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  1. Wishbone Ash "The Very Best Live At Geneva" 2013 German pressing (my copy thankfully doesn't have that awful Silver Star logo on the cover!). Actual concert was in 1995 at the 'Heroes Of Rock' festival. https://www.discogs.com/Wishbone-Ash-The-Very-Best-Of-Live-At-Geneva/release/6151549
  2. It's always hard when 'larger than life' sporting heroes die.....and Deano was larger than life. This is very sad news..... Vale Deano.
  3. Simple Minds "Live: Big Music Tour 2015".....2016 EU pressing on red vinyl. https://www.discogs.com/Simple-Minds-Big-Music-Tour-2015-Simple-Minds-Live/release/8231302
  4. Earlier.....Wishbone Ash "There's The Rub" UK 1st pressing. Just finished this again.....Billy Idol 2017 reissue, Dutch pressing. Now.....more Billy "Rebel Yell" Oz 1st pressing.
  5. Currently spinning a new arrival (JB HiFi 'under $30' LP crates....today). Billy Idol "Billy Idol" 2017 reissue, Dutch pressing. Sounds great, nice pressing. Not familiar with much on this album, except for the singles. It's good with the usual Idol beats and although a little more 'poppy' than his huge follow up, I like it....
  6. Today from the 'Under $30' crates at JB HiFi in Bendigo......Billy Idol "Billy Idol" 2017 reissue, Dutch pressing. https://www.discogs.com/Billy-Idol-Billy-Idol/release/11153965
  7. Watched Ad Astra a few nights ago. (Spoiler Alert!) I enjoyed it a lot, it was very well shot and produced.....but at the same time, I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. Wasn't sure what the film's ultimate message was. It almost seemed like a science fiction backdrop to a relationship movie. His relationship with his father and ultimately his relationship with his wife.....sure he saved the world but an added bonus was that it also to saved his marriage, which the film's conclusion indicated. This seemed to be the main take out.....leaving this viewer wondering if all the space stuff was even relevant. Besides the 'closure' he gained on his fraught relationship with his absent father (absent because he was 'lost' in space) which lead him to appreciate his wife more, the space setting was largely irrelevant......strange. Maybe I missed something..... Last night.....old faithful......AC/DC 'Live At River Plate'......sensational!
  8. Oooh, I quite like that. November you say.....I'll have to check out more of it. Found this....I like too.
  9. What a wonderful album this is.....particularly the superb 'Dream Gerard'.
  10. Kansas "Bryn Mawr 1976": The Classic FM Broadcast.....2015 UK pressing (Clear Yellow vinyl). Not a bad live recording.....
  11. The OP has ordered a Project.....two days ago. He's happy.....😊
  12. Yes Ant, it was looking good but a little cluttered. Prioritise.... Oh and level that picture on the left!
  13. Not to me. The Stones, Dylan, Van.....none of their records in my collection. Or Fleetwood Mac.
  14. I'll play it safe.....beautiful speakers, GLWTS.
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