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  1. That's unfortunate that they won't fix your driver. Furthermore, unless you know the history of the ES14's you buy second-hand, there is the chance that they will develop a similar fault. I don't know what Epos is selling their salvaged drivers for, but if they would guarantee them it might make sense to buy from them instead of taking a risk on the open used market. IIRC, Epos was recently sold from Creek, so who knows what the future holds in that space.
  2. Hi Judy, I have a pair of ES14 speakers with stands. I'm enjoying them right now in fact! What is wrong with you driver? I shipped both bass drivers back to epos years ago to have them realigned and reglued. Apparently they had a production run with cones glued "off axis" which eventually led to noticeably distorted bass. On their website they noted that they could take back those drivers and align them properly. Mine were out of warranty, so I paid to get them fixed. Well worth it! Not sure if that is your speaker's problem, but you might be able to get a replacement driver from Epos. Cheers, Bryan
  3. I thought I was past this sort of worry, but my ten year old son proved me wrong again. He had a look at my cartridge and thought the lever looked bent, and he was afraid he'd bent it. So he took it upon himself to straighten it out with his fingers, without telling dad, of course. This image is the result of his delicate efforts. I tried to forget it was a new cartridge and the time I spent setting it up and the one week that I'd enjoyed playing new records with it, but now that some time has passed I'm allowing myself to look at my turntable again, and wondering, has anyone successfully bent an aluminium cantilever back and had it sound normal again? This is an audio technica at440mla. Also, if the repair fails, any recommendations about which stylus to buy as the replacement?
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