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  1. Silly mistake on a strobe

    When I was at school I studied technical drawing, enjoyed it and was reasonably good at it. On one visit to the big smoke I went to an expensive art materials shop and bought an expensive technical drawing ruler. It was really nice, by Linex of Denmark if my memory serves me correctly. Had a non-slip rubber strip and the scale was held slightly proud of the surface so ink would not run under it. I took pride in my accurate work, but was confused for months because accurate work on the drawing would be millimeters out when I worked on it later. I would fix it, then it would be out again. I think this experience is the reason I'm follicle-challenged now. One day I thought I would do something silly, and measured the ruler. The expensive ruler's scale was incorrect. The changes in my drawing were caused by using the incorrect (expensive) ruler at home and the (cheap and nasty) accurate ones at school. The teacher didn't believe me, and just thought I did sloppy work. It taught me a good life lesson - never assume that other people have done their job correctly.
  2. Silly mistake on a strobe

    Don't bother with the strobe. Digital tachometers are very cheap on ebay via China.
  3. Do you have any electrical items on a timer set during those times (eg. a pool pump)? It seems odd that it goes for exactly 2hrs, starting and stopping at exactly the same time every day.
  4. Hi Felix, How does the Bruce Heran opamp compare against the Rod Elliott phono stage that you are fond of? Have you tried the/Groovewatt/OddWatt valve phono stage?
  5. Weakest Link(s) in the Audio Chain?

    The weakest link in a system is the weakest link. It will be different for every equipment combination. I don't know if it was the weakest link in my stero, but I got dramatic improvement when I replaced what I had considered to be a high-quality cable between my pre and power amps. It wasn't until then that I really could appreciate what my speakers were capable of doing.
  6. I have never been a member, but recall many friends/acquaintances who were members. I have acquired many of their recordings since they closed. I will often stop flipping disks when crate-diving to admire one of their record covers - even if I have done so on many previous occasions. John's recollections of the Society were a fascinating insight into the history of a significant and often overlooked part of Australia's record industry history.
  7. Good quality audio equipment should be able to reproduce all music accurately. However, we live in an imperfect world, and due to the nature and complexity of audio equipment compromises have to be made, which is why different audio equipment will sound different. Hence some is good for rock, reproducing dynamics well but may not attend to subtleties well. Another system may be better for classical of jazz, as it reproduces subtleties and nuances which are important in the more open spaces that music creates.
  8. You will have to make sure that any transformer you use is rated for the amps the amplifier uses, it won't cope (and could be dangerous) if your amp draws more current than the transformer can supply. And I believe that it is best to have a higher amps rating on your transformer than the amps specified on your amplifier. I also believe that "switch-mode" transformers (popular for computer equipment and cheaper) is unsuitable for HiFi use. I'm not an expert on this, so more knowledgeable members may be able elaborate.
  9. Came home tonight to find an Aust.Post catalogue "This Christmas with gifts to surprise" retail cataloge in the letterbox. Was just about to turf it into the recycle when I noticed they had a $40 Record Cleaning Machine advertised. Details below. Looks like a Spin Clean copy. I would have bought one, but have just bough a vacuum rcm from a SNA'er. Would be interested to hear reports on this kit, please post below.
  10. STUFF MY NEIGHBOUR!! Spend My Money!!!

    I don't want to encourage a feud between you and your neighbor, but I will share a story. A friend had a problem when her neighbor sold and moved. The new owners were deliberately disrespectful and inconsiderate, early morning, day and night. Then they built an extension that not only removed any privacy my friend had, but was almost deliberately built so they could see into her yard when they were on their balcony, where they often "relaxed" and entertained - noisily and inconsiderately provocatively. My friend wanted to put in a big outdoor sound system to retaliate their noise. I suggested that she didn't do that, instead she used a portable player at a reasonably loud volume so they could hear, and play Australian country yodelling music constantly (we thought that as migrants they would not relate to that music). They became slightly more considerate after that.
  11. Carrot Bothers retipping

    I believe that this topic has been restarted here, without a vegetable typo in the title:
  12. Garrot Bothers retipping

    I didn't understand this until I saw the companion topic where the title was "Carrot Brothers retipping" - the title has been changed. It reminds me when I was working in a cafe and the Garrott Bros. came in. Recognising who they were I gave them excellent service. Being poor at the time (nothing's changed), when I gave them the bill I hinted that a bit extra would be appreciated. They got quite offended, and I didn't understand until they explained that they have a policy that they don't tip, they only retip.
  13. I had a look at the P06 preamp and the associated P05 power supply on Rod's site. What would you estimate the cost of (high quality) components to populate these boards?
  14. I noticed the similarities. Cartoon taken from the SHF.
  15. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Re: Oxygen-free copper cable. I recall reading a similar debate where someone who was knowledgeable in cable production said that even cheap copper cable is now manufactured oxygen-free. This was not always the case earlier in the last century. So I now take "oxygen-free" as a (true) marketing phrase to reassure those of us who need to have this spec. on new cables.