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  1. Issue solved! My friend with the TT in question found a review which explains the 5mm difference in overhang. Full article here: https://www.audioappraisal.com/technics-sl-1200gr-sl-1210gr-turntable-review/ Below is extract which answered my question...
  2. Hi Sean If you are receiving any sort of electrical shock (tingle) touching your gear then something is definitely wrong and could be very dangerous. I recommend you have an electrician check and confirm that your power points are properly earthed and that the active and neutral is correctly orientated. If that all checks out, then the sound gear also needs to be checked for the same things. Story. A few years back I found I would get a tingle if I touched the metal housing of my espresso machine and the kitchen sink at the same time. Many years before this I did have the old electrical switch board with fuses replaced with a modern circuit breaker type and ELCB so I assumed all was correct. However, upon investigation it was found that a few power points that did have earth wires connected to them did not actually connect back the switch board earth. Once this was fixed the tingle was eliminated. So do not assume all is correct with your house wiring.
  3. Hi Andy That is what we did, set it per the Feickert. Happy to help friends with TT setup using my Dr. F and electronics scales, so no need for them to buy their own. But will look into your recommendation.
  4. Thank you for the input so far. I think some photos will make the issue clearer. I did not take photos at the time so I have simulated the issue by using my very old different TT & cart. PLEASE NOTE THE PHOTOS BELOW ARE SIMULATIONS AND NOT OF THE ACTUAL TT, HEADSHELL & CART IN QUESTION. Baerwald, Lofgren & Stevensen options are on the protractor and regardless of which one we compared the Technics gauge setting to, it was still between 4 - 6mm short of the Dr. F protractor. The 1st image shows the Dr. F protractor setup and positioned correctly. In the 2nd image the green dot highlights the location of the stylus. 3-5 images show the cart at the 3 setting positions. Aim point is marked with a circles on the protractor. In all images the stylus is in the down position and resting on the protractor.
  5. Hi Guys Was helping a friend check the setup of his new Technics SL-1210GR with a Ortofon Quintet blue cart. The cart had been fitted to the head shell by the retail store using the supplied gauge which fits onto the back of the head shell and indicates where the stylus tip should be. However, when I checked the over hang with my Dr. Feickert Protractor NG (which I have used many times) it indicated the over hang was around 5mm too short. (meaning the cart needed to be further forward) I did not expect such a large difference so I triple checked that the protractor was setup correctly, and it was. So we re-adjusted the over hang as per the Dr. Feickert Protractor NG Did a listen test on outer and inner tracks and it seemed to both of us that the cart sounded better. Still puzzled as to why there is a 5mm difference between the Technics supplied gauge and the Dr F. Internet searches proved unfruitful so asking if any of you can shed some light on this?
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