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  1. Thanks for the tip. Will keep power, RCAs separate and also the tv antenna cable and satellite cables together but separate from the others too. What about power boards? I have 2 x 6 outlets. Can’t find one more then 8. I’ve seen in the US one with 12 I think . Won’t a big one to keep all power plugs in one board better then 2 or 3 for tidiness? Thanks
  2. Sydney HIFI castle hill has them for sale. Only blue and yellow. I’m after black 3mm and was told in 2 weeks time. Another option from the makers themself in the U.K.
  3. What do you do for cable management? I’ve got network cables, rca, power, speakers, tv antenna and recently IQ4 satellite cables. Not s big fan of cable ties though. Many thanks
  4. On Saturday I swapped the standard Rega P3 counterweight to the Groovetracer Counterweight.
  5. Have a look at the Soundsmith Otello. I’ve installed one 3 weeks ago
  6. Yup I Like inner and outer sleeves from Dutch Vinyl.
  7. Hello Anyone in this forum installed the subject counterweight with their P3? I placed an order and I have a soft copy of the install instructions. From my understanding and from Frank’s email, there is no need to follow Rega TT instructions to float/balance the tonearm. In Frank’s words, it’s inaccurate. All that is required is to slip the counterweight into the stub but leave approx 1/8 inch of the end stub at the rear. Adjust accordingly then do tracking and anti-skating. I am told too that there are 2 arrows pointing down on each of the weights to use against the plinth to ensure the left and right weight are balanced . Appreciate your experience and maybe a picture of the counterweight on your P3 tonearm? Thank you
  8. Hahahaha my trusted pair[emoji3][emoji1303][emoji1303]
  9. Has anyone in this forum bought this release? How the production and sound? Thanks
  10. Thank you all for the advice [emoji3][emoji1303][emoji1362]
  11. Thank you. I’m looking into Achromat too. Looking for a 3mm black but the place where I got to P3 do not have black so need to get from Uk. My GT subplatter arrived yesterday [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
  12. Hi I’ve the Rega P3 and waiting delivery of Groovetracer reference sub platter. Is there a need for a record weight or a clamp? Thanks
  13. My problem is the spacers under the tonearm which have lifted the tonearm which seem To touch the lid when closed. The lid seems to be touching the counter weight. I don’t mind removing the lid when playing but the concern is using the lid when not in use.
  14. Did not realized the hinges can be adjusted. Will look tomorrow. Thanks
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