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  1. Midnight Oil "10 to 1" Oz 1st pressing......superb! '
  2. Or a bottle of craft glue or RV and save a thousand bucks!
  3. Midnight Oil "Head Injuries" Oz 1st pressing. Brilliant album.....34 minutes of Oz rock bliss.....not enough!
  4. Some post footy late night critical listening last night. Started with Rush "Moving Pictures" 2015 remastered reissue, US pressing (Quality Records Pressings).....superb, as Rush always is......pretty good pressing as well. Rush – Moving Pictures (2015, 200gm, Vinyl) - Discogs Next up was the under played (by me) 'Sky' debut album, Oz 1st pressing. This is an excellent album....proggy classical based rock superbly performed by some of the best classical musicians of the day. This pressing is impressive too.
  5. Couple of nights ago, I watched yet another 'ignored movie' from my collection, 2006's 'The Good Shepherd' on DVD. Really enjoyed this one, the two time period story line did my head in for awhile but it all came together in the end. Great performance from Matt Damon and a stellar cast. Long, at 160 minutes but definitely worthy.
  6. Oi, before you start calling people 'old farts', how old are you? This is an album for purveyors of fine music.
  7. It's a pretty impressive debut album this one.
  8. This ABC article lead me to this very talented 17 yr old student from Beechworth High School.....wow! Beechworth student on a musical high after chatting with Coldplay's Chris Martin - ABC News Meet Asha Bright......wish I had this much talent at 17! She's even referencing Pink Floyd....cool parents?
  9. Out of interest, have you got the Oz 1st pressing of this? I ask because I bought the Mofi Silver Label issue of "Wild Planet' and my Oz 1st pressing of it beats the Mofi handsomely. If I had not heard the Oz pressing, I may have thought the Mofi sounded pretty damn good but alas, it sounds veiled and lacks dynamics in comparison. Maybe/hopefully they got this one right?
  10. Probably too late now to be relevant to the OP but CEC make bullet proof TT's.....speed accurate, built like a tank and generally, excellent SQ. I have a BD3200, replinthed and internally dampened it and it sounds fantastic!
  11. This may or may not help but I solved my analogue system's buzz/hum issue by using shielded power cables to my phono amp and to my TT. Pretty much dead silent now......and they were just cheap Chinese shielded power cables I bought on ebay (the blue one in the photo....it's actually pretty good quality). Worked a treat.....SQ improved too.
  12. Last night I watched another 'ignored movie' from my collection, 2006's "Catch A Fire" on DVD, a fairly harrowing but ultimately triumphant look at one man's (real) experience of apartheid in South Africa and directed by our own Philip Noyce. Not perfect but still very good. .......and yes, that is a HQ Holden in the photo's.......which Australia used to export to South Africa. How times have changed.
  13. Usual 'post movie' critical listening session last night. Started with Hawkwind "Live 79" UK 1st pressing......brilliant! Next up was Hawkwind's "Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music" Oz 1st pressing......also brilliant. Finished with Pink Floyd's "Animals" 2016 Pink Floyd Records remastered reissue. Brilliant? Yeah..... Another very late night....hey, I'm on holidays.
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