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  1. audiofeline

    Turntable headshell

    This is what I could find on the headshell in 290 manual the on VinylEngine site. Is it a removable headshell?
  2. audiofeline

    Musical discoveries at the 2018 show

    Yes, that's what I recalled. In one of the other rooms one of the visitors was trying to get the demonstrator to find some Chris Jones to demo, I think they were looking for No Sanctuary Here, but ended up playing some other of his music which I didn't mind. In hindsight I am grateful not to have heard No Sanctuary again. For those who do want to hear it, here it is (sorry, I don't seem to be able to delete his other video below that posted in error):
  3. I agree that a TV antenna on the roof is a big lightning conductor. A question: my TV antenna is within the roof cavity, not on top of a pole on the outside. Is it still a lightning risk?
  4. I think I would be stiff with rigor mortis if I was looking at $7k+ of my hifi fried. Given what the royal commission has revealed about the insurance industry, I would expect that they would be scrambling to find any loophole they could find not to cover your damage. I hope you have success with them.
  5. audiofeline

    Musical discoveries at the 2018 show

    Yeah, I had the feeling that I should like it, but it didn't gel. No idea who it was though.
  6. audiofeline

    Musical discoveries at the 2018 show

    Did the lyrics refer to "sanctuary"?
  7. audiofeline

    Musical discoveries at the 2018 show

    I believe so, but I'm the Australian who doesn't have a mobile phone so I miss out on a lot of things like Shazam!
  8. audiofeline

    Thanks to all for the 2018 show...

    Thanks for drawing that to my attention. I can't recall any lady demonstrators in the rooms when I visited, but there were a lot of rooms and I may not have noticed (plus my eyes were diverted towards the equipment, not the ladies 🙂 ). No disrespect intended to any of the female demonstrators, who I'm sure were very professional, knowledgeable and courteous, and are equally deserving of our thanks.
  9. Yes, by all means change your vote if you want to.
  10. audiofeline

    Poll: What cartridge design do you prefer?

    At the hifi show today one of the exhibitors was telling me about a cartridge that uses a cactus needle for a cantilever.
  11. This album cover is very spooky. The suave gentleman on the bottom-left looks just like my father-in-law in the 1980's. And he has an almost identical photo of himself at the Cuckoo Restaurant with a Bavarian-style waitress sitting in his lap!
  12. audiofeline

    Musical discoveries at the 2018 show

    A couple of rooms played tracks by Holly Cole, I'm interested to hear more of her. There were a few other artists/albums played that I now wish I had written names down - the show's too big to be able to rely on my memory! The Osborn room played the record of Louis Armstrong's Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll album - wonderful to hear music from 60 years ago without modern compression.
  13. Have just returned from the show today (Sunday). I left close to closing and saw a lot of tired demonstrators pleased that the day was over! However, every demonstrator I spoke to was a gentleman, and were pleasantly obliging for any small request I made. Even at the end of the day! So some thanks is due to: - Marc and his team for all the organising so that it seemed to go flawlessly - and to all the exhibitors for their generosity and good nature over what would be a very exhausting three days. [Edit: it was brought to my attention that it's not polite to refer to the female demonstrators as "gentlemen", which is quite correct and an error on my behalf. Please not my apology and amendment below.]
  14. I've modified the "very satisfied" option to include the interest in audio gear. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. I would say "yes" to that.