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  1. Now I want the real thing! Pink Floyd "Animals" 2016 remaster, Dutch pressing.
  2. Spinning The Pink Floyd Tribute Band "Another Hole In The Wall" 2013 ?UK pressing......a project by Adrian Belew and Keith Emerson with contributions from Ian Anderson, Steve Morse, Fee Waybill, John Wetton, Steve Howe, Jeff Baxter, Glenn Hughes, Tommy Shaw, Chris Squire, Alan White, Elliot Easton, Malcolm McDowell, Steve Lukather and Dweezil Zappa. Unsurprisingly, with those names involved there's some very fine covers here! 👌
  3. Yes I did.....and not one offer of his chocolate salty balls!
  4. Fun Fact: I once got introduced to and shook Isaac Hayes hand.....long story, for another time. Very cool dude.
  5. I am truly shocked to hear this assessment. I can't begin to tell you how many other female singers I have heard that sing in this style. A lot! Don't ask me to name any as I turn off before the songs finish because I have no interest in who the artist is. I'm glad you appreciate her music though.
  6. She's great for her age.....but I have to say, I cannot stand this now almost generic modern vocal style.....it makes me cringe. It's not a point of difference anymore.
  7. Had another 'scotch'n'herbs sweet spot' listening session last night and partook in the following LP's. Faith No More "The Real Thing" Dutch 1st pressing. I already knew this was a superb recording but it delivered far more to the sweet spot than I thought it would. We all know it's a sonic powerhouse.....but from dead centre, it's a blitzkrieg of plainly discernible instruments seamlessly blending into a beautifully dynamic wall of sound. Phenomenal recording! 👌 Followed by an 'event' album (IMO).....FGTH "WTTPD" Canadian 1st pressing. An insane productio
  8. I have the 45 rpm Half Speed remaster of Peter Gabriel's "So"......despite being quite warped on arrival, it does sound phenomenal. I got a full refund and kept the album. I play it occasionally when I'm game enough..... Will get it flattened one day.
  9. "I'm getting out of vinyl as I never use since the little one came along. My loss is your gain." Or your loss @MattyW. Put some stuff aside at least and definitely keep your records. I got out of vinyl when family came along but it was a mistake.....my return to it has been one of life's biggest joys. Of course, music is music sure.....but food for thought. Beautiful table......GLWTS.
  10. Pinned it from one listen.....pretty damn good! I think Metallica would let him sit in. 👌
  11. What pressing is that with "nuevos valores" written on it? Is that Spanish? I have the 2016 MOV reissue of this pressed at Record Industry.....it sounds great.
  12. Have you heard Liverpool before? I'd be interested to know what you think of it JJ. To me it was a huge letdown after the brilliant first album WTTPD. I never play it.
  13. I have this.....haven't played it for ages! It is quite good.
  14. Stunning plinth indeed! Pure craftsmanship. 👌
  15. Bit late but after a movie with a few scotches and herbs, I 'sweet spot' listened to The Police "Ghost In The Machine" Oz 1st pressing.....brilliant! First time in a long time. Not sure I've ever listened to this so closely before, it either being listened to from the next room or while doing stuff or being in the background at a gathering or when I was so drunk I can't remember and never with my flagship cart (first one listed below) or on my current system but I heard details on this that I've never heard before.....fantastic musicianship and production and a truly stunning recording. 👌
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