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  1. But Mint is supported, as far as updates, and their is a wealth of information in the Linux Mint forum.
  2. You know, it's uncanny, but you look just like him too.. 🤣
  3. It's like learning your way around anything new. Some things will go smoothly, while others will take a bit fiddling around to get working the way you want it too. Fortunately there is a lot of information to be found by simply googling your problem. Try it though, I'm sure you'll be able to get up and running without too many headaches, and have fun in the process.
  4. I already participate in the forum for MediaMonkey suggestions for improvements, and to try and bring Clementine to the same level as MM would be a complete rewrite of the program. I have tried Clementine under Linux Mint, and found it fell way short of the capabilities of MM Gold Which is why I run MM in a Virtual Win7 Machine, using Oracle Virtual Box under Linux Mint, while awaiting a Linux port of MediaMonkey. Edit: I don't actually use MM to play music either. I use it entirely for Library management, conversion and synchronizing.
  5. Doesn't even come close, unfortunately..
  6. Maybe at low pressure, any moisture droplets or minute particles blasted at 100psi may not be good. But I think you really need to soften/loosen the deep groove K-wrap with moisture of some kind before you can dislodge it effectively.
  7. There is no alternative to EAC... it stands alone.
  8. And if you really can't get by without a program that is not supported by Linux Mint, you can run a Virtual Win 7 machine, using Oracle Virtual Box. I do this for MediaMonkey and EAC. It does take a little learning, but worth it if you want to take the plunge.
  9. It might sound a bit crazy, but I just spent a fair chunk on a complete pain job on my 2003 Toyota Troop Carrier. I mentioned not worrying about getting scratched in the bush, on a previous post, but I am a tad more careful now LOL. Pics are before I refitted the bull bar, and now it doesn't have a Turbo sticker on the side, so is running incognito.
  10. I wouldn't go swapping parts unless you know what you're doing. It's hard to say where the problem is though, you'd have to do a bit of fault tracing with a multimeter, and ideally with a cro and sig gen. Anyway, lots of luck with it mate, I do hope you get it sorted.
  11. This again seems to be a tagging problem. That is, the ID3 tags are either blank or contain incorrect entries. When you browse, what options do you have? Is it something like: Browse By- Album Artist Album Artist Genre browse by Folder etc Is there a difference when you browse by "Album" (or Artist etc) to browse by "Folder"? Have a read of this page: https://techsupport.cambridgeaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200535731-Why-doesn-t-some-of-the-song-information-display-correctly- According to that, you should be able to browse by Folder (structure), as opposed to the other options Album Artist Genre etc (ID3 tag) Any difference in views would point to tagging errors. And, as for the folder structure, most streamers these days should be able to handle a Structure such as mine: Music\Flac\A\Album Artist\Year-Album\trk#-tracktitle.ext Music\Flac\B\Album Artist\Year-Album\trk#-tracktitle.ext Music\MP3\A\Album Artist\Year-Album\trk#-tracktitle.ext Music\MP3\B\Album Artist\Year-Album\trk#-tracktitle.ext etc. or even deeper. Most don't even need the title or track number etc in the file name, as they read all that from ID3 tags. You could even name you files a.ext b.ext c.ext etc, and not even use them in any order, as the streamer will play the correct order according to the track# field in the ID3 tag, and display relevant Artist, Album' Track # etc. from ID3 tags. All my ID3 tags contain for each track: <Title> <Artist> <Album Artist> <Track #> <Year> <Genre> <CD #> and embedded album cover. All my track numbers are two digit (ie 01, 02, 03 etc) and all album art is 500X500 jpg, cos I'm a tad OCD. The only reason I used track numbers in my file names was so the budget car stereo I had years, ago would play them in the right order, and just kept up the file naming method ever since.
  12. @Tubularbells did you plant the Basil as a companion plant, to keep fruitfly away? We've grown lots of different chilli plants over the years, but have always had problems with fruit fly in the milder to reasonably hot one, with only things like Thai Bird's Eye being more resistant to them. They even ruined a crop of Habaneros which I thought would have been OK.
  13. I use MediaMonkey to organise my files and check track ID3 tags. It has a lot of really good automatic functions, such as auto-tag from file names (and vice versa). If all your files are named track number-title.ext then you could do the lot with one click after entering the criteria for the function. I have around 1800 albums that I have ripped, and probably another 800 from other sources, and find it an excellent prog for this purpose. I did buy the Gold version, which has a lot more very powerful functions, but I'm sure you could get by with the free version..
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