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  1. I remember modifying my old Amiga 500, about a week after I bought it, by piggybacking a new ROM chip directly to the pins of the original ROM chip, with only the chip select pins connected to a switch for selecting between the two. Obviously it wasn't hot switchable LOL
  2. Yep, that's easier to see in your last pic. I hate soldering onto them too.
  3. Is this solder pad on the same trace? May be easier than soldering onto the chip leg.
  4. Is this solder pad on the same trace? Might be easier than soldering onto chip leads.
  5. Maybe he just needs to serve it up on a prettier plate... ;)
  6. WES is a very large supplier to the consumer electronics repair industry. I believe they are a reputable company and dealt with them myself, for many years, when I was in the industry.
  7. It is fact that electrolytic caps are degraded by spending long periods operating at high temperatures. If you don't believe that, you've never had to repair video handy cams from the 90's. The caps dry out and start showing decreased Effective Series Resistance, well before their capacitance readings go out of tolerance.
  8. I'll leave that for someone else to answer mate, but how much noise is being injected into your mains, and what effects are you experiencing?
  9. There ya go, no magic in that box 😉 Hopefully they've made sure they had a good electrical bond between the earth stud, and the box. Clean surface to bare metal, and a star washer between the locknut and the metal box. Often, this is neglected.
  10. The earthed metal box will shield that, or they may even have a box within the box, but I doubt it. Be good to see an inside shot.
  11. One of these, and the tin box, would suffice to legitimise their claims.
  12. I was referring to what is commonly called USB power banks, which are used for charging phones etc...
  13. I have two that I use with a Raspberry Pi setup as a streamer, and don't really notice any difference in sound over a wallwart I was using, both sound good to me anyway. But then again, my hearing is cr@p after many years working on jet aeroplanes. I actually bought them thinking they would supply nice clean DC, but later realised that to supply the 5V, they would be up-converting from the 3.7V internal batteries. They may actually be much cleaner, I don't know, I haven't bothered to look at the output on a CRO. They do allow a higher current than the wall wart I had though, so possibly less voltage sag when I had an external USB HDD connected. I guess what I was trying to say is, if you try one, and it doesn't sound better, don't discount that a LPS may improve the sound.
  14. I bet she's miming, and it's actually Hyacinth Bucket singing.
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