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  1. Dare at your own risk...

    Numerous Presets numbers (esp. off 'Beams') or Gotye's 'State of the Art' perhaps?
  2. @andyr It's a nice room (albeit, unkempt in this pic) and yes......nice acoustics. Alas, a looming settlement will see me vacating it in the not too distant future.......I built it and I am annoyed.
  3. @andyr Very nice speakers! As is that chair...... .......as well as that shelf/rack . Sh*t, I keep noticing things.....those LP storage recesses......brilliant.
  4. Like these......? The Kyron Gaia's......
  5. Dare at your own risk...

    AC/DC.....'For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)' or any one of many of their other songs.
  6. I never bought one warped new record in the 70's and 80's.......I buy a few now! Shrink wrapping is a major reason in my opinion, especially if, as you pointed out, it's done before the vinyl has properly cooled. My purchase of the Half Speed version of Peter Gabriel's 'So' had this exact problem...... I believe the 2 discs were placed in the inner covers and cover and shrink wrapped while still warm. This was almost proven when, on 'releasing' the album from it's tight wrapping, the cover and inner covers puffed up ridiculously and just would not lay flat at all. The actual records were very warped, virtually unplayable and I eventually got a full refund. I also got an email from the seller saying that the manufacturer had scrapped the entire first pressing due to 'warping issues' and were going to do it all again. I had previously explained to them my theory of why it happened and they said I was the first person to put forward a possible explanation as to why it happened. I was stunned that they hadn't already worked this out. Hopefully the manufacturer had worked it out! It does add credence to the fear that a lot of current vinyl manufacturers are in it only for the money and not for the pride of a quality product or belief in the theory that quality sells. If the vinyl revival continues for a long time, these manufacturers will not last and they will deserve to go bust.
  7. >>>>>>>> https://www.analogplanet.com/content/donald-fagens-nightfly- -mobile-fidelity-does-digital-one-step
  8. I went to the AnalogPlanet website, put 'The Nightfly' in the search bar and got this: https://www.analogplanet.com/content/donald-fagens-nightfly- -mobile-fidelity-does-digital-one-step .....did you see that one? @Road Kill mentioned 'One Step' in his post and that's in the title and the article, in that link.
  9. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    @Tony ray When you say, "Have a black face Alberts back in Black which I got off colim1 I think", do you mean the LP? If so......collectors item!! As opposed to those 'dime a dozen' CD's......
  10. Makes sense.....I never thought Marc Almond had much talent.
  11. Currently Spinning

    All vinyl, as usual..... Nice day......
  12. I'm guessing 'Pomazon' is a nickname for Amazon.uk......
  13. Favourite Band Name

    Some of my favourite band names (that I can think of atm) would be: Dire Straights Nirvana Frankie Goes To Hollywood Talking Heads Wolfmother Easybeats Simple Minds Black Sabbath Scatterbrain ZZ Top ....and not only for the name but also for it's absolute relevance to their 'mission statement'.....AC/DC. PS: Late addition......Midnight Oil.
  14. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    @Peter the Greek Yes, it is a truly great doco that one! Ted Albert is probably the single most influential figure in the rise of a truly 'global worthy' Australian sound and the promotion of it to the world (followed Vanda & Young and maybe Molly (for promotion mainly)).....Ted is an absolute legend and left us way too soon.
  15. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    The Youngs said, well Malcolm did anyway, they brought him in because "he could sing his balls off!".....and he did that for 37 years and it matters little in the course of history that there may have been better singers than him. They went to the pinnacle of popularity with him and for that, he deserves some credit. You're probably right regarding Bon leaving anyway. Vincent Lovegrove, a close mate of Bon's, has said Bon that appeared to be not happy with the constant touring and had expressed, post 'Highway To Hell', of his desire to just go and live quietly on some land in country WA...... Ahh.......Rosie! Yes, I see your point Wimbo and I agree that Bon was easier to understand than Brian but to me, it matters little. The riffs come first, the lyrics come a distant second. It's why they have lyric sheets......for those who care.