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  1. Hi Steve, can I have The Butterfield Blues Band OAS please?
  2. From the manual: Adjusting the tone 1 Press DBB/TONE to select the tone parameter to beadjusted. 2 Use Up or Down to adjust “DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost)”,“Bass”, “Treble”, “Balance” or “Source Direct”. Source direct bypasses tone controls and processing. As others have said, use it or not, depending on your preferences.
  3. Which model Marantz Amplifier do you have? The term "Sound Source" seems a little strange in the context you have used it. "Sound Source" usually refers to the input selector ie CD, Phono, etc.
  4. There are various thicknesses of "5 ply" too. 9mm, 12mm and 15mm can all come in 5 ply structure. Maybe a seven ply 15mm or 17mm thickness would be good too.
  5. Or maybe @Cafad could experiment with placing different types of 0.025 ohm resistors in line with his speaker cables and see if there is any difference?
  6. At 50Hz, dielectric properties aren't an issue. Insulation is though.
  7. And if it complies with Australian Standards, then it is fat enough.
  8. Not necessarily, it just means they have been certified to the relevant standards.
  9. Yes there would. Medical grade for intrinsic safety, reliability and able to be sterile. I don't think they use them for piped music.
  10. Which is why I mentioned "Providing the plug has the same polarity" 😉
  11. Providing the plug has the same polarity, no you won't do any damage. The difference between the 12V @ 2A supply, and the 12V @ 6.6A supply is that the latter can handle a bigger load. Your DAC will only draw the current it needs.
  12. Combine yours, with the $9.00 jobby above, and the best of both
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