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  1. If you upgrade your turntable, I would suggest getting the best turntable you can afford (or waiting until you can afford something better than you can afford at present). A good quality turntable will be a long-term investment. And it will have future upgrade options (eg. cart or even upgrade the arm) if in the future you want something even better.
  2. The old table you previously used looks like a lightweight $5 piece of Indonesian "whatever" bought from Freedom (Mrs.Feline bought a few for her work). I'm sure your new stands would make a significant audible improvement for your speakers - they are certainly a visual improvement! You are fortunate to have an understanding boss and access to a well-equipped workshop.
  3. I notice a lot of email addresses being posted in a public space. It might be better to share emails by private message, so they are not shared with the public.
  4. Would that have been Southern Sound (?), in Cheltenham? I recall buying Philips drivers to upgrade a pair of AWA 2-way speakers I had at the time (the cabinets were quite well made for chipboard cabinets, I recycled the AWA drivers by putting them in my car, even though I don't think the woofers were designed to be mounted horizontally in a bouncy environment. Still beat other people's proper car audio systems). Also recall driving down there to buy cartons of Hitachi cassettes.
  5. The ETI website: https://eti-research.com.au/
  6. Not difficult to make one with a high-quality switch (I've used Elma and Grayhill's). This is a guide: http://www.diyaudioblog.com/2012/06/custom-rca-switch-box-for-audio.html
  7. That Salvo's has been increasing it's prices over the last year or so. Not as good as it used to be. But even though you might pay more, the money goes to a good cause.
  8. The NZ SNA had quite a good vibe when it was running, some good discussions. I hope many of the members continued to contribute on this site. The UK SNA appears to be struggling.
  9. Do you have some spare ones you would like to sell?
  10. I often found the cause of a tight hole is a small piece of plastic inside, a scissors blade will often dislodge it. Another cause has often been the paper label hole being slightly smaller than the plastic hole. Again, a scissors blade can be used to remove the excess without affecting the plastic.
  11. A good 2-way speaker is much better than a poor 3-way speaker. A good 3-way speaker is much better than a poor 2-way speaker. Extrapolate to include 4-way speakers.
  12. In the 1980's I borrowed a surround machine for 4-channels, and didn't like it much. I felt that quality 2-channel with good imaging can bring movies to life. Although I have no doubt that quality surround systems can be good, I have no need to go beyond good old stereo for my home movie experience. And I'm sure putting my budget into 2-channels produced much better sound than the equivalent budget for multiple speakers and amps to drive it.
  13. And if you do modify a power lead, take it to someone who does test+tag to check it for safety before using it.
  14. Clipsal, HPM, etc. plugs are sold in Australia and meet the Australian electrical safety regulations. The transparent Clipsal 1439SHD = "HD" 10A version, takes up to 11mm cord entry size, this is what to get if you have a shielded cable. The version without "HD" in the product code accepts standard 3-core flex cable, but nothing more. The Delta plug at Bunnings is very similar, and the entry hole at the back can be enlarged if rewquired. More discussion on Australian plugs here:
  15. An off-centre label won't affect the balance of the platter. I do find them aesthetically annoying when rotating on the platter, but that doesn't affect the reproduction. If the label overlaps the circular end-groove, it may add to the wear of the stylus, and will sound horrible. Not a problem if you have an auto/semi-auto turntable that lifts the arm before it gets to this point. Not a problem if the label gets close to this groove and the stylus doesn't touch the label.
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