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  1. Late night Discogs purchase.....after a few scotches. Always a trap! Traffic's "John Barleycorn Must Die" German 1st pressing.....'near mint'.....nice price.
  2. Via Discogs, new 2009 remaster of AC/DC "Let There Be Rock", German pressing (a few days ago).
  3. I'll chip in and say the black vinyl of Power Up is dead quiet. Great SQ too....
  4. Earlier.....AC/DC "Power Up" German pressing. A really great album. Followed by AC/DC "Ballbreaker" 2009 remaster, German pressing. Currently.....AC/DC "Powerage" 2009 remaster, German pressing.
  5. Spun earlier.......new arrival, came today (two weeks from Russia! I'm impressed). AC/DC "Ballbreaker" 2009 George Marino remaster, German pressing. More surface noise than the very quiet 'Power Up' but still very good SQ. This is a cracker of an album IMO. Talk about the masters of the simple.....the main riff on the title track is virtually two notes.....but it is one of the ballsiest rock riffs I've ever heard. Salute!
  6. Playing a new purchase....popped into JB HiFi today to grab a CD of AC/DC's 'Ballbreaker' (an album I'd somewhat ignored until recently....more fool me!).....for playing in the car.....AC/DC supplies superb driving music. New vinyl of this same album should arrive later this week or next week (from Russia!). This is one underrated album IMO. Highlights for me are Hail Caesar, The Furor, Burnin' Alive, Whiskey On The Rocks , Hard As A Rock, Caught With Your Pants Down and Ballbreaker. There's a real ballsy blues/boogie theme running right through this album.
  7. Truly great cover......so cute! Start 'em young! I wonder if that is Emily as a tot?
  8. AC/DC "If You Want Blood" 2009 remaster, German pressing. It has to be said that as good as it is, the new album doesn't quite reach the manic heights of early AC/DC......on display here.
  9. The conversation will go something like this: Salesperson: "What's the problem?" Customer shakes box. Salesperson: "Oh wow......follow me to the cash register!"
  10. @Tab74 I'm loving that original price on the Santana triple LP!! Bargain.....even at the newer second hand price in the top corner! Good score.
  11. AC/DC "Power Up" LP (German pressing). Yes.....again! This time, I thought I'd do a mini review, now that I have listened to this about eight times and am becoming much more familiar with it, to the point that entire songs are getting stuck in my head (a good sign). Straight up, I'll declare that this is one of AC/DC's better albums. I'd say their best since the underrated 'Ballbreaker', some say their best since The Razor's Edge. I do rate 'Black Ice' highly and the word is, a lot of this album comes from excess songs from that era and you get a sense that is true....
  12. I totally loved his commitment......and his message. That was truly beautiful.
  13. Just purchased on Discogs.....The B-52's self titled debut, German 1st pressing (where it was known as 'Play Loud') in 'mint' condition. Comes with this claim "This album was used as an archive example in a publishing company in Germany. The record was never played before, and the sleeve condition is next to immaculate." Sounds like potential....
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