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  1. Alternately add a Q-up to almost any manual TT. I used one of these with a previous TT and it worked a treat. https://www.decibelhifi.com.au/q-up-automatic-tonearm-lifter/
  2. 6 month update I have been running KT120 and KT150 in my PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP since August 2020. I like it and have not had any issues.
  3. I skimmed the posts so far and I only read two mentions of Dynamic Range and Compression. In my experience COMPRESSED DYNAMIC RANGE (CDR) in the source media is the major cause of listener fatigue. All this talk about equipment is only secondary to the real problem. Sure, a certain combination of gear may make CDR a bit more bearable but it is difficult to polish a turd. Many Remasters, CDs, LPs and files are turds because they have been compressed. Do your research before buying. I am sure many of you are already aware of the Loudness Wars, but for you that
  4. Glad you found the video useful. Actually I must have missed that bit about shielded cable of yours. I stumbled across that video recently and I thought he offered some practical perspective which could be helpful. I do not use fancy speaker wire. I robbed the wire from massive 6 core Eurocable speaker cable 06N40 6x4 mmg which were off cuts from an Electrovoice line-array speaker install I worked on years ago. It is around 11 AWG which is within the required range.
  5. Thank you! Often with these threads the OP does not post the the final result. KEF are known for suiting classical music very well so I guess you will be very happy. We will be interested to hear about your impressions after you have lived with this fresh gear for a few weeks.
  6. I think you may find what this guy says about speaker cables of interest. He talks about speaker cables first.
  7. To do this properly you should wear a blue and white apron. 😊
  8. Yeah, Dynaudio or Tannoy would probably suit your taste in music. I own and use both of these brands. In fact the Dynaudio LYD monitors look exactly the same as my pair of bookshelf Dynaudio. Great sound paired with the Dynaudio sub.
  9. I did some searches and you certainly are spoiled for choice which will make it difficult to decide which Monitors to buy. Your budget of $2K will enable you to buy something very good and ensure you don't need to upgrade anytime soon. May years ago I helped my son buy a pair of powered studio monitors for use in making and mixing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Cannot recall the brand right now but I sourced them through a buddy of mine that works in the AV industry. My son still uses them and took them to Canada several years ago when he moved there. Must find out from him what
  10. For their size and price that pack a surprisingly good sound that I find very pleasing for casual listening. My main system has floor standing Martin Logan speakers. Sonos allow you to run an app to calibrate the speakers to the room which I think is the main reason they can sound much better than you would expect. Anyway, I thought it worth suggesting this as a different way to approach your requirement. Good studio monitors would be hard to beat, but do cost a lot more.
  11. Just for interest... This is the graph from setting up Martin Logan ESl 13A speakers using the optional Perfect Bass Kit. The PBK comes with a calibrated microphone. That is to say it has a serial number which you enter into the free software and it applies a known calibration file for that particular mic. Set up the mic in listening area and connect to PC via USB Connect speakers to PC via USB Run software and a frequency sweep is played through speakers. Move mic to another position as instructed and sweep again. This is repeated a few times. Then wallah!
  12. As this is just for listening at a desk I think a pair of these configured as a stereo pair would do the job nicely. Only 165mm high. $360 for two. Only cable required is power. https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/one-sl.html Available in black or white. For casual listen these sound pretty smooth. Much more versatile than just speakers. I like that you can have music playing at the push of a button without the need for a computer, smart phone or anything else.
  13. Yeah let's go off topic. Me too! The 1985 Brothers in Arms (John Dent) was in fact the first CD I ever purchased to play my new Sony CDP 302 purchased the same year. 2nd CD purchased was Sade - Diamond Life. Still have them all. CD player is not in active use but still works except the drawer sticks badly. Perhaps that album prompted many to get into CDs. (something I have some regrets about)
  14. Hehe. I purchased it at the time of release in 1985. It is the version mastered by John Dent and pressed in Germany by Polygram. Arguably better than the others at the time including the version mastered by Bob Ludwig. https://www.discogs.com/Dire-Straits-Brothers-In-Arms/release/768493 On my system which is geared towards records and tube amps, virtually any original 1985 record pressing of that album sounds great. But for me and my system the ultimate audio experienced is playing the 2015 MoFi double 45rpm records. https://www.discogs.com/Dire-Straits-Brother
  15. Welcome to the pursuit of happiness. LOL! You are on the forum asking questions and hopefully the experience of others being shared will help you on your way to what you are looking for. Everyone's idea of what they like musically and sonically is different, and you will receive a multitude of ideas to sift through to adopt or ignore as you see fit. I've been interested in listening to recorded music for over 40 years and if I knew what I know now I could have saved myself a lot of mistakes. But the journey and learning is worth it and all part of the hobby/obsession
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