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  1. Well done, it looks very presentable. Good that you strengthened the legs. The only concern I have is the amount of space above the components for ventilation - you don't want them to overheat. I recall reading decades ago that a couple of inches was recommended - I don't know how accurate that is now. Perhaps monitor how warm they get over extended use (in the heat of summer would be best).
  2. Welcome Neil, I hope you like it here. I look forward to your posts as I'm sure you will have lots of expertise and knowledge to share, and I'm always interested to learn more!
  3. Welcome Jamie, I hope you enjoy it here. It's good to hear audio gear is being saved from the scrap. If you were in Melbourne I could give you a digital TV to fix!
  4. Welcome Paul, I hope you like it here and I look forward to your posts. I worked in Auckland many years ago, and have many fond memories of your city.
  5. Welcome, I hope you like it here, and I look forward to your posts. You will need to make a few posts before the classifieds will open out to you (not too many, it's a policy to deter scammers).
  6. Welcome Brad, I hope you like it here, and I look forward to your posts. You could try selling the speakers on the SNA classifieds forum, however, you will need to make a few posts before it will open out to you (not too many, it's a policy to deter scammers).
  7. Welcome Sandeep, I hope you like it here. In reply to your question, it may end up being easier and cheaper to buy a replacement minidisk from ebay.
  8. Your Commonwealth is an early model, I've recently acquired a 12D, so will plinth-build soon. The Argo motors look similar to the Commonwealth/Byer style, so should be excellent to drive the tt. If the Argos were at the ABC they should be good quality. Just build a heavy stacked hardwood ply plinth, if there is some noise isolate the tonearm, and make sure the motor mounts rubber etc is ok (if they have it). They should sound wonderful. Have you done any more research on the Presto - eg. similarities to the Argo? The speed selector looks similar to the Byer, but was also probably used on US transcription decks of the time. It is feasible that the Argo is a re-badged overseas turntable, as Austral seemed to be more of a cinema equipment and other manufacturing (found another site which suggested they made wood-working planes). So they are definitely not an audio-focussed company. But your photo has their name embossed on the bearing mount. Could some of it be imported, and some locally-made? Who knows?
  9. How is the restoration on these turntables progressing? I've found some info on Austral Argo (but unfortunately not on their turntables)- http://citycollection.melbourne.vic.gov.au/austral-argo-taximeter/ The City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection has a 1930s Austral Argo taximeter in their collection. From the online description - "Located on Exploration Lane in Melbourne Austral Argo Engineering Co. Pty Ltd. imported taximeters from Germany and adapted them to the local market. Established by Thomas Seymour Sharman, the business was taken over by his son Phillip. The company went into voluntary liquidation in 1943." https://sciencefiction60s.wordpress.com/capri-theatre/used-technology/ In a blog on technology used at the Capri Theatre… "Ken Novell, a worker at the Argosy during the 40s to the 70s wrote in his article The Argosy Theatre Murrumbeena in the Cinema Record 40 about the technologies used in theaters in the early 40s. At this time, two men were responsible for the cinema: Ron Dudgeon and Tom McMurtrie. They also administered an engineering company called Austral Argo Engineering Co. It was a business that sold projector equipment as well as service." The blog included this advert from the company:
  10. Welcome Stewart. Playing acoustic instruments develops the ear so you will know how to identify when a hifi reproduces those instruments well. Hope you enjoy it her.
  11. Welcome Tom, I look forward to your posts.
  12. Great to see the lurking change to posting - I look forward to more of your contributions!
  13. FYI, Here is the details of the Ortofon trade-in deal: https://www.ortofon.com/support/support-hifi/exchange-and-repair The MC 20 MkII is a pathway to the MC Quintet Blue and higher performance models. GLWTS.
  14. Welcome Callum, it sounds like you would have collected some interesting records in your travels. I look forward to your posts.
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