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  1. Further information: Netgear USB Print Server PS121 Allows you to connect a non-network USB printer to your computer network. It was a great solution on our home network, but is no longer required. Comes with: • Print server • USB cable, with gold plugs! • CD software • Printed manual • Power supply (see note below) Postage note: The actual print server is small and light. The majority of the postage price will be for the large and heavy power supply. It is a common 12V DC, 1A, earth on outer plug connection, so it is lik
  2. The AT VM95ML is a good cartridge, and I would expect it to work well in this system.
  3. He is a long way from Rye! In the outer northern suburbs of Melb, as a broad indication (I will leave it for him to give more details if he wants). These speakers may end up as an op shop donation. It would be good if they went to a good home.
  4. It's always great when a few dollars at Bunnings can create a viable substitute for audio devices costing $000's. And you also made it look as valuable as the rest of your turntable as well. It must have been something when Plant sang "squeeze my lemons baby till the juice runs down leg" and you were transported straight back to your bedroom. I dare say that what you listened to sounded much better than your headphones in 1970. But if it's OK, I can pass on further descriptions of your juicing as a youngster.
  5. I found this info in the online "Service manual" for these speakers: SPECIFICATIONS Ver. 1.2 2005.05 Speaker system -Two-way, bass reflexsystem Speaker units -12 cm dia., cone typewoofer /2.5 cm dia., semi-dome-type tweeter Rated impedance -6 ohms Dimensions (w/h/d) -Approx. 150× 252 ×255 mm Mass -Approx. 2.6 kg net perspeaker Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. GLWTS
  6. It looks a nice turntable, and always good to hear another good tt being saved. I didn't think it would be possible for James Galway to sound good (personal opinion), so this tt obviously has some magic.
  7. And we also have King Sunny Adé King Tubby King Curtis Edit: Missed that they have been suggest above. I forgot to put them in my original post!
  8. Further information: "Simple Touch" remote control for motorised indoor blind, new unused condition. It comes with magnetic wall mount and original box. It would make an excellent second remote or spare for someone with a compatible remote-controlled blind. It has LCD display, and four microswitches in the battery compartment for programming the remote. History: This remote was supplied by Kresta with an indoor motorised blind. Due to repeated failures to manufacture the blind to requested size/spec's, the blind was returned to Kresta. However, they did not take the rem
  9. And what of other musical "kings" (and King/Queen)? King Oliver BB King Freddy King Albert King Ben E. King Carole King Earl King Pee Wee King King Crimson King Records Have I missed any?
  10. Jelly Roll Morton - "Mr. Jelly Lord" Really enjoying these early jazz sides. Another great opshop find.
  11. I would think that thin mdf would be an alternate to ply. If you use a cardboard sandwich, greater strength from bending is created when the "grain" direction of the corrugated boards are positioned at 90-degrees to each other. If you use duct tape (or similar) to seal the edges of your packing sandwich, take steps to ensure that the tape can't stick to the edge/spine of the record sleeve (eg. wrap the sleeve in some protective paper to prevent this from occurring).
  12. Item Condition: Used once, works perfectly Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Blackburn 3130 State: VIC Payment Method: Paypal, Cash on Pickup. Reason for selling: Design isn't my personal preference. Further information: HERO 5020 metal body lacquered gloss black, 0.5mm nib. Used once, as new condition, but not to my personal preference. Repost, with slight price reduction. I bought this pen to
  13. Thanks for your work making this a great and valuable community Marc.
  14. Dimensions? How do they sound, a similar looking Sony speaker I have sounds very bright.
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