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  1. In "Conventional Current Flow theory" yes, but in "Electron Flow" theory it's the opposite. I've studied electrical theory under both conventions :) Actually it wasn't till I got out of the RAAF and started doing a few courses at Tech, that I really even considered "Conventional Flow" and that was only because the instructor kept getting capacitor charge current direction wrong LOL. Then the penny dropped. In mesh analysis, it doesn't really even make a difference.
  2. The E and H waves are a result of the current flow, not a means of signal transmission. Didn't we discuss this a while back? ;)
  3. Did you hammer the Rear Amp jumpers in? LOL
  4. AQ Crimp Tool But these are a pretty standard type of indent crimper, that can be had from various places at reasonable cost. Depending on the size of the ferrule, and the cable to be terminated, a hex style crimper may make a neater connection, if you can one of the correct size.
  5. Also consider, for multistrand cables, there is no reason to believe all the strands are running in the same direction they were drawn in.
  6. Yeah bit harsh I thought, but he's probably suffering from frustration in trying to work out which direction his cables are supposed to run.
  7. Then the question that comes to my mind, are the flat metal jumper strips also directional?
  8. Does that mean you are unable to explain directionality, in cable that are geometrically the same at either end?
  9. I think there is a bit of disagreement surrounding the the discussion of whether the tritone was actually banned or not, by the church. On another note, when my daughter was learning to play the clarinet, she would spend hours practicing her piece in music that was performed by a community band, she was a member of. Her random squeaks and squawks with seemingly random intervals, was something that really should have been banned.
  10. I bought the Yamaha NS-777. There were a few very minor scuffs, and a small (6mm) hole in one of the grills, where it overlays the frame. $300.00, they'll do me.
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