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  1. Hey guys, I recently got into vinyl a few months ago and I have made a few purchases of old and new LP's. However I have found that most new records that I buy have problems and I end up taking them back. The weird thing is that they have all come from JB Hifi Indooroopilly. I have bought Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (warped), Purity Ring - Another Eternity (looks like a spill on one side, a song on B side has really bad surface noise. I haven't taken it back yet), David Bowie - Nothing Has Changed (a scratch over Starman that would make it click). I have seen a few covers with split seems and bent cases being sold there as well. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? I have bought new about 5 times with no issues, yet that JB Hifi store is consistently bad. Also where is your go to place for buying new and second hand records.
  2. I just bought the Five Years set for $364. Just waiting for the restock.
  3. Wow! I hope my Deafheaven LP doesn't show up like that :/ I went back and returned it. I got the David Bowie Best Of. However there is a scratch over Starman and there is a click towards the end of the track.... urghhhhhh.... Now I have to be an extreme pain in the ass and take it back tomorrow. Can I go to a different JB store? haha
  4. I just checked my Blackstar Clear vinyl and thank god its not warped! I would be pissed!
  5. Thanks guys! Figured this wasn't worth starting a new thread over.
  6. Has anyone bought from ImportCd's on eBay? There are a few LP's I want to get through the store but Im not to sure. Any info would be great
  7. Yeah I bought at my local JB HIFI so it shouldn't be to much of an issue.
  8. Thanks mate, Ill take it back tomorrow!
  9. Hey guys, I just bought a new copy of Rumours. It sounds great, however I was watching it play and it seems warped? I posted a video so you guys could give me a new opinion. I am new to the hobby Does the warp seem bad enough for any damage to occur? I should just take it back but I would rather not go through the hassle haha. https://vid.me/w2bf
  10. Wow! Would be all over this if I had the money! Good luck with the sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. What would you guys recommend, the revirginzer or the spin clean? I have a few rare old records that need cleaning before they get anywhere near my table haha.
  12. Got the Project today and holy wow. I have officially fallen in love with Lateralus again. Classy, smooth little machine.
  13. Would have jumped on this if you were shipping it! Good luck with the sale
  14. Hmm there is a Technics SL-230 for sale near me in really good condition, $300 tho which is a bit pricey? Just itching to get a turntable for my SA5300, TX5300 and Sony D-40 set up!
  15. Nope, they are meant to sound remarkably similar.
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