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  1. We weren't an immigrant family but we had 'Let's Talk Strine' when I was a kid and I found it hilarious.....by Afferbeck Lauder.....brilliant! We also had 'They're A Weird Mob' by 'Nino Cullotta' (John O'Grady), which was an entertaining read. I must say, the Tampa incident was a very negative turning point for Australia......the seeds of future tribal politics were sown right there.
  2. That has to be CEC made.....I would bet my house on it (so to speak), the speed switch at the bottom left is a dead giveaway.......which makes it likely an excellent TT.👍
  3. I agree....Joseph does more than just retipping. The job he did realigning the MR tip on a broken boron cantilever on my Grace Level II BR/MR was nothing short of brilliant. The cart sounds heavenly!
  4. First bit.....big claim. If true this is the bargain of the century.😒
  5. Ultravox "Rage In Eden" Oz 1st pressing.....I think I like this album as much as "Vienna" now, after initially being a tad disappointed all those years ago.
  6. First up Oingo Boingo "Dead Man's Party" (reissue on red vinyl) followed by LRB debut LP, Maxicut reissue.
  7. Bought at JB HiFi awhile back......Nirvana (Best of) and Presets debut 'Beams', both LP's.
  8. Firstly Daddy Cool "Sex, Dope" etc, reissue followed by The Indelible Murtceps " Warts Up Your Nose" Oz 1st pressing. Some of the best Australian music came out during this era IMO.👌
  9. Returning to stereonet after a few months after my laptop shat itself and cannot be repaired and the fact that my phone browser could not deliver stereonet (now have Firefox). Currently spinning Traffic's stunning "When The Eagle Flies". A recent glue treatment has this LP sounding glorious!
  10. Devo "Smooth Noodle Maps" UK 1st pressing.
  11. Talking Heads "True Stories" Oz 1st pressing.
  12. Apologies.....without knowing you, it was hard to read the sarcasm......👍
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