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  1. Sorry to be late responding to your question. I am a major EC fan and a tragic for Sonus Faber. The combination is a match made in heaven. I have SF Olympica 1 connected to my AW120, and SF Amati Homage with my AW 400 monoblocks. Balanced connections from top to bottom of my system. The sound is warm and very easy to live with. I suspect that Focal and B&W speakers would also be good, but only hifi store listening to back up the claim. I am surprised that EC has not maintained a higher profile in Australia. They do well in Europe. They are under new management now and have started to lift their game with updated models and a new integrated amplifier.
  2. I am absolutely loving my new SME 20/3 and V tonearm. A second hand one would likely be very reliable.
  3. I had an opportunity to audition a Michelle Orbe, and Avid Acutus and the SME previously. The last two sounded much better to my ears and to my wife. The Avid looked sexier perhaps but the SME was the best sound at a somewhat lower price. The gold V tonearm was to make my very understanding wife happy!! And me....
  4. My new TT arrived this week. I have waited a very long time to be able to do this so I was very happy when it arrived in one piece. I was very nervous when fitting the arm and cartridge but all worked out well. And here it is set up and playing. It has exceeded my expectations. Spectacular.
  5. I have recently completed some upgrades to my system. This is the crown jewel. It is from the Japanese company: My Sonic Lab and the cartridge is their Signature Gold, output 0.5 mV. I have it tracking at 1.9 gm. I only have a few hours on it so far. The sound is mesmerising. Detailed, expansive and wonderful at all the frequencies my 64 year old ears can hear. Vocals both male and female bring Leonard Cohen and Diana Krall right into my room, percussion is vibrant and bass controlled and deep. I have waited a long time for this. 😊
  6. Hi there Mark (have I got that right?) . Is that a custom made plinth?
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