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  1. Is your pre amp sold yet ??
  2. May l ask if you still have the original packaging for this TT, the size of the box n total weight of this item ?
  3. tcressida

    FS: Olympus OM-D Digital Camera E-M5

    Hi, according to the box, it come w 2X lenses 1X 14-42mm n 1X 40-150mm lens plus flash, n shutter count ?
  4. tcressida

    SOLD: FS: Books (hardcover) & Magazines

    I cannot see the price list ?
  5. tcressida

    SOLD: FS: Monrio Asty Line Preamp

    PM Send
  6. Any chance to show the pictures n how do compare with the Lingo 1? Thanks
  7. tcressida

    SOLD: FS: Original Linn LP12 Turntable

    Is it possible to show inside the TT, just want to know what type of power supply ? Thanks
  8. tcressida

    SOLD: FS: Nuforce Pre amp $450

    Is there any XLR inputs w this pre, can you show some pictures at the back of the unit ?
  9. tcressida

    FS: Naim NAP150 Power amp

    Would it possible connect to balance XLR pre ?