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  1. SOLD: FS: Linn Sondek LP12, black plinth

    May I ask is the plinth original I can't see any label behind the plinth n the black colour original too ?if is all original I'm interested to buy .
  2. FS: Vanguard VEO monopod

    Would you accept $70 ? I can pick up this afternoon, I'm in Hawthorne area . If is ok how to contact U ? Thanks
  3. I'm interested your gears, what's the best way to contact U ? Thanks
  4. FS: NAD M51 Digital Direct DAC / pre-amp (Melb)

    Is this DAC still available? I maybe interested, what is the best way to contact U, l hv few questions to ask? Thanks
  5. FS: Denon 4010UD

    Is this player still available ? I'm interested.
  6. Quad ii transformer

    You can contact Clark Audio in Vic, he know someone can custom made transformer to any spec , maybe he can direct U to someone
  7. In my audiophile life for 18 years, I hv been listening many speakers, including ATC small to large model, n I founded ATC speakers like HIGH current amp not so much high power, for example I had Mark Levinson 100w compare w 25w valve amp, n the results was valve amp sounded more dynamic n control in many ways than a 100w Levinson amp , I tried many amp to drive my ATC before n didn't hv much luck. At the end I settle w Levinson 200 w RMS amp. So for smaller ATC speakers maybe a good 25-50w RMS high current amp is more suitable for SMALLER room , maybe some KT88 or KT90 amp ,if U play low volume n details music, this is just to share my personal experience. Not try to sell U anything.
  8. Can you give me the diameter of the watch pls ,I'm after a large faces watches
  9. FS: Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC

    Very good price for a European audio gear
  10. FS: MG1 Air Bearing Tonearm

    May I ask where is this arm made n how old , what's the best cartridge to match this arm ?
  11. FS: SME series 3 tonearm

    Is this tonearm come w cables n complete packaging ?
  12. FS: KEF Concerto Vintage speaker pair

    Bargain of the year, can't go wrong with this price
  13. Is your BAT amp have the power pack install ?
  14. Nelson Pass First Watt M2

    DIY just like home cooking u can use the best ingredients, nice job n looking good too .