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  1. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Back on the vinyl! I had a fiddle with a few things (tested with an old QED phono stage, R channel still out then had a fiddle with the RCA connectors at the back of the amp and the R channel returned.....the PHO-8 is now back in place with both channels working fine so it's obviously ok (pleasing!) but I haven't refitted the recently acquired CA Azur i/connects yet but will later..... I suspect they are fine as the amp RCA connector appears to be the over riding problem, which I can live with.) So I'm spinning this again as it was still on the platter! 'O My Love' Thijs Van Leer (Focus).....a beautiful album.
  2. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Stuck on CD's today......damn it!😄 Bought some CA Azur RCA interconnects from SNA'er @Andre28 to run from the phono stage to the amp. After fitting them I had lost the right channel....did I make a mistake fitting them with the phono still turned on? I must have as.....it was still out when I refitted the old Monster i/connects so I think it's the phono stage. Will have to fit my old QED Discsaver phono stage to see if this is indeed the case. So it's CD's until I can be fanged doing that (later!) Started with..... .....and now onto Tears For Fears Greatest.
  3. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Oooohhhh........that Hanson!😄 Phew......
  4. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    A bit of diversity today.....onto some smooth jazzy grooves with 'O My Love' Thijs Van Leer (Oz 1st pressing). The opener, 'Street Rondo' is such a cruiser.....
  5. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    From electronica to some excellent southern prog/dixie rock. The Dixie Dregs... Dregs of the Earth (US 1st pressing). Such a talented band of musicians, esp. Steve Morse, what a guitarist this man is.....👌
  6. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Now onto some Kraftwerk......Radioactivity (US 1st pressing). This one sounds amazing.....👌
  7. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Starting the day with some Yes and what I consider one of their best albums.....ever. From 2001 and their last album with Jon Anderson. This one is on vinyl (2013 German pressing). It's a beauty!
  8. Beautiful phono stage.....👍......but I'm bias.😉
  9. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    A mesmerising album! A fitting farewell and one of his best, if not........👌
  10. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    I have that.....is yours on the 'phlegm green' vinyl too?😄
  11. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    A bit of rock this evening......vinyl.
  12. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    That would be Bronski Beat.....pre-Communards.😉 Great album!👍
  13. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Ok, I've accepted it, I'm a 'Furs freak..... Followed by a Supertramp reference SQ recording.....👌 All vinyl.......👍
  14. Just now purchased these off SNA'er @Andre28 Perfect for phono to amp and will be replacing a pair of lesser quality Monster i/connects.👍
  15. Interested.....PM sent.👍