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  1. Slow page loading, approx. 7-8 second I still have to refresh every page. I can log in and stay logged in to the main page. When I view a thread I get logged out so can't reply as there is nowhere on that page to log back (unless there is an attachment to view on the page which gives a link to log in) which is why I've had to start a new thread to post this. Same on PC, tablet and phone.
  2. Forman Insulation is a good place to start, I made these up to treat the first reflection points in my room. The top layer is studio foam with a backing of 50mm Duct Liner.
  3. I had similar problems with a Thompson, Telecom told me I would need to buy a new modem to fix the problem but when I reminded them my contract was up for renewal soon they supplied a Gateway 2Wire modem (normally used for small businesses) which has worked fine.
  4. I still get 404'd using the login at top of the page, by hitting the back button after this will log me in to the forum. The login at the side of the page works fine.
  5. I'm working for said distributor although not for Renault (or Hyundai) so can't shed too much light, sometimes pushing the reset button involves taking a step back. There is serious backing though and some clever people involved.
  6. You guys are far too flash for me, I spent my yoof shoehorning smallblock V8's into Cortinas' and later a Capri. Supension upgrades consisted of jacking up the rear and brake upgrades was for pussies. Yes, I still listen to AC/DC....
  7. Owen - I checked my correspondence and it is an Audio Engineering standard AES48 for passive to active component which states "Use balanced connectors wherever possible with the shield bonded to the metal chassis at both ends" Also, in the interest of complete disclosure (goodness knows it would come back to bite me otherwise) when checking my emails I saw that I did request a full refund in the first instance and ended up agreeing to have the arm rewired instead.
  8. Actually you are right it was $1500, the $1600 figure was what I paid TOA for my Lyra Delos last year. No you can't see the invoice I can't be arsed, but I will flagellate myself suitably for the mistake.
  9. As I said earlier, the manufacturer refused to modify the arm as the wiring loom had been modified to a point where it's integrity was compromised. The agreement to modify it was made because we had also reached an agreement for the wiring loom to be replaced at the same time. I have emails from the manufacturer to prove this and no you can't see them.
  10. The wiring diagram was sent to TOA just after I had ordered the arm with the request it be sent to the manufacturer. It can't have been otherwise (as I said earlier) the refusal to build the arm as requested would have come before it was built and we wouldn't be having this conversation. I have emails from the manufacturer to support this, and no you can't see them.
  11. Hi Owen - The phono stage is an Aqvox which the user manual shows the need for the shield to be open at source end. I don't know the specific British standard that is referred to, sorry. Oracle - So you would be happy to pay $1650 for a brand new tonearm that has been modified by the retailer to a point where it is no longer supported by manufacturer? And yes I would have requested a full refund but would have settled for less given that I have had the use of it for the last two years.
  12. I'm not trying to deal with the matter publicly to better my position, we have negotiated a settlement which is in the process of being actioned. I have previously spoken very highly of TOA and recommended the shop to anyone interested in buying hifi gear (both here and in the real world) which I know has resulted in sales for them. As Robocop has alluded to you can't please all of the people all of the time and I see no reason why I should keep what I consider poor service to myself.
  13. I don't think there is anything more for us to talk about, I'd had a couple (this should be obvious from the spell check errors) and I guess I just wanted to vent. I did float the idea of signing some sort of disclaimer with Audiomods however some people just won't bend the rules for any reason, it is frustrating but I have no problem with that.
  14. It's floating balanced which means that the ground/shield is open at source end. This contravenes a British standard which is why Audiomods will not wire it this way and the only work around for me to hook the arm up to my phono stage is for it to be wired with a 5 pin DIN plug (which is why it has been sent back) this means I've had to go and buy a balanced phono cable. I ordered and paid for one a month ago (from the UK) but the shop didn't tell me they didn't have it in stock and are still waiting for it to show up from the manufacturer. While all this was going on before Xmas I had a rat get in to the my room and chew through one lead on a Kimber Monocle speaker cable. I sent that off to the local distributor to be repaired a month ago as well but it has to go to Kimber in the States to be reterminated. I was told last week it may not be back until the end of February. Bottom line is I've had to spend nearly $2000 on my system just to get it back to a status quo, and no vinyl in my house for a couple of months.
  15. Still trying to get the hang of this formatting, my response to Neil's points are in italics in the quoted item.
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