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  1. Currently Spinning

    Ahh the memories. My sister got this album when it came out, I must have been about 8 (she was 14!) and Mum and Dad freaked out! We made them sit through the 17 minute title track.....we were loving it and I think they looked at us three kids differently from that day forward. .......Classic prog!
  2. MM Vs MC

    I know..... Just stirring the 'cart' pot!
  3. MM Vs MC

    An old 60's vinyl LP topped with a thin suede platter mat, which equals thickness of original stock mat.
  4. MM Vs MC

    .....yep, sounds like Moving Magnet.
  5. Currently Spinning

    It's back to the 'Ash (after a bit of a thrashing of their live stuff in recent days) with this UK 1st pressing of: "There's The Rub"....... I must say, I'm all over the (musical) shop today........
  6. Currently Spinning

    Now onto this gem (featuring Bill Paxton on vocals with multi- instrumentalist Andrew Todd and other musicians from Devo, Oingo Boingo and Cindy Wilson of the B52's)(German 1st pressing): Obviously with that line up, it's a lot of fun........but musically, it's seriously delicious fun! Great recording and pressing too.
  7. Currently Spinning

    I wouldn't either JJ. I have "Warts Up Your Nose" by Murtceps on vinyl.......not parting with that. My brother has 'Testimonial', I may have to steal it.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Another CD, best of Spectrum/Murtceps (great stuff!): PS: Anyone got a vinyl copy of Spectrum's "Testimonial" in great nick they want to part with for 'not a lot'............... It's a long shot!!
  9. I have listened to two CD's today! Both analogue and digital formats are great......I don't steam, it's not for me.....not knocking it though. When I said " Analogue enjoyment requires at least some conviction and commitment ", I meant, if you want to get equal to or better than CD sound. IMO, if you're not committed, ie: not prepared to spend good money on analogue, you may as well stick to digital, otherwise you'll be turning to the CD player all the time anyway.
  10. @bugster70 Warning: If you really care at all about SQ, you will 'get sucked in by the whole vinyl revival thing', but I suspect your 'digital' heart's not really in it.... so at this point, maybe you should just get CD's of the few records you have (much cheaper than vinyl) and get a decent CD player......and be done with it. Analogue enjoyment requires at least some conviction and commitment....... Of course, it's up to you how you feed your needs and desires.
  11. Currently Spinning

    Spinning a bit of Kansas today with this (on CD), released in 2000, it's the last Kansas album with the great Kerry Livgren's songwriting (he wrote all the songs on it) and guitar input, before his stroke curtailed him, and the original line up + long time bassist Billy Greer. A great and under-rated album. I wish it was available on vinyl but the CD does sound pretty awesome!
  12. Currently Spinning

    A movie (Looper), a bit of Wishbone Ash live and now this, "Chewing Hides The Sound" (US 1st pressing): It really is brilliant!
  13. Tonight, a second viewing of the bluray of 'Looper'.......just as good as the first time. Soundtrack is a killer! Bass goes way down low on this one. Now for some 'Wishbone Ash'.......
  14. Currently Spinning

    Not at all. While I did think "WTF?!" when I read it, I respect your conviction!
  15. $669. Get there early (if in need)! https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-24-march/saturday-detail-wk12/ps/p/60152cm-ultra-hd-4k-tv/