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  1. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Here's a couple of my "Professionally Pirated" tapes from Penang. One thing I'd forgotten about, was they often filled the rest of the tape with music that they chose. I still have a couple of hundred cassettes, mostly ones I recorded off vinyl.
  2. Multimeters?

    I just went for a rummage up in my shed, and I found I still have a Jaycar Digitech QM-1460 from about 10? years ago. Pulled it apart and it's obvious why the switch mech was so dodgy. Tinned contact traces, corroded contacts, and even one broken. I bought this one to use in a job in a dirty environment, where I didn't want anyone grabbing my fluke and mis-using it. It's also what put me off cheap multimeters, when you had to keep spinning the selector dial to get a stable reading.
  3. Multimeters?

    I love this guys enthusiasm... hahahaha... "It's a heap of ****"
  4. Multimeters?

    The only thing I have found wrong with some of the cheaper MMs (eg Jaycar type ones) is the switches tend to become a bit crappy after a couple of years. Especially once the battery starts to drain, and not by very much, you have to vigorously rotate the switch back and forth to clean the contacts. I had quite a few multimeters meters, both analog and digital, hand helds and bench top jobs Fluke, Tektronix, Sanwa, Micronta, AVO and VOM etc. Flogged them all off bar my Fluke 87V and an old Micronta Analog (only because I didn't realise I still had it)
  5. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    A few years back (about 35?) when I was living in Malaysia, you could go to the local record shops, preview listen to an album, and if you liked it, they were only too happy to make you a copy on your tape of choice for around $2.00 AUD, including tape.
  6. Multimeters?

    For that kind of basic use, a Fluke 115 or Fluke 117 would do everything you need.
  7. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    The best thing about cassettes when they came out, was that if you dropped one while a bit p1ssed during a party, the cassette was a lot less hassle and didn't end up with booze and ciggy butts stuck all over the tape. And yes I can remember the discussions about how they will never catch on because the tape is too narrow to be able to hold the information as accurately as reel to reel tapes do.
  8. Recommended replacement fuses: for 100/120VAC models: Littlefuse 218.315 Bussmann GMC-315mA for 220-240VAC models: Littlefuse 218.160 Bussmann GMC-160mA It would appear, from the manual, that they come out in either 100/120VAC models or 220/240VAC models. And it has 2 separate power supplies, one for each side:
  9. As far as converting a 110V 60Hz amp to 240V 50Hz, if the device didn't have a multi voltage input as previously mentioned, you'd have to replace all the components in the primary side of the power supply, up to and including the Power Transformer, if in fact it actually uses a transformer and not a switch mode supply like some equipment does. In the case of the Bryston B60, it has dual power supplies, so depending how that is implemented, there's a lot more work involved. https://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/597bryston/index.html looking at the manual for the Bryston B60R, it specifies different fuses for either 110V or 240V models, so you have to deduce it doesn't have a multi voltage capable supply input. Unless you were buying one new, and a 240V model, it seems to be a bit pointless trying to convert one.
  10. As long as the transformer has the required VA capability, I don't see a problem. They are generally mounted inside a metal box, or if not, can be. And as long as proper earthing to the enclosure, I can't see any reason for any hum or interference that won't be handled by the power supply in the amp.
  11. A Garage sale bargain for today: Not my picture, just one I borrowed off the WWW. Four LP set, French pressing. Absolutely pristine condition of all 4 discs.
  12. Audio myths and misconceptions

    I thought the thread was about audio myths...
  13. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Depends what you smoke...
  14. Audio myths and misconceptions

    probably should have cited it here Op Amps: Myths & Facts  from NwAvGuy's blog Aug 10, 2011
  15. Some questions about power cables

    No, it's just that it doesn't look as big as the mains power cable I ran to my shed, which is 25mm² cable.