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  1. Individual metal binding posts at Jaycar are about $5 ea, the plastic ones are less than $3 each (lots of different styles). These can be mounted on a piece of perspex cut to the size of the plastic push-down assembly. Easy job to solder. I would replace the two sets of speaker binding posts when you do the job so those old connectors become a distant memory. I remember making this change to an amp with similar speaker connectors that I owned many years ago, I was tired of mucking about with those horrid connectors. It made life so much easier every time I moved house.
  2. audiofeline

    FS: Mahler complete works 16 CD set on EMI $40

    Bargain price for 16 disks. GLWTS.
  3. Very high-tech now. Much safer. I can see that you are no longer a "fan" of your previous setup.
  4. audiofeline

    To clamp or not to clamp?

    I have suspended tables, so can't put a weighted clamp on. Have wondered about the ones which are light and hold by pressure.
  5. audiofeline

    Crushed Granite

    Report the first post, and ask the moderator to edit the title for you. I don't know if it's possible, but worth a try.
  6. Is this still available? I'm interested, please PM.
  7. audiofeline

    Leak point one Pre-amp & stereo 20 power amp

    Interesting review of these components: https://hifipig.com/leak-stereo-20/
  8. audiofeline

    So a 9" or 12" arm?

    So a 10.5" arm would have characteristics in between? One person explained to me that 12" are a higher-mass arm, so are more suited to MC carts. (but I can't claim to be an expert).
  9. audiofeline

    Beware of Snake Oil & Blind Belief!

    To me this is the friend being good. He is admitting a mistake to a friend, and following through his initial intention - to help a friend get better audio quality. He would not be a good friend IMHO if he became aware of the problem and said nothing.
  10. audiofeline

    Beware of Snake Oil & Blind Belief!

    I'm not sure of how any litigation could occur if you are showing the manufactured product as it is. You're not making any false claims about it, all you would be saying is "this is what you will find if you have one and open it up this is ". That's not defamation. Your'e not publicizing confidential information or facilitating piracy. All you are doing is providing easily-verified facts. Defamation is about saying incorrect things that unjustly damage a person/company's reputation or finances. If your pics demonstrate the product does not meet Australian safety standards, the manufacturer can be held liable to the authorities. That's their problem for marketing an unsafe product. That's also an issue of public safety. [the intent of my post is FYI, and I will respect if you prefer not to post]
  11. audiofeline

    Beware of Snake Oil & Blind Belief!

    It would be interesting to dismantle this device and see if there is anything inside it.
  12. audiofeline

    Sherwood turntable and simple setup

    And those Nonesuch LPs always had interesting sleeve designs. Enjoy your table.
  13. audiofeline

    Catman's Analog Musings

    The effects of the "simple" phono stages may be artifacts of compromises of design and component quality, or it may be an attempt to sound a bit more "detailed"/"exciting"/"insert marketing term"/etc. to get sales in the lower=fi marketplace. Forget a definition on phono high-end, the definition doesn't need to be attached to a particular component, it belongs to the system being balanced. So I think the "typical sound" of any high-end system component should be what differentiates "high-end audio" from mid/low-end audio. That is, the ability to accurately reproduce the sound of naturally-produced music. The tonal balance, the attack and decay of the instruments, the soundstage, the naturalness of feeling you are in the presence of the actual instruments being played in a good acoustic environment. It shouldn't feel like you are listening to a reproduction. You shouldn't feel like you are listening to high-end gear. You should not be saying "this is good reproduction". Your response should be "where are the musicians and singers - I can't see them!". [Admittedly, it's harder now to obtain this perspective, as even an orchestral performance is mic'ed and put through the house pa system.]
  14. audiofeline

    R.I.P. Frank Prowse (Frank Prowse HiFi)

    It sounds like he made a significant contribution to the hifif industry and to the enjoyment of music for many people. RIP.
  15. audiofeline

    Catman's Analog Musings

    In any electrical system a poor contact will affect the electron flow, esp. in an audio system. In a new system cleaning headshell connections is not needed. In a vintage headshell there has been time for corrosion to occur, just like in the rca and speaker connections. Making sure there are good connections is essential, as a poor connection will limit the quality of the sound coming from the source. In any audio system, the quality of each link of the chain is important, a poor link will degrade the quality passed down to other components. The low-level output from cartridges requires low-capacitance phono wire (in comparison to normal rca interconnects). So an inappropriate wire or poor quality wire can affect the quality - even in the short length used in a headshell. It's probably not an issue in lower-quality equipment. I'm sure that there are some people with ultra-high-end hifi would would say - and justify - that the Jelco connectors mentioned above would be rubbish, and they would only use pure silver and unobtainium lintz spun from virgin fairy gossamer thread.