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  1. bose. thats it end of story no questions asked. QC25 or QC35 pick your flavour.
  2. These are interesting, i have to get one some day.
  3. While I appreciate mac's and their design is gorgeous I have 2 problems: THEIR SO EXPENSIVE MAN. osx has many quirks like the buttons being circles and harder to click. I also like to play with stuff I own hardware wise. But I must say they do look good and some programs are beautiful, like if I was a video editor i'd say final cut looks intriguing.
  4. While I agree they are good, in this case I don't think they are necessary. A good old reliable air cooler would be better suited.
  5. Yea, linux is good and plus it is free . Just prefer windows, especially for comparability sake.
  6. All personal opinion, I find mac a pain in the a*& to use and software that doesn't work on it without fiddling with it for a good hour.
  7. The dell monitors while expensive are good.
  8. mate, my whole system has so far costed me ~$700! These are some cables! @@hammo1981
  9. get a motorbike, cycling problem solved! Then you won't have to sell this .
  10. OMG, someone else who calls them the right name. My dad calls them hardly normal too XD.
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