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  1. Yes is the short answer. While it's dense relative to other insulation, it isn't that dense. It can be cut quite easily by most obvious methods. A table saw will provide a cleaner cut I imagine provided you can support the insulation as you slide it over the blade. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Well, they have to be affiliated in some way since the product page for CSR Bradford's Polymax has an MSDS brochure that is referring solely to Martini's 'Absorb' products. So in short, I would say they are the same product, just manufactured in a way that better suits general wall installation with generic sizes to suit. In terms of pricing: when worked out last year, each 1200x600x100mm panel to build was going to cost around $29 out of doubled-up 50mm. Per pack of 6 batts ($350) you could make 12x 1200x600x100mm panels ($29 per panel). With the CSR Bradford option, you will get (approx) 8x 1200x600x90mm panels for $126 ($16 per panel). Therefore it is significantly cheaper, so I assume its performance is lesser than the XHD we purchased. That is understandable since it is not being marketed at the same customer. I guess they're not giving the specific acoustic performance since it's not relevant to the targeted customer. So i'd say the Bradford Polymax is either Absorb MD or most likely HD. So it should be enough for your studio i'd say. You'll get 1st and 2nd reflection points on each wall, plus 2 clouds and 2 panels on the real wall of your room (if that's what you're going for) for $126, which I think is very good. Then a second pack will get you well into your bass trapping.
  3. From just having a quick glance on my phone, the Bradford Polymax Acoustic Batts seem similar in appearance and their corresponding R values compared to Martini's. I have to look around on my laptop, but what partly confuses me is that Bradford provides a brochure for CSR Martini's Absorb products on their website. So surely they're affiliated? I would say that either way, the Bradford Acoustic Wall batts will be similar in performance to Martini's Absorb even if it isn't the same product. You would think that there would be some answers to get out of Bradford's support staff. It is a shame they don't give specific absorption coefficients for each frequency range. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Luke, I'll write up a response to your question based on my experience with purchasing from CSR Martini and their Absorb products. I believe the answer is no based on the prior research I did while looking for alternate products with a lower MOQ, however it seems Bradford now had products that were not available when I last looked so I'll do some further research today and get back to you.
  5. It's called Martini Absorb: http://www.csrmartini.com.au/products/acoustic-insulation-products/martini-absorb Judging from my experience with them, i'd say the best distributor in Sydney is JamesBuildingSupplies. I had no trouble working with him on the group buy I did at the start of this thread and he was super helpful in getting everything sorted despite the complications that come with organising multiple orders into a single order for a company that generally oversees small orders.
  6. I'm not familiar with Fletcher Insulation's F196 range. The scene has changed quite a bit since our group buy as CSR Martini now have an even larger range than before with XXHD Polymax Absorb products. Judging by the sound absorption coefficients of the two products (F196 50mm and XHD 50mm lets say), the F196 seems to beat the Absorb product by about 0.1 across the spectrum. Very interesting. I'd like to hear of anyone's opinions on it if they've ever used it. I can't believe i'd never seen it before, maybe it's new?
  7. As I think I mentioned earlier to another member, it does not matter which distributor you order from, as none of them hold stock anyway. Even though i'm in Sydney, I could order from a WA distributor (although I wouldn't recommend it) and it wouldn't matter because it's going to be manufactured here in Sydney for me and then shipped to me directly. My advice would be to find any distributor (most of them don't actual say on their website that they stock CSR Martini products, so you'll have to contact them) in Australia (I guess closer is naturally going to be more ideal) and order the batts. Delivery from their factory in Ingleburn Sydney will be what makes it expensive though. I ended up not using all my batts, so I sold some off to a guy in SA. He said the shipping was almost as much as the batts, which was quite a lot. Hope that helps!
  8. Don't think it matters. I think it's purely aesthetic. The harder more finished side is still fibrous if you pick at it, so I highly doubt it has any effect on absorption.
  9. Yep, should be fine. Packaging isn't top notch. It was just in a black plastic bag - had to ask for it to be taped up. Should be absolutely fine though. Like David said, there's much less wind hitting the pack on a ute. Just drive a little slower than usual if need be
  10. Yeah, it would've. If I had some lying around I would've used ply, but only had wood. I actually thought it'd be a little more rigid to resist creases, and I thought it'd sort of pop back into shape but it hasn't. Oh well, i'm putting mine in frames so shouldn't matter.
  11. Yeah I collected it a few days ago. I transported it whole, but I wouldn't recommend it if you have aftermarket roof racks.. When I went I told one of the guys at Martini that i'd be putting it on my racks he laughed and told me that it'd rip the off the car. Nevertheless, I had no other option so I just drove slowly.. It's reasonably rigid, but what I did is bring along 4 2.4m planks of wood that I have left over from the frames, and I just put 2 on top and 2 on the bottom of the bag. That way they can't flap up and crease from the wind. Just beware though, strapping it tightly onto the roof did put dents in the edges of the top and bottom pieces where the straps were. So if you're not putting them in frames, you might want to either cut them or find another solution.
  12. You really don't need to buy from a Melbourne Distributor. No matter where you buy it from, it's still gotta be manufactured in Sydney and shipped to you. So basically buying from Sydney or any other distributor should be exactly the same as Melbourne. Now that I've got my Polymax, I'll let you know that I bought through JamesBuildingSupplies. They're the only place that actually responded to me, so I recommend them.
  13. Excellent! I've still gotta pick mine up on Monday. I'm not sure - since I haven't got it yet - how dense it is, but im sure you could get a cleaner or at least more consistent cut with an electric knife. If it's super rigid you may even be able to set up a guide with wood and cut it with a circular saw or something similar. Not sure, maybe one of the guys who's already got it will have a better idea.
  14. 100mm XHD comes in packs of 3 batts at $359 in Sydney. 50mm XHD comes in packs of 6 batts at $358 in Sydney. The mass to price ratio is the same.
  15. I don't believe there are any places that actually stock Martini's Absorb products, as there are simply too many variants. Therefore it doesn't really matter where you buy it from, because it will have to be manufactured in Sydney anyway and shipped to your location. My advice would be to find the cheapest distributor in Australia and go with that. My group buy has now fulfilled the minimum order quantity and should be starting manufacturing in the next few days, but if you place an order for the same product as us you may be put with our order. Just a thought.
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