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  1. That's fair enough too. If you don't understand the principals, go with your ears/gut/wallet... I prefer technically authenticated methods, myself..
  2. Yet EE's in any other field of electronics don't even consider it, at audio frequencies, especially when you consider the surface area V separation distance of the two conductors. The insulation around the cable anywhere but directly between the two conductors doesn't even come into play. Remember that dielectric properties are only effective directly between the two plates or conductors.
  3. It affects the E wave (as opposed to the H wave), but not measurably at audio frequencies. Dielectric properties of insulators don't really come into effect until you reach MHz region.
  4. Yes, the physical geometry of the actual conductors would affect the capacitance many thousand fold more than the insulating material.
  5. Possibly in the MHz range, but negligible at audio frequencies. The only advantage I can see is that maybe a bit more durable as far as physical damage. But again that depends if it is solid PTFE or wrapped PTFE
  6. What would make Teflon insulation more superior to any other insulation, in speaker cables?
  7. Maybe the Pi was moved when switching cards, and the position of the cables was changed in relation to each other?
  8. LOL, I don't understrand what that means.
  9. Dude, at least I offered meaningful suggestion, and you offered?
  10. It was merely an observation of the quality of your post. Do you disagree?
  11. Rammstein :), not for anything else but to shut down the neighbour's crap. Yes, we all have our own preferences, but he's been playing that millenial garbage for three days now. Edit: Actually, I forgot how much I like their music. Cued up three albums
  12. Maybe he hasn't seen the other threads, give him a go.
  13. Depends how robust you bookshelf is..
  14. It's dinner time.... don't spoil it with popcorn.
  15. Go the sub, if not, it's like a Stereo system without the L channel
  16. No need to keep a low profile. Just be honest with what you hear, and remember to be honest with what you think you may have heard.
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