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  1. Yeah, I use MediaMonkey to do all my music media tasks though, but not for playing it LOL. Very easy to do very large batch jobs on editing tags, organising folder structure, and conversion, as well as locating files that require tags edited, based on certain rules. With my OCD, it's the best program I have found for keeping my library in a standardised format. Only windows and android based at the moment, but I've also been running it on a Linux Mint laptop, with a win 7 64bit virtual machine.
  2. Sagging Edit: As luck would have it, I'm currently listening to four cued up albums of Hip Hop.. Not my usual listening fair, but variety and all that..
  3. Sagging should be restricted to Hiphop, not for Opera
  4. MediaMonkey can do it. I just tried it with a 192K/24bit flac -> 44.1K/16bit no probs.. Or you can go to MP3 @320Kbps for car stereo, unless you drive a Rolls..
  5. Yeah don't get me wrong though. I'm not taking the p1ss. It still amazes me the things they could do back in those days.. Not only audio recording, but I still have 2 or 3 of, hundred year or plus photographs, on a metal backing. To look at them in real life it's difficult to see a lot of detail, but with a bit of digital manipulation, you can improve the picture heaps..
  6. Well.... to be fairrrr... (Letterkenny again) They do say it is only a record isolator, not a Turntable isolator... But if you want to get in a dispute with the Audiophile types, you might want to try this instead.. Hexmat.. :-)
  7. Gotta love it when you get a good result eh.. :)
  8. Hhahaha ... Dem bones dem bones... dem rattlin' bones...
  9. Shoosh.. I recently ordered a box set at roughly half the price it was listed at here in Aus, that wasn't even in stock here anyway. I won't mention what it was for two reasons.. 1.) It's a digital box set .. and 2.) It wasn't Discogs...
  10. It is pretty damn amazing though, that you can do that. And with something you designed and built yourself. No small feat there mate.
  11. Speaking of voices though, I think Joan would have to be the most listenable vocalist I can think of. She's definitely my favourite anyway. Such a pure voice, especially in hey younger years.
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