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  1. I have a 405-2 in Perth and 34pre
  2. These are for sale in maple , a light colour, quite fairly priced. Good luck I ran a wanted ad fir harbeth 30.1 and after a fair wait some came up : )
  3. P3esr anniversary won’t give you any more frequency range , you need either M30.1. Or c7es3
  4. after trying enough expensive boutique cables i came to the conclusion that cheap jaycar wire is good enough for me, i spent most of my budget on well measuring speakers and i just use a component japanese amplifier that is 100watt per channel. I recommend generic copper speaker wire from Jaycar
  5. you would see a gain, but if you close your eyes will you hear one?
  6. https://www.rme-audio.de/adi-2-dac.html keep the change!
  7. dud

    WTB: RME, Adi-2 Dac

    still bit much for me thats kinda what they go for best price new around au , kinda chasing a bit cheaper used . thanks for letting me know though.
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