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  1. I still remember my first woody...
  2. Sounds like a penguin I used to know.... 🤣
  3. That duty of care was drummed into us in the RAAF. You couldn't just tell people to wear ear muffs on the line, you had to physically go and make sure they were wearing them. But you could also charge them if they didn't wear them, so they usually tended to comply LOL. But 20 odd years working on jet aircraft has definitely affected my hearing. Even with protection, it wasn't as effective in the early 70's as it is these days. We used to get upgraded design ear muffs every few years as they found that previous ones weren't as effective as first thought.
  4. A good reason to keep your speaker cables under a couple of kilometers and under a couple of hundred amps then.
  5. Not only that, but at 20,000Hz skin effect in copper is 0.46mm, so you don't even have skin effect at audio freqs until you get to a wire of >1mm diameter.
  6. He sounds like a mad scientist, and probably related to the Mad Hatter, who also dabbled in mercury.. And we all know how that turned out... LOL
  7. Speaking of scary Santas, "Rare Exports" is a good movie, if you don't mind reading sub titles. bugger forgotten how to embed videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwT3wtUCv9Y
  8. If you do go down the NAS path, do some research on the capabilities of different NAS devices. Some can transcode video on the fly, and some are better at it than others. But they are usually more expensive. I don't do this, so my basic Synology DS218j does what I need.
  9. No you don't need a computer to run the NAS. A NAS has a processor and it's own operating system. You will need to be able to access the NAS setup, however, but any device that has a web browser can do this.
  10. Haha, until they start pinching your LPs.... Bennnnnn where's my Deep Purple rekkids.
  11. That reminds me of a time when my young bloke was about 3 years old. My mother in law came to stay with us (sshhuuddderrrrr) for a short while. When she arrived, the first thing she did was start moving my cacti collection up onto higher surfaces. I came in and asked why she was moving them. Her reply was: "well he might hurt himself on them" I pointed out they have always been there, since before he was born, and he has never hurt himself on them yet. Can't say the same for the kid from next door though... LOL But he also learned that they weren't a fun thing to play with.
  12. If you'd been sitting in a box for that long, you'd probably need a leak too.. 🤣
  13. It's a good idea to try and do some reading about soldering techniques before you start soldering too. The Basic flow of the operation is: 1) Clean the solder side of the board with isopropyl alcohol, and avoid touching it with your fingers afterwards. 2) Prepare component leads (clean and bend with appropriate stress relief and bend radius and width to fit the holes. 3) Insert the leads into the holes paying attention to component orientation. 4) Bend the leads outward slightly to hold the component in position. (unless you're doing clinched joints) 5) Trim the lead length to about twice the diameter of the lead , beyond the solder pad. 6) Solder the leads paying attention to good practices. This will be evident if you read the links I'll post below, especially the inspection pictures. 7) Once the board is finished, clean any flux residue, and coat board with protective spray of some kind. Something like this PCB Lacquer Whether you want to go as full on as some of the things in these, is up to you. But you may want to take note of things like lead bending geometry and maybe improve a few of yours, where they are pulled down hard to the lead hole.. Some good examples of techniques and pictures: http://www.sal.wisc.edu/docs/Soldering Basics.pdf NASA Guide. This is pretty old, but shows good techniques. Have fun :)
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