD. If you have a decent digital rig and have the CD already there is not enough difference for me to endorse replacing it with the original LP. This thread has reminded me of the Shelby Lynne album Just A Little Lovin' . I have owned the 2008 origin pressing for a long time and thought it sounded really good. That was until I found ou
  6. Yes, I have the original CD and the 1988 DMM MASTERDISK cut LP. I have not compared them but will do and report back. OK I did an A/B comparison of the original CD and the 1988 DMM MASTERDISK cut LP. Namely these exact versions: https://www.discogs.com/Tracy-Chapman-Tracy-Chapman/release/770495 CD https://www.discogs.com/Tracy-Chapman-Tracy-Chapman/release/2806538 LP I played them simultaneously and was able match the volume because my phono pre-amp has a volume control, and instantly switch between the two. Initially they sound pr
  7. Yes, I have the original CD and the 1988 DMM MASTERDISK cut LP. I have not compared them but will do and report back.
  8. Some amps that have gone into protection mode require a reset to get them out of protection mode even after the fault is cleared. I had a Yamaha amp that did this and I took it to a repairer and he found there was no fault, but he needed to do a special sequence with the front controls to clear the protection mode. This information was no where to be found on the web or in the manual, but some how the repairer sourced the info and gave a copy to me. It was weird, something like turn the balance to the left, stick your tongue out, then turn power on while blowing your nose and ho
  9. Only meets one criteria. FAIL!
  10. I have that SACD.....surely you are talking about the stereo mix? Yes, the stereo mix. Never heard the multi-channel mix as I am purely a stereo guy. To clarify the wave forms in the image were made from the Redbook layer as I have no way of ripping SACD layer. But I have listened to the SACD layer and it is awful, so I can only assume it has the same crushed dynamics as the Redbook layer.
  11. The sound of *most Dire Straits albums is very good so it is a bit hard to make a pressing that is shite. (*I cannot say all of them because I have not heard all of them) For example I have a stock standard 1985 Australian LP of Brothers In Arms and I paid about $15 for it. Do not know where it was pressed. No info about that on Discogs. It sounds very good and if you did not compare it to anything else you would be very happy with it. But being the nutter I am I threw down the bucks for the Mofi 45RPM version and it kills the 1985 version. To go in the oth
  12. How old is your current belt? The OEM belts are made of good stuff and will last a hell of a long time. I have a Acoustic Signature Challenger MK2 and it is 7 years old, gets a lot of use and the belt is still perfect. BTW I still have my first TT from 1974, it is a Technics and I think the belt died about 2005.
  13. Congratulations on the Icon Amp. So glad you like it. I have the Icon Audio Phone PS3 phono pre amp. My valve amp is positioned within 5 surfaces of a cabinet which means only the front is open to air. I mounted a fan in the back of the cabinet, only because I could. LOL! I'm in Brisbane so it can get hot, but that is taken care of with air con. I mean who wants to sit in the heat while listening to your records, not me! But I do believe this added ventilation will help with extending the life of the main amp valves. You can see the fan at the back of th
  14. Back on topic - some of the best sounding LPs I have that immediately come to mind are... https://www.discogs.com/Vanessa-Fernandez-When-The-Levee-Breaks/release/8529606 Vanessa Fernandez ‎– When The Levee Breaks All analog recording, cut at 45RPM by Bernie Grundman. Just sensational! https://www.discogs.com/Supertramp-Crime-Of-The-Century/release/2513725 Supertramp - Crime of the Century (Speakers Corner pressing) Just superb! You have not really heard this album unless you have heard this version.
  15. I have compared most Australia 70's Zeppelin, with Classic Records pressings and the 2014 reissues that come with the companion disc of alternate mixes. Specifically these for example... Australian early release 1970 https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-Led-Zeppelin-III/release/3292845 Classic Records 180g (not 200g) https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-Led-Zeppelin-III/release/1053420 Remastered 2014 two LP deluxe https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-Led-Zeppelin-III/release/5780443 The Classic Records version is the best to my ears. Forget
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