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  1. I have 3 phono amps at the moment, I was thinking of offering it up for sale as the puffin was part of a second system upstairs, but it never got much use so I dismantled the system and the puffin gets swapped in and out on my main system now and again with the other two phono amps
  2. I have the puffin and also had the budgie (which I sold). The puffin is quite a versatile unit. It is very easy to configure. I had set it up with a DL-103 which it easily had enough gain for. Easy to adjust the sound for those records that are less than stellar and you can save up to 4 user settings. With the puffin I have also hooked it up to my laptop and phone playing Spotify. I'm thinking of putting the puffin up for sale, send me a pm if interested.
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