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  1. Slow-motion video of Shure M44-7 cartridge literally dropped onto a record, filmed at 500 fps. Once the needle "finds it's groove" you can see it tracking the record groove modulations. And also check out the dirt on the record!
  2. I would put the best cable as close as possible to the source - that way you are extracting the best possible signal for the other components to deal with. If the best goes downstream it may make a difference but it's still getting a lower-quality signal to process. It also depends what your current "weakest link" cable is. Ultimately, experimentation will be your best guide.
  3. I can't get past the quality of the album design. The band in the photo couldn't look more disinterested. For such a successful band, and the potential sales of this album, I would have thought they could have employed a better graphic designer. It's one step removed from having a background of lollies representing The Sweet!
  4. I've located my Nixa test record, I was given it last year when some relatives cleared out a deceased parent's collection. The person looking through the records thought it would be something I would be interested in. I was shown some photos of other albums that were being let go, and when I expressed interest in the mono VGC Rolling Stones album I was told (after a delay) that they would be keeping that one! Anyway, back to the Nixa. My copy looks to be latter than the OP's. It came in the very old generic cardboard sleeve in the pic (with circular holes to see the label). The printed information shown appears to be the back of the original sleeve, cut out with scissors. I have no idea what the original front sleeve looks like (although it's probably on Discogs). Interestingly, it says it's a "Westminster Recording". I've only just become aware of this company (via another music forum). They were a classical label from 1949 to 1965, and according to Wikipedia: "Early on, its recordings were technically superior to most others in the marketplace, and the label became popular among the growing community of audiophiles. In the late 1950s the company began issuing stereophonic recordings, ... The "Westminster Laboratory" (W-Lab) series of classical recordings were technically superior to other brands and sold at higher price than the regular Westminsters."
  5. And there is the possibility that this unit was harvested for parts, which is why it won't work now. Looks very nice though (or as Monty Python said, "Beautiful plumage, the Norwegian Blue", and we know how functional that parrot was).
  6. Yes, I was also thinking that you might be best getting another turntable and using this one for donor parts.
  7. I've picked up some old hifi test records from op shops over the years. I'm surprised how trashed some of them are - battered covers, dirty, many deep and light scratches, etc. It's not like they are records that you would expect to play very many times.
  8. Collaro is an old name in British turntables. They made portable 78 players, then record-changers. Their turntables can be found many console units. In the 1960's they made some turntables which were considered to be "the poor-man's Garrard 301", sold at a slightly lower pricepoint. I've heard one of these (with an updated tonearm), and they indeed are under-rated for the quality they produce. I'm not sure about a felt mat, many people feel that they are not as good as rubber, cork, and other more solid alternatives.
  9. I think it's natural to have periods when we are less engaged with music. At times I look at my music collection and feel overwhelmed choosing something to play, and end up doing something else. However, I share concerns expressed above regarding your mental health, and agree with what was posted. I would add if you feel you are feeling that you are becoming depressed, please have a chat with your GP. He/she can refer you to get assistance under the Better Access Scheme under Medicare. There are evidence-based strategies to help you re-engage with life. Depression is treatable, and there is no shame in asking for help. Please see your GP asap if you are feeling suicidal - these feelings can be intense, but do not last. Help is available to get you to a better place. When you re-engage with music, you might be ready to consider upgrading your amp. You have a nice setup, removing the limitation in it will allow you to rediscover your music in a new way. Take care.
  10. Thanks, I have heard of this gravity thing being spoken about before. A very cunning use of it. I hope you don't have to kill me now.
  11. A reasonable turntable to get started - I hope you enjoy "the dark side", as you put it.
  12. Not the oldest, but the oddest: The Official National Lampoon Stereo Test and Demonstration Record was a parody of demonstration records. It's very funny, but the tests on it are valid and useful. They followed it up with a cassette test/demo tape.
  13. Lots of options are available, good suggestions above, and the Lack is very popular (but light). In general, the sturdier the better. And remember don't place your turntable in front of your speakers, this is likely to induce feedback (which is quite unpleasant to experience and can damage your speakers). What's your turntable?
  14. Is it possible to share this trick (providing you don't need to kill me afterwards)?
  15. Looks very good. I'm curious how the cart moves along the track - it appears that the bearings the arm rolls on are very smooth so the force is applied to move the cart comes from the needle in the groove. If this is correct, wouldn't this apply more force on the styli from outside groove wall, resulting in sideways pressure on the canteliver and damage in the long-term? Wouldn't it be best if there was a horizontal force compensating for this added pressure, in a similar way to anti-skate is applied to a pivoting tonearm? Or am I over-thinking it all?
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