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  1. Inspired by my above post, I am playing Split Enz debut album "Mental Notes" Oz 1st pressing. Apparently I am in the mood.....🙂 @metal beat Funnily, 'Second Thoughts' is the only Enz LP I don't have. Must get onto that....
  2. They really were.....some described them as 'inspired by Genesis'. Do you have their debut album 'Mental Notes'? Brilliant....but you have to be in the right mood. There are three or four songs that are common to both albums, hence the title of the second. I saw the Enz live four times as their sound evolved over the years but the first time in '76 at a smoke hazed venue ('Stoned Again' concert with LRB and Crossfire) was pure live prog and a total head trip (it really was!😎). Great band.
  3. "Replicas" Tubeway Army Oz 1st pressing.
  4. Some Devo to liven me up a bit while doing some housework...."Oh, No! It's Devo" Oz 1st pressing.
  5. Devo "Recombo DNA" 2017 French pressing. Sequence f (side 6) atm.....🙂 .....followed by sequence e (side 5) and sequence g (side 7).😎
  6. Some late evening Bowie "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars" US 1st pressing.
  7. Threatened? LOL, not at all....just prefer people to know all of the options available to them, especially cheaper and just as effective ones, so they can make an informed choice. It matters little to me if the OP chooses to waste money to achieve the same result.
  8. I see yet another thread re: record cleaning, has been hijacked by the 'wet tub' brigade.....it's fine to promote what you know but maybe a bit irresponsible to push newbies into possible unnecessary expense......@Brad24, don't forget the far less expensive and just as effective (I'd argue more effective....no debating this please everyone....each to his own) Record Revirginiser.....sure it takes longer to clean an LP but you won't get a better result. If your LP still crackles after an RV peel, it will crackle forever......a tub of distilled water isn't going to make it any better and you will have saved many dollars.👍
  9. Well, give the audio stuff to someone who does care.....
  10. Varied lot tonight.....Duran Duran s/t debut Oz 1st pressing, Wishbone Ash "Live In London 40th Anniversary" 2009 German pressing, Donald Fagen "The NIghtfly" German 1st pressing and currently Steely Dan "Gaucho" US 1st pressing.
  11. Just thought I would mention an interesting possible upgrade for PHO 8 owners. I read recently in a review (and referred to the same in the 'What In Analogue Have You Bought Today?" thread a little while ago) here: https://www.devotedtovinyl.com/whats-the-best-phono-preamp-under-500/ .....that replacing the supplied IEC power cord with a Pangea Audio AC14 shielded power cable would.....well I'll just paste a quote from said article (in which the Vincent won the shootout👍). "The bass on the PHO-8, to me, is pretty good. But, you can actually improve the bass on the PHO-8. In order to get better bass, I detached the supplied power cable and purchased the Pangea Audio AC-14 power cord. I was skeptical that a power cord really enhance the sound—and boy was I wrong. Once connected, the bass made a significant jump in improvement—I was pretty surprised how noticeable it was. You won’t be blowing out the windows of your home just by changing the power cord, but you will notice that your records have much more depth and overall “THUMP” to them just by switching to a suitable cord like the Pangea." Well, the Pangea is well over $100 in Oz so I thought I'll try this claim with a cheap shielded power cable from China ($28.......https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1m-3ft-Hi-End-Hifi-Audio-Power-Cable-Power-Cord-AU-Plug-Audio-Cable-Home-Office/253934655101?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649) , the same as I already have running on the TT. It arrived today so I have been playing a few LP's tonight to test it out. As far as bass goes, yes a small improvement, if anything, it has tightened up a little as well, which is very nice.....but in regard to the 'depth' the review spoke of, this is where I am noticing a tangible improvement. Soundstage more 3D, instrument separation up a notch.....grin suitably wider. A cheap upgrade that so far, seems to live up to the claim......👌
  12. Lead into dinner with Yes "Big Generator" German 1st pressing and FGTH "WTTPD" Canadian 1st pressing. ........then dinner and some tele and now onto a bit of Grace Jones "Nightclubbing" 2009 ?Belgian pressing.
  13. Hawkwind "Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music"😎 Oz 1st pressing.
  14. Eurythmics "1984" OST Oz 1st pressing.....mastered by our own sound guru Don Bartley......sweet SQ.👌
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