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  1. stevoz

    How quiet is your background?

    My road has maybe 50 to 100 cars in a day so there is long periods of car silence.....it's 'not too busy' at all.πŸ˜ƒ The main road/highway on the other hand has probably thousands in a day but it is over a kilometre away. I rarely notice it......considering the healthy volume at which I play music.πŸ‘
  2. I think I may have meant MIB2 actually.....I now I remember I quite enjoyed Josh Brolin doing a young Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) in MIB3πŸ˜„πŸ‘.
  3. @Janjuc Steve Wilson has done wonders with 'Aqualung'πŸ‘Œ......enjoy.
  4. stevoz

    Cyrus Signature Phono Stage

    Great forum with a few 'snobs/know it all's' but every forum has those so that's fine.....but it is being infiltrated by some thin skinned 'tweeters'.πŸ˜„
  5. stevoz

    Cyrus Signature Phono Stage

    Wow.....😭 Andy wasn't even quoting you but your info was solid anyway.....πŸ‘
  6. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Just got back from a bit of a drive.....listened to these two albums on the way.
  7. stevoz

    How quiet is your background?

    Phil usually knows when I'm playing music......he definitely knows when I'm watching a movie.πŸ˜„ Dad's too deaf to know anything.....🀣
  8. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Some Wishbone Ash on this warm late evening seems like a good idea.....'Argus' (CD remaster w/bonus tracks)
  9. stevoz

    How quiet is your background?

    I'm in the middle of ten acres of bushland and about 80 metres in from the 'not too busy' road I live on. A fairly busy main road and train track is about a kilometre away. Generally it is pretty quiet here with the occasional train noise in the background and bird noise in the foreground. Pretty good listening conditions and I play my music pretty loud, so ambient noise is not a problem. At night it's almost dead quiet here so that is prime listening timeπŸ‘Œ......not sure the neighbours agree but they're pretty far away.πŸ™‚
  10. Well, it looks way better than MIB3.....which wouldn't be too hard.πŸ™‚
  11. stevoz

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Ok, so this picture didn't really deserve to win the Golden Globe for 'Best Picture', because better movies had been released last year but it's good to see a movie rewarded for 'feel good' factor alone for a change and is acknowledgement of the power of one band and rock music in general.πŸ‘ PS: It won't win the equivalent Oscar.....but that's fine.πŸ™‚
  12. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    While I dearly wish my TT was a goer, I am quite enjoying the less frequent getting up off my chair to change sides with CD's. Now onto this gem of an Aussie band (or two bands in one!). 'Ghosts: Post-Terminal Reflection' The Best of Spectrum/Indelible Murtceps. A wonderful collection of excellent Australian prog and whimsy.....
  13. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Enjoying the polished live sounds of the Dixie Dregs......'Bring 'Em Back Alive' (CD). Brilliant!
  14. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Surprisingly well recorded album that one.....dynamic and detailed.πŸ‘Œ A very clever band too....
  15. stevoz

    Currently Spinning

    Get the SACD (very cheap these days) and it becomes a stunning sounding album. The 5.1 mix is so dynamic and detailed......just outstanding!πŸ‘ I so want the LP of this.....😎