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  1. All I can say is too look locally. There is so much great Aussie made gear available and of course if you are patient something will come up in the classifieds here often for half or less of the new price. Are you planning to mainly listen to metal and hard stuff or so you have diverse tastes. If it's just metal you probably would appreciate lots of power and control and speakers that are on the more forgiving side. So much of rock, infact so much of everything isn't so we'll recorded so very accurate systems can make your collection unlistenable. I know. I went down this direction and
  2. I have a pair of older Alphas and yes they are excellent speakers for the price. Mine cast a surprisingly large soundstage as well. I have also kept my pair even though I have other speakers costing far more. GLWS.
  3. The McChanson 6as7 plus our 6 watts.. I've got one myself and would love to hear it with the Goodman's but I'm in Melbourne. "Puts out", that is
  4. Great amps. I've got one in storage waiting for another day in the sun. I shoulda probably sell it too but I can't bring myself to do that. Someone will be very happy. A bargain at $1500 GLWS.
  5. Hello there. Will post pics soon. I've a 6as7/5998 and a El84 triode. Both sound great.
  6. Great sounding speakers. Their room was one of my favorite at the Hifi show a couple of years back. Glws
  7. Nice to hear. Can you compare the Decware to any other tube amps you've owned, soundwise that is. Steve Deckert talks about the floaty, holographic nature of them which I associate with 300B amps. I do have an El84 triode amp but it uses different small signal tubes EC 88s. It is a bit more holographic than my 6as7 amp. How do you find the sound. Cheers, Anthony.
  8. Eric is great and makes beautiful sounding AMPS. I own two myself.GLWS.
  9. If be interested in that myself. Would be good to know which speakers, besides the obvious ones, work well with them too.
  10. Lovely. I read your can adjust the negative feedback and some sort of treble control. Steve Deckert is very on to the fact that most recordings aren't audiophile and offers things like the treble control on your amp and his zrock box which ( which I could do with, I've got heaps of rock and punk records that I don't play much these days that would be much more listenable with such devices).
  11. Very interesting.
  12. Woah. That's one Nice amp.. Hashimoto Trannies as well. I would love to hear it but I wouldn't be allowed to buy one. I've just purchased a McChanson El34 Set very similar to a Decware. It's been modded a bit and will go nicely with some drivers In getting delivered. They're a pair of Lii Audio and I'm putting them into Decware/ Caintuck style Open Baffles. Steve Deckert thought this driver in the barrel baffles the best speaker he's made. The drivers are relatively cheap and getting them into some local hardwood baffles wouldn't cost too much. Steve Deckerts OBs are really
  13. Yeah I guess so. Smaller market. Less flea watt fans. I will take the plunge one-day. Might wait till the Aussie $ is in better shape if that ever happens again.
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