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  1. audiofeline

    Catman's Analog Musings

    This is the Rothwell Simplex. To me the large logo is inelegant. This is the Mani. Much more elegant. In the industrial design department, it Schiit's over the Rothwell. In my opinion, of course.
  2. audiofeline

    Turning one VDH The Mountain into two.

    No reason why this can't be achieved, it should not be a challenge for anyone competent with a soldering iron. There may be someone here who is close to you who could help you with this. Some thoughts - it would be advisable to invest in audiophile quality xlr plugs to match the quality of the cable - cutting and reconfiguring the original cable will damage the resale value, if that is of concern to you. - use audiophile quality silver solder would be worthwhile.
  3. audiofeline

    Catman's Analog Musings

    I think optimum tracking weight is a combination of working within the recommended range, and then playing-off different compromises in sound to get what best suits your system/room. I also wonder if in the longer-term tracking weight might need to be adjusted when the cantilever's suspension changes over time.
  4. audiofeline

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    Topic under threat to be closed? I hope not. Although I'm not a potential purchaser of March Audio products (at least in the short term), I think we have been fortunate to have Alan sharing info on his products with us. His willingness to answer questions and engage in discussion would be a huge assert to anyone considering purchasing his products. And as someone who enjoys Australian designed and manufactured equipment in my stereo, I'm always excited to hear of a new local audio producer delivering good quality sound at reasonable cost.
  5. audiofeline

    Newby with some goodies to sell.

    Welcome Russell, it seems you are a good friend. You will need to make a few posts before you can list in the classifieds. Hope you get good buyers for your friend.
  6. audiofeline

    New to quality audio

    Welcome, I hope you find your audio journey rewarding. Lots of good equipment becomes available in the classifieds forum here. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you feel somewhat baffled - we all have lots to learn an there are many generous people here who share their knowledge.
  7. audiofeline


    Welcome. I look forward to your posts sharing your knowledge and experience.
  8. audiofeline

    loudness wars 2019

    I agree that in 2019 compression is still a concerning compromise to music quality. However, I also think it holds equal place to that other production "evil" - excessive use of auto-tune. On breakfast TV the other morning a young successful British pop star was introduced, when they played her hit all I could hear was that dreadful auto-tune sound. I really struggle to know which I find harder to listen to - excess compression or excess auto-tune. The two together = unlistenable.
  9. audiofeline

    loudness wars 2019

    I used to believe that a greater degree of compression would be appropriate in a car environment to overcome vehicle and road noise. I don't have an outstanding audio system in my car - it's better than the stock audio systems though. As the CD player doesn't work, I have to rip and play mp3 via the usb input (yes, another degradation). And I have a very old car, so it has a reasonably higher noise floor than more modern cars. The changing point came one day when I was listening to a CD in the car (ripped to mp3), and I thought "this sounds fantastic - much better than normal - why?" . I realised that I was listening to a DCC (label) CD, mastered without added compression by Steve Hoffman. My conclusion, reinforced by subsequent comparisons is: Even in the poor acoustic and noisy car environment, listening to music degraded by mp3 encoding, quality mastering without excess compression still allows the music to "live" and be enjoyed in comparison to music mastered with greater compression.
  10. audiofeline

    Went to Quality(?) Records today

    Perhaps you could use your gift certificate by asking them to order an “audiophile” pressing for you, on a label they stock. It might take a while for it to arrive, but at least you will be getting something you like. I'm sitting on a JB voucher at the moment. Nothing in store appeals, and some bigger-ticket sets I would be interested in using the certificate for are not listed on their website database.
  11. audiofeline

    HiFi Stand Recommendations

    I have a couple of the older design SolidSteel. Well constructed and looks nice. I've filled the legs with river sand (and I recommend that's done on any rack that will allow it). I've also put hardwood ply under the mdf shelves (mdf isn't the greatest material to be used), and some damping material on the side supports. Because I've got turntables on the top shelf, I've modified the bottom so it rests on three spikes (rather than the original four), so I don't have any problems with levelling it.
  12. audiofeline

    Catman's Analog Musings

    Hi Felix, What's wrong with the ESP P06? Can't it be repaired? I know how attached you are to that phono stage!
  13. audiofeline


    Welcome, the classifieds have lots of good gear. Hope you find what meets your needs.
  14. audiofeline

    Hello from indonesia

    Welcome Jerry, there is lots of good advice here. I look forward to your posts.
  15. audiofeline

    Hello from Serbia

    Welcome, I look forward to your posts.