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  1. My problem is the spacers under the tonearm which have lifted the tonearm which seem To touch the lid when closed. The lid seems to be touching the counter weight. I don’t mind removing the lid when playing but the concern is using the lid when not in use.
  2. Did not realized the hinges can be adjusted. Will look tomorrow. Thanks
  3. I normally lift the lid when I play and only cover when not in use. Today I picked up Rega P3 with Soundsmith Otello cartridge. The tonearm needed spacers so the lid just made it but looks like it’s too close to the tonearm weight. I’m thinking of not using the lid at all but concerned about building dust on the plinth, platter cover or even the tonearm. What are your thoughts? I can change to a lower mass weight but it won’t be anytime soon. I prefer to spend the $ on a Groovetracer sub platter. Thanks
  4. So the combo of the sub platter and platter do make a huge difference? Upgrading to a P3 soon and just wondering about those 2 upgrades when funds permit
  5. Does that sub platter really makes a difference?
  6. Is the Groovetracer sub platter only available online? Thanks
  7. It ain’t coming home with me then[emoji51][emoji23][emoji3]
  8. The song is good but was not aware it’s available on record
  9. The TT specialist at Sydney HiFi Castle hill seems very knowledgeable and very confident at what he does. He told me he’ll set it all up on the P3 and will let me exchange after a week if I was not happy with the Otello.
  10. Yeah I think that was it. There was a dedicated energizer/pre amp
  11. You tested for awhile before calling it done meaning you had a trial Period?
  12. Is that the $20k cartridge? If so I was at a shop and the techie Played my record on one[emoji51]
  13. Let us know how this go. I went to a shop yesterday looking to upgrade my Project DC with acrylic platter and 2M Blue to a Rega P3 and the TT techie recommended the Otello. I listened to 2 higher end Soundsmith and I was not totally impressed even on their spaceship looking TT. They had no Otella setup with P3 and I’m concerned...concerned forking out $750 and regret. Option is P3 with 2M Bronze but the techie tells me he and colleagues listened and concluded that otella is even better then 2M black [emoji51] I need to take all of this with a grain of salt without actually demoing an otella .
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