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  1. That is a bit of a cracker! Those ol' Danish dudes really can rock!🀘 Can't beat experience......
  2. Focus "Moving Waves" Oz 1st pressing side two 'Eruption'.....to take me up to bedtime.πŸ™‚
  3. Focus "Hamburger Concerto" Dutch 1st pressing......hitting the spot.πŸ‘Œ I will hasten to add that this pressing has amazing bass.....it goes low. I have the CD of this album and it is no match in it's ability to 'move air'.😎
  4. Eurythmics "Be Yourself Tonight" German 1st pressing.πŸ‘
  5. A left turn.....Billy Idol "Rebel Yell" UK 1st pressing.....a surprisingly well recorded album.πŸ‘ I think "Crank Call" is one of his best songs.....😎
  6. This was still on the platter from last night......Jeannie Lewis "Free Fall Through Featherless Flight" Oz only pressing from 1973. This lady is a supreme vocalist....truly world class.πŸ‘Œ An example: Listen to it all but if you're impatient, go to 2:55 to witness what I'm talking about. She soars!😎 .....and another.......just superb.
  7. Goes for 2hr 50 mins apparently! Far too many 'flashbacks' to the main characters childhoods from the first "IT" movie. Remember, it's thirty years later now.....and they've all grown up. Take some "no-doze' before you go......from what I've heard, you may need them.πŸ˜‘
  8. Big shock this one....his personality belied his demons, even though he had bravely and publically laid them bare. One of the nicest blokes in footy and will be truly missed. At peace now....
  9. I haven't played an LP for a week now.😯 I came home last Wednesday after work and the power was off.....a power circuit was tripping the RCD and when flicked the RCD back on then the effected power circuit back on, the RCD tripped again with a bit of a bang. So it has taken me a week to (i) find an electrician willing to do the job and then (ii) sort it all out before they came (lots of roof tin removal and cable taping etc)......and no TV, music, lights, running water(on tank), laptop/internet or a warm bed to hop into😬for seven days. Poor me!🀣 Finally today, two sparkies and seven hours work and yes, a hefty bill......has me celebrating to the soothing sounds of Sade "Stronger Than Pride" Dutch 1st pressing and Jeannie Lewis "Free Fall Through Featherless Flight" Oz only pressing.πŸ‘
  10. Yes Geoff, I am hearing you. I've spent part of the evening checking out Rush albums on youtube and I am coming to the same conclusion.....that the three albums before Permanent Waves are the way to go.πŸ‘ Funnily, I also checked out their last release "Clockwork Angels" and liked the first two tracks and was a bit 'meh' about the third then thought I'd check it further later but it sounds like it has potential.....maybe ending the way they started?
  11. The groove changes again.....Rush "Permanent Waves" UK 1st pressing. Must get me some more Rush albums......I have only this and Moving Pictures. Great band!
  12. Followed up AC/DC Live with "Back In Black" 2009 George Marino remaster, German pressing. An impressive remaster......πŸ‘ Then I went down the street for some shopping and came back with a different groove in my head, so it's onto Talking Heads "Remain In Light" Oz 1st pressing.....one of their best.
  13. AC/DC "Live" 2009 George Marino remaster, German pressing.
  14. Well Ant.....that is interesting. I was also a mad Kiss fan and had Kiss Alive on vinyl and was quite fascinated with the make up and individual 'persona's'.....then I discovered the herbals and that potential 'gateway to metal' was slammed shut as my music tastes changed and mellowed and ultimately went in a different direction. More towards prog and stoner rock then onto punk and new wave and electronica (but not the disco type😣) and I 'gave' Kiss Alive away to a girl who lived across the road.😯 I still liked some heavier rock though and my respect for their longevity as a band/marketing phenomena grew and I finally saw them on one of their many 'farewell' tours (gee, they're the John Farnham of rock bands!) back in 2008 I think it was, at Rod Laver arena in Melbourne with Thayer on lead and Singer on drums. That concert was a blast I must say. I have some CD's (Dressed To Kill and Jigoku-Retsuden, a Japan only 'Best of') and live videos (Kissymphony and Konfidential) of theirs but nothing on vinyl and that may not change......I would imagine an early pressing of Kiss Alive would not be easy to get now but it has been re-issued. I'd consider Dressed To Kill though.....always loved that 'understated' cover and Gene wearing clogs!😁🀘
  15. Day off and sleep in tomorrow😎.....The Vines "Highly Evolved" 2017 vinyl reissue. A stunning debut that the band never bettered......
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