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  1. I've started to label the interconnects so they are easier to identify than stretching my neck to read the fine print on the back of the devices they are plugged into. It doesn't make it any tidier, but it's a lot easier to find specific cables.
  2. When I was young I assumed that pricing was determined by the production, marketing and shipping (etc) costs plus a profit margin, with more expensive items reflecting better quality. I have since learned that was rather naive, and that pricing is often determined by how much the company thinks the market will be willing to pay for an item, which is not always congruent with quality. That's where I feel fortunate that we have a global internet community where the "excellent value for money" items are shared, along with educating us on the "much more money than the item is worth in comparison to the competitor's quality". And I often think of it when I read about your love of the humble diy ESP06 for what it costs to make!
  3. Really? 😊 I thought they looked a bit Nagra-ish - very nice.
  4. And stem cells may also hold promise for a treatment (or even a cure): " Thus, perhaps restoring normal functioning of these connections, as this new stem cell transplantation method in part seems to do, could mitigate or even in some cases eliminate tinnitus. " https://www.ata.org/news/news/new-stem-cell-transplantation-method-restores-damaged-auditory-pathways Also: http://www.nationalhearingtest.org/wordpress/?p=2422 https://www.soundrelief.com/stem-cells-and-hearing-loss/
  5. Several years ago my GP referred me to an audiologist for a hearing test so I could check my age-loss and tinnitus. I was aware that in previous years when my back had gone out at times the mild and intermittent tinnutus I had was sometimes affected, and it often settled after a visit to the Chiro fixed my back. I told the audiologist that I had periodic visits to the chiro, and she then spent a lot of the session telling me that chiros were dangerous and I shouldn't consult them - despite me telling her that over my life they definitely helped my back problems. She also denied there was any chiro connection to tinnitus. Given the lecture she gave to me I didn't want to go back to her, she hassled me for a few years for a followup appointment.
  6. This kits are white/pink noise generators to mask the tinnitus. November 2018: Project: Insomnia and Tinnitus killer by John Clarke September 2001: Project: Personal Noise Source For Tinnitus Sufferers by John Clarke, - here is the full article: http://archive.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_101733/article.html The 2018 version has similar function, they claim it's a better circuit with longer battery life. I have built the earlier version when I was exploring using it to mask obtrusive noise. I have heard that over time they can actually make tinnitus worse, but I don't have any reference to cite for that.
  7. You have some nice looking meters on your shelf - what are they white devices?
  8. I was always amused by the range of wares in the Tandy catalogue, and always thought it was rubbish quality - I now understand that some of their electronics was very good quality (for what it was). I have a recollection that the bulk tape eraser would be the sort of thing that was in the catalogue, but I'm relying on a memory from decades ago. I think the bulk erasers would be the sort of thing that would have been tossed out when CDRs made cassettes obsolete. There were probably several professional brands of bulk erasers that would have been used in recording studios and cassette duplication plants. There are vintage radio shack pdf catalogues online, a google search will locate them. Most are US, but there may be some from the UK as well.
  9. I thought the description of the young person immersing in music in his/her bedroom was similar to audiophile's listening. If the audiophile is fortunate, he/she has their own listening room - a separate "sonic haven". If the audiophile's system is in a share space (eg. living room), part of the "sonic haven" is achieved though the immersive experience facilitated by high-quality reproduction.
  10. I agree - empty metal tubing can be greatly improved. Fill it with sand, leadshot, or both (leadshot with sand filling the gaps) and it will not have any problematic resonance.
  11. I thought it would be a stereo amp, as the front panel has separate volume pots for the L + R channels. Which confused me, as it has the old Garrard headshell that I thought was mono.
  12. It's cord is cut, so may have been harvested from a roadside collection. Interesting that it has an amp built in, I wonder if it was a valve amp, it so that may have driven up the bidding.
  13. I would think that you could become more severe, maybe making the max length 800pixels.
  14. Part of the reason I bought the album was because the guy in the bottom-left is a dead-ringer for my father-in-law in years gone by. He even has a similar photo taken at the Cookoo restaurant with one of the waitresses sitting on his lap! And Glad (Mrs.M) certainly knows how to pound those keys!
  15. I also second the proposal to automatically resize large images. Some pages have ridiculously large images which not only take SNA storage space but also take time to display on the page. They only need to be screen resolution, which takes a few kb. Re: displaying large images of album covers in "Currently spininning..." I will post a link to the image on the wikipedia page. The image is small so will load fast and not take excessive space on the page, it's hosted off-site, and being a wikipedia page is unlikely to become a dead link in the future.
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