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  1. Hello, I went through this process a few years ago so I hope this info will help you. Silver does tend to sound brighter/brittle. The one I had were also directional so flow went from source to next down the chain. I tried several interconnects from cheap to mediocre to high end (but not over the top.) During these tryouts I changed preamp, power amp and speakers (quality leads DO make a difference.) To all this I added a power conditioner. My findings are that you will experience a difference in sound quality whether good or adverse with each change of equipment and brand. Power conditioner was eyeopener and would recommend this to you. I was using single ended interconnects both silver and copper but preferred copper. I switched over to balanced interconnects (copper) and quality of sound went to another level. HiFi is not all equal but it's a great journey to be on despite the blood, sweat and tears associated with it - not to mention the budget. I ended up with Shunyata speaker leads, Shunyata and JP Labs balanced copper interconnects. But you will have to try in your own system. Your preference will NOT be the same as mine in spite of the fact that most of us are after accurate reproduction of sound. And different brands are, er, well, different. Enjoy the experiments. Soundnut
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