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  1. Further information: I will send by express post and cover the cost
  2. Thanks for the suggestion I will go and see them I have bought plenty of gear from them over the years when I was playing in bands Cheers
  3. Thanks I hadnt thought about this kind of gear! They certainly look competitive on price, depending on what you choose But as they seem to be optimised for studio/recording purposes how do they perform in a Hi Fi sense? Or am I making a false distinction? Cheers
  4. Item: Looking for good quality, compact active desktop speakers. I envisage driving them from a laptop streaming tidal to an Armcan rPac DAC then via RCA analogue cables into the speakers. In other words wireless connectivity is not a priority Will be used for near field listening at relatively low volume So detail, sound stage and neutrality are being sought Price Range: negotaiable Item Condition: Used Canberra based Extra Info:
  5. Further information: Good condition One red plastic sleeve ( no function other than colour) missing see photo Banana plugs terminate each chord
  6. Further information: The great saxaphonist's final album I'll cover the shipping....express Photos:
  7. Further information: Great album and a very sympathetic 5 channel mix I will send express Photos:
  8. Further information: In very good condition Original packaging not available Will send express post at my cost
  9. Further information: In very good condition Original packaging is not included I will cover postage cost
  10. Further information: Only plays on a SACD player Multichannel
  11. Further information: Note that this is a hybrid DVD Audio (Not a SACD) Glorious rendition of one of the great recordings, big,warm and detailed.
  12. Comes in a fancy package including postcards of original art work for album Everything is there Hybrid 5 channel
  13. Thanks You are right I will do this for my future SACD ads where relevant. I have a few to post In the meantime Aja has sold Cheers Stephen
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