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  1. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Finishing up with some choice electronica.....Kraftwerk's 'The Man Machine' (Australian 1st pressing). A classic.πŸ‘Œ
  2. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Another Oz album, the surprisingly good debut s/t solo album 'James Reyne' (LP). Very nice recording and pressing this one.
  3. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Continuing with Oz band The Ferrets "Dreams Of A Love" Oz 1st pressing (of course!). Quite a varied album in style but there is a bit of proggy stuff whose inspiration may well have come from the above band, Genesis.
  4. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Post dinner relaxation.....Genesis "Selling England By The Pound' (new vinyl)......πŸ‘Œ
  5. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    This is a good one.....Snakefinger's Vestal Virgins "Night of Desirable Objects' Australian 1st pressing from 1986.
  6. Finally got myself a copy of Yes 'Big Generator', a German 1st pressing on ebay. It's on it's way.....πŸ‘
  7. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    A late tea followed by some Oingo Boingo 'Dead Man's Party' (new red vinyl). Polished fun.....πŸ™‚
  8. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    An old faithful.... Rush 'Moving Pictures' (new vinyl).
  9. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Currently spinning an LP I'm not familiar with. Scottish band The Silencers 'A Blues For Buddha' (1988). My brother gave me this awhile ago as he had two copies. That was the day I discovered my system was missing one channel. That was 5 months ago now and that channel returned only yesterday (after a fairly well documented repair job).....so I have come a full circle and am finally getting to play this album. I have to say it is a superbly rich sounding recording and the music is quite good. This could grow on me.....πŸ™‚
  10. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Starting the days listening with another s/h LP bought while the TT was out of action...... Manfred Mann's Earthband 'Chance' Canadian 1st pressing. They'd hit the 80's and it reflects in this one. Sort of commercial prog soft rock but it's still a good one. Manfred's Moog reigns supreme....😎
  11. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Finishing up with another SQ tick.....Do Re Mi's 'Domestic Harmony'. Lively and dynamic....just the thing before bed.πŸ€ͺ .....and that folks, is my 11th and final LP for the day. It's good to be back!πŸ™
  12. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Some local talent now....Men At Work 'Business As Usual' Canadian 1st pressing.....an a good one.
  13. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Back to another 'go to' LP. Supertramp's 'Brother Where You Bound' UK 1st pressing.....a truly superb recording.
  14. stevoz


    Beautiful gear.....my first decent amp (and cassette deck😎) were Luxman.....many moons ago. Somewhat out of my reach now....πŸ˜ƒ GLWTS.πŸ‘
  15. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Onto another s/h LP bought while the TT was absent....this is fun. Focus 'Hamburger Concerto' ( Dutch 1st pressing....only seemed right.πŸ‘Œ)