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  1. Thanks for your info surprisetech r,lately have been for dale a couple of AA 5200 and 5500 (the ones in hifi engine) but this looks like an enigma...
  2. Hello people ,the other day I've got a Akai AA-5000s integrated amplifier ,it isnot in the best condition, in need of some work and a knob... Does anybody have /had any experience with this model of amp, cannot find muxh info about it . Any info / advise will be welcome. (Pics from the original ad)
  3. Hi,if still available ,interested on Black Sabbath ,Black Sabbath Deep Purple ,In Rock Judas Priest,British Steel Cheers.
  4. Is that a good tonearm? I have one stting around ...
  5. Hi ,I don't know if this is the right forum to ask it ,just looking if somebody in Melbourne would be interested to trade Grace 840 tonearm ,in very good condition ,without original head shell (I misplaced it and haven't find it for ages so no hopes on it) for a Grace 707 . The only thing wrong apart from the headshell is one little blemish(last pic)
  6. Hi ,I have a Foster 10" woofer left ,It's for free so hope it can be of any use for somebody's project. Pick up from Narre Warren ...
  7. Item: speakers (Mordaunt?) Location: S.E.Subs Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition:good Reason for selling:abandoned project,too big Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info:please check my post https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/235232-checking-for-interest-on-speakers-with-kelly-compone Pictures:
  8. Hi,I have a pair of Speakers with Kelly MK II ribbon tweeters ,Kelly woofers AND Romagna Reproddcers crossovers that were to be a project but missus didn't lik them as they are pretty big,so checking if there is any interest on that kind of hardware and possibly put them up for sale. Cabinets are in decent condition , drivers look ok but didn't check them ,they look like Mordaunt Andurel but no markings to confirm. So ,looking for expressions of interest and of course any opinions/ suggestions will be welcome.
  9. Bump Will let it go for $100 ,come on folks I need this gone .
  10. Item: Gecko Audio/Tv Stand Location: Narre Warren,Vic. 3805 Price: 150 neg. Item Condition: used but like new Reason for selling:No need for it any more Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,COD Only Extra Info: Hi for sale I have a Gecko Audio/Tv stand. I had a metal frame with tempered Glass ,the frame is powder coated in silver and glass has a shade of blue . Measurements are 1220 X 550 X 570 mm Top shelf 145mm high Bottom shelf 250 mm high It has metal Spikes/ Disks. Great quality and could be pull apart if needed for transport. Pictures:
  11. Ok,the price was cheap,very cheap so I couldn't let them pass. I am no audiophile but I thought that Kef was a good brand...let's see ...maybe they are fine for me.
  12. Hi,yesterday got a pair of Kef Concerto speakers from gumtree , condition is not great but the drivers are fine. Recognize the on the ad by the badge ,cabinets are quite scratched and the grills are starting to shred ,they have no other tag or badgelus the connectors are weird. Need some advice if they are worth of keep also of how to bring the cabinets back to life and improve them.(sorry that on the pics they are in my shed but until they don't look right missus is not going to let them in the house) Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  13. Hi everyone, just passed from what is left of Dick Smith and got a couple of Interconnects for $4 (four dollars) I guess cannot get cables any cheaper... just letting you know. There are Speaker cables 2mts for $12 (unlucky they won't work in my old amps)....
  14. So,after looking up and down the internet got a bit of info on it the turntable is similar to the Bang & Olufsen 42 ,the tonearm is one case of crossover ,looks like it is a Jobo all-balance but also is a Acoustical and B&O too ,I guess why this old fella had the three headshels (in the pic from left to right,Jobo, B&O and Acoustical). The cartridge is a Shure M7d but the stylus is Audio Technical (looks brand new) Great info about vintage gramophones of Denmark is in here http://www.grammofoon.com/frameset.htm?index.html&ContentFrame But still looking for more info...
  15. Hi ,I got a Labcraft TT ,with which appears to be a Acoustical tone arm plus other stuff, any info on them could be appreciated. The tone arm weights a lot compared with another I had...
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