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  1. https://www.rme-audio.de/adi-2-dac.html keep the change!
  2. I was finding the hypex thread very informative and now it has vanished. Is it the case now if a thread full of facts and measurement is trolled hard enough by audiophiles then it is silenced?
  3. There is no difference in drivers or crossover in any of the harbeth/domestic speakers , the only difference is the studio monitors come in a grey finish and neutrik speakon terminals as standard ,
  4. this obscure baroque, metal electronic screamo is something amazing the female vocalist is something else, Im sure this little gem will make some of you happy and give your sound system a good workout
  5. thanks for the interest fellas , the harbeths have found a new home with a nice chap here in perth! SOLD!!
  6. i have never shipped anything this large so not sure best way to go about it, I have the original boxes for speakers, and the stands can be dismantled i can box and pack these and drop them off somewhere for you
  7. Item: Harbeth C7es3 loudspeakers (eucalyptus) Location: Perth Price: $3250 ono Item Condition: mint Reason for selling: Need cash for non audio life events Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have original packing cartons so shipping is doable "Editors' Choice Award 2016" ? The Absolute Sound "Best Sound of the Show" ? KL International AV Show 2016 "Recommended Component 2013" ? Stereophile "Product of the Year 2013" ? Hi-Fi Voice "Best Buy" ? Stereo Sound, Japan "Highly Commended" ? Hi-Fi News "5*" ? What Hi-Fi? Whatever you ask of the Compact 7ES-3, it always delivers: perfectly. The clarity is spellbinding and brings the magic carpet ride experience to the listening room in a medium-sized enclosure.The legendary multi-award winning medium-sized Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-3 takes the ultra-clean Harbeth cone technology to another performance level, combining natural sound with a flair for reproducing any and every type of music.The Harbeth secret for natural sound is the result of the meticulous attention to detail. Critically important, but hidden, is the crossover, which carefully integrates the drive units across a wider horizontal and vertical arc. Consequently, the Compact 7ES-3 is far less critical of stand height than many speakers of this size. Pictures:
  8. barely fixated , treuben is all over it. any way maybe some banter is what this post needs so you can sell that amp. you may have more luck if you hang some dirty nickers over it. then its a multi faceted sensory experience. When those tubes warm up. could you just imagine thats audiophilia to the next level treuben wouldn't know what to do with himself
  9. well i guess its his art so if it makes him happy all good , if grown men wish to adorn their amplifiers with lace dust covers all the best to them, I'm sure there a plenty of audiophiles like yourself treuben that would enjoy laying the lace over the valves at night and feel all special inside and that is great. buy the amp and enjoy treuben.
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