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  1. Checked the Blu-ray of 'San Andreas' last week, a rollicking 'suspend your belief' popcorn disaster movie....it was fun and with a good soundtrack. The other night, 'Lucy' (Scarlett Johanssen/Blu-ray). Great soundtrack from the opening music and onwards....good film too that just went a little whack at the end.
  2. @couchy I have suede, which is great....will be interesting to see what you think of the vinyl.
  3. Currently Spinning

    Now this........remembering Malcolm and loving the pure rock riffs >>>> ....experiencing a bit of this, a lot of this and leaving me feeling thus !!!!!!
  4. Weakest Link(s) in the Audio Chain?

    I'm late to this thread and haven't read all of it but here's my two cents. Any component could be the weakest link, depends on what equipment one has.....there is no definitive general weakest link. Every individual system may have a weakest link including the room it's in. In my system and although I love them, it may be my speakers....or maybe my TT but I have no intention of changing anything soon.....I do not intentionally seek out 'slippery slopes'. I enjoy my sanity too much!
  5. Who collects 78s?

    Very old people.........
  6. Currently Spinning

    @scuzzii Play what I played a little earlier........ or this: ......they'll break it in!!
  7. Currently Spinning

    I've heard of a 'murder' of crows, a 'pride' of lions, a 'school' of sharks.......I believe I have just witnessed the first 'brag' of photo's.
  8. RIP Malcolm young

    You and your wife are indeed extremely fortunate to have that wonderful memory. What a special wedding day!
  9. >>>> Vale Malcolm Young, one of rock's great rhythm guitarists. I'm playing now. Today, maybe play an AC/DC LP in honour of the great man and enjoy the engine room of this legendary band. Thank you Malcolm......
  10. Currently Spinning

    Spinning this....for obvious reasons: >>>>>>>>Vale Malcolm Young.....one of the great rhythm guitarists of all time. RIP.....now on the highway to rock heaven.
  11. The 'Hifi gear in movies' thread....

    No idea, looks a bit 80's/90's but I can see a Go Pro on a mini tripod, so it must be 'new millennia'.....maybe 'Big Bang Theory'? Is this a quiz where you're going to reveal the answer? There appears to be no audio gear of note anyway......except maybe those transparent speakers.
  12. The 'Hifi gear in movies' thread....

    Just reading about the Hanss Acoustic T-30 here: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/turntables/hanss-acoustics-t-30-673739/review and it says you have to have a substantial sized base to put it on and it got me checking Mr Bennett's set up.......cinder blocks and planks. On closer inspection, the planks on the top layer that the TT is on look decidedly shonky.......makes me proud of my 'home made isolation TT base on extremely sturdy coffee table' set up!
  13. I bought one this afternoon, they seem pretty well constructed. I may have some issues with the velour pads on mine, they're not entirely flat and where what appears to be maybe glue has permeated through and formed a 'less than velour soft' spot or two which may not be conducive to gentle vinyl contact.....otherwise, pretty good value. PS: I know in the past I have said I will never buy one of these but at that price, why not? I believe Revirginizer will still be my 'pristine clean' go to product.....
  14. Just purchased on ebay (Oz 1st pressing): and from the post office this afternoon, one of these little buggers, currently being discussed here: Very cheap cost and seemingly quite well made (in China of course) from what I can see, except maybe the velour pads that aren't entirely flat and have a couple of small areas where ?glue has permeated through and may not be soft enough for vinyl contact......may have to cover these with a better velour.
  15. Currently Spinning

    In addition to the above post, I had a decent look through my LP's, convinced I had a copy of the Ozarks self titled first album (also known as 'The Quilt' album), this one: and I do have it.....but alas, it is badly 'hazed', so no go. Now for another copy! I have just Revirginized the above 'Car Over the Lake' LP, after discovering the other day that it sounded shite (crackles galore, bought 2nd hand a year or two ago) and the result is stunning. SQ is now fantastic and 'nary' a crackle to be heard (well almost!).......and what a great album it is.