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  1. If it could make a guitar sound like a trombone... now that would be something.
  2. So I guess you have the answer... Manufacturer isn't interested.
  3. The way I see it, everything that is born of software, is able to be improved upon, and is susceptible to design flaws, no matter how small. While the software written to implement the FPGA DAC is nowhere near as complicated, this concept was immensely demonstrated in the recent Boeing 737 Max debacle. And I bet those engineers thought they had it right when released too, even after thousands of hours of debugging. Anyway, at the end of the day, it is only a DAC, so why bother with improvement, even if it is so easily implemented.
  4. Ah, but how much happier would you be if it improved. The thing is, to me it seems to be a "it's done now, not interested in it any more" kind of attitude.
  5. That's a bit sad really, you'd think that if they developed a better firmware when designing new product, that they'd offer a retrospective upgrades to customers. I suppose it wouldn't be beneficial to their sales of new gear though.
  6. When you say can't, is that wishful thinking? By definition they can. And from their website: Chord FPGA DAC However, not having played with FPGA's for a while now, I don't think it could be done by the customer.
  7. Hi Ben, what is the estimated mass of Uluru? And welcome to the forum mate.
  8. There should be a model number on the back of the components. Try Googling them.
  9. Got my TV back this morning. Driver said they replaced the screen. Had a look at his paperwork, and it had one of, one part number listed for parts used, at $398.00. Seems pretty cheap for a complete screen. I was hoping they'd write it off, but was expecting them to just re-glue the LED diffuser (and hopefully the rest of them as well). Oh well, back to normal now, and the dog's happy that he can watch the big screen in the house, rather than the 40" in the shed.
  10. For facia panels, be very careful. It's very easy to accidentally clean off the printed labels by using anything too aggressive. Start out using just a very weak solution of detergent and water, cleaning gently with a soft cloth, and try to find an area to test first, that's not so obvious. Often you can find an area on the rear panel that has printed labels to test on. I used to make a solution of (very) roughly 60% water, 30% Windex and 10% Isopropyl Alcohol that worked well. But even this can be too harsh on some of the older gear. It's tempting to go for stronger cleaning products when the going is slow, but it can end in disaster. The marks on the top look typical when a component, with rubber feet, is sat on the top of an amp, or other component that can run a bit warm. The rubber exudes a "vapor" which will mark other surfaces over time.
  11. I didn't realise that a more modern band took their name from one of Bonzo Dog Doo Dah songs Death Cab For Cutie
  12. My comments on Fetch, from another thread: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/284380-pvr-recorder-recommendation/?do=findComment&comment=4313349
  13. That would have been awesome if you were having a birthday party, and were reasonably well off.
  14. Sounds like your receiver has a fault. It may have something in the YPAO mic socket, or dust/dirt in there that's tricking the receiver into seeing a mic plugged in, especially if it's an older model.
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