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  1. Not much to add to the other suggestions, except I do recommend using an external drive if you are ripping a lot of CDs. The reason being that it is possible to wear out your internal drive. Well I'm not sure how often it happens, but the one on my old Toshiba Satellite gave up the ghost after about 1400 CDs. I use an external USB LG slimline, and it has worked perfectly. Just for interest, I use EAC on my Linux Laptop, running inside a VM Ware Virtualbox, virtual win7 machine. I'm pretty sure it is possible to do the same on an Apple as well, but not sure of the benefits over running a native Apple application. Tagging is pretty much automatic, except for album art, which I prefer to do separately.
  2. Also you need to cancel your Fetch subscription, or it won't be able to be registered by the new user. Even if you didn't have any of the entertainment packages, you would have had to register it with a $1.00 subscription, to get your activation code.
  3. Could also be one of these:
  4. Here's a couple of lines from The Rolling Stones' Star. "Honey, I missed your two tongue kisses Legs wrapped around me tight." Always wondered what it meant from when I was a teenager.
  5. Yes, it has a pair of AUX OUT (also AUX IN) RCA connectors fixed line level of 2.0V, just plug them into a line level input on your Integrated Amplifier or AVR
  6. That pic wasn't there when replied to your post previously. That's a pretty nasty looking waveform. Your peaks have been clipped. Edit: Are you on solar power? And just for clarity to to @Assisi, that is not what happens with voltage drop due to cable resistance. And i misread you post about your Regenerator, i read it as generator...
  7. Depends what sort of streaming you're talking about. Personally i don't use Net streaming services, but stream my own music. which I ripped from CDs to FLAC, plus other music from sources in MP3 and FLAC, and stored on a NAS. What I find is that I have easier access to the whole library at my fingertips, via my laptop, that I only use as a controller (or smartphone if I'm sitting in the pergola) for a Raspberry Pi running moOde Audio player. I usually select a bunch of albums, and cue them up to play. I very rarely listen to one song at a time, and never even bother with playlists. Mostly i listen to the albums sequentially, but sometimes select random play, to mix it up a bit. What I have found is that I listen to much more of my older music that I tend to bypass, when physically selecting CDs to play. I still have in excess of 1500 CDs, but searching through them can be a bit of a chore. With a streamer, you can search by Album Artist, Album or even Song Title if you want to, and it's seconds to find what you're looking for. t's just so much easier. It sure beats cueing up a particular track, when you have 4 albums on a Real to Real tape deck, like my first decent source was. As for a few other points raised in the thread. You don't need a whizz bang machine to rip and store your music in excellent lossless quality. I use a free program called Exact Audio Copy to rip and auto populate text tags. Being a bit anal, I tend to use MediaMonkey to embed covers into the files, all at 500X500 pixels at the best quality I can find (or scan if I'm desperate). For library management i use MediaMonkey, of which there is a free version, but i bought the paid version. Hardware that can give excellent audio quality can cost as little $200 - $300. Storage can be a NAS, for convenience, or just an external USB HDD. Or thumdrives for smaller collections. As for difficulty in setting up, it's nothing a bit of reading and googling can't sort out pretty easily. (and I'm an old bunga). Or ask questions on this excellent forum. Select from Library Play screen
  8. Yes, the RCA AUX out is line level, so not a problem.
  9. Ha, I got lazy and just used an online calculator.. https://www.jcalc.net/voltage-drop-calculator-as3008
  10. Depends how long the lead is between the Genny, and the load where the voltage is measured. Drawing 10A over 22M of 2.5mmsq cable will give close to 4VAC drop. But that's still under 2% drop.
  11. Yeah, it's not something I have seen before either.
  12. OK, the fact that you get no sound when using the test tone does point towards there being a fault, but without seeing the unit, and not having any experience with Rotel AV receivers, I can't say for sure. No audio when Tuner is selected could just be a poor antenna or not tuned, but if you have had experience setting up AV Receivers, you'll already know that. Sorry I couldn't be much help mate. If you have gone through the Troubleshooting in the manual, and still no good, then it looks like you'll need to get someone to have a look at it.
  13. Yeah, I missed the point of the type of vehicle that was being talked about, so my previous comment isn't relevant. As for "urban 4WD" which I'm not sure i know what that is either, you don't need one to tow, people just mistakenly think it will tow better than a 2WD vehicle. I used a 4WD to drive through sand, mud and up dirt tracks in the bush.
  14. A bit more info about your Rotel AVR might be useful to give you any advice. Did you previously have this unit working as it should, or is it a newly acquired unit? If it's a new, to you, item, have you read the manual with regards to input assignments? If you have previously had this unit working, have you done anything or changed anything that may have caused your current problem? ie connected anything differently, played with speaker connections etc.
  15. Item: An enclosure to fit a Raspberry Pi 3B+ fitted with an IQaudIO DAC hat & 5VDC Linear Power Supply 2A Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I need an enclosure for a Raspberry Pi 3B+ that is fitted with an IQaudIO Pi DAC+ preferably in metal. The Pi DAC hats should all be the same form factor, so basically any enclosure that will fit the Pi 3B+ with a DAC Hat. I'm also after a reasonable LPSU (or very low noise switch mode) to supply the Pi and a solid state drive. So 5VDC at 2A to 2.5A, or a dual output with 2 X 5VDC 1A supply. Let me know what you have, and what you would like for the items including postage please. Cheers Bob
  16. Awwww Gimme Shelter from all these song quotes LOL
  17. Welcome to the community ... But what's puzzling me Is the nature of your game..... Gotta love that song eh?
  18. What never played Acca Dacca while on the beers? 🤣
  19. "Single Arm Chair"? it seems to have two?
  20. OK, I don't use Apple products, so not familiar with Safari. But it does sound more like a problem with safari, rather than Moode. Or maybe how Safari deals with scripts. Bit of a bummer though eh? I like the convenience of opening a browser page from my bookmarks, to control the Pi, when I'm on the computer.
  21. That is strange, I find it works quite well in Firefox. What isn't working when you use it via Safari?
  22. I was going to suggest, that if you didn't sell it, put it in your shed like I did... :) mine was a lesser model machine, but it compliments the beer on taps nicely.
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