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  1. Not so bad where I am in the western suburbs of the bay LOL Cheers
  2. Purchased from a SNA member, arrived today.. 🙂 17 Judas Priest albums.. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/win-a-judas-priest-complete-albums-collection-box-set/
  3. I'd say the ones that quote the combined size of the cable conductors are either uninformed or deceptive.
  4. OK, I was wondering why you suggested the hex kit. It's the brand you were suggesting then?
  5. Bill, that set only has hex crimpers for coax. For those open barrel lugs you need something with this type of jaw.
  6. Get yourself a decent set of crimpers. Hammering is a bad idea as you can over compress the joint, damage the wire and damage the crimp connector.
  7. Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Otherside" off the Californication album. But has to be played on your system, lappy speakers won't cut it. Sounded even better live at one of the Big Day Out concerts, many years ago. And they were sharing free cigarettes in the crowd...
  8. Pads or paste and insulating wafers? If you use paste, you will still need to insulate them from the heatsink, via the mica washers. But these days silicone heat transfer sheet/pads are used by most manufacturers, so I would think they would be OK. Probably should get them from a reputable source though, just in case.
  9. Sometimes, once you have bared a portion of the wire, using a hotter than normal soldering iron will remove the remaining enamel, when you tin the ends of the wire. If you have soldering flux (not the plumbers kind), that will help too, even though most hand solders will contain flux.
  10. No, it was just that when I saw that pic, the error in colour coding struck me straight away. I can pretty much read them on sight without working it out in my noggin. I haven't tried doing what you are doing, so can't really comment further on that.
  11. Without digging too deep, did you actually use a 100ohm (brown black brown) resistor as required, or a 4.7Kohm (yellow purple red) resistor, as shown in the diagram? What I mean is, did you just copy the colour coding, or actually use a 100ohm resistor?
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