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  1. I will take it thanks. PM sent with intent to purchase. Local pick up.
  2. Item: Whatmough Monitors Classic Series C20 Floorstanding and C05 Centre Channel speakers Location: Perth, in Bedford Price: Asking $450 Item Condition: Good, all drivers are very good, some dings and scratches, present well, grilles are good. Reason for selling: I have several models of the Whatmough HT Monitors, I have this set, a pair of C21s, a pair of Opus 30s and an Opus C05 centre. None of them suit my new setup so I will be listing them all for sale. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: A good front 3 speaker set for home theatre duties. The centre is the larger model in the series and a decent sounding centre channel speaker. C20 dimensions are H830mm W220mm D290mm C05 Centre dimensions are H200mm W600mm D280mm Quality manufacture and finish. Whatmough Monitors made in Australia, not made in China like the later Whatmough Audiolabs models. Please note these don't come with the speaker stand, the spikes, nor the plinths. More pictures that show all the marks on the boxes are available on request. Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  3. I didn't build them. I got them for free on Gumtree off @okitoki last year. He also listed them on StereoNET, so I am doing the same.
  4. Item: Coral 12SA-1 Kit Speakers Location: Perth WA Price: Free, perhaps the new owner could make a small donation to Stereonet. Item Condition: Vintage DIY kits, average condition for age, the tweeters are not working on one speaker although I do not know what the issue is. Reason for selling: Having a clear out and this is a project I am not interested in anymore. Payment Method: Free, pickup only. Extra Info: Time to pass these on to someone else. All the screws are in the coffee jar. This is a well known and popular vintage kit speaker. A few scratches, nicks and chips in the timber veneer but not a bad finish for vintage DIY. Well made and very sturdy, over 20kg each. The front baffles come off (screws) if you wanted to remount the drivers on a new baffle. I also have a download of the original manual. Pickup only thanks. Pictures:
  5. Hi there Is this still available? I sent you a PM Cheers
  6. Perhaps a Terdak U9 LPS, at 9V 1A, if you are not going to use the USB ports on the SMS-200?
  7. Thanks @scumbag I am new to the digital streaming thing, but this and roon seem to be the way to go for the money.
  8. I am interested and I am in Perth. PM sent, cheers.
  9. Item: TUNG-SOL KT120 Tubes Matched Quad Set Location: Perth Price: $180 Item Condition: Very good condition, approx 250 hours of use, matched quad set in original boxes. Reason for selling: Switched to KT88 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: I am selling these for a friend that got them with a Cayin A-88T Mk II integrated valve amp, bought just recently from another SNA member off this forum. The original owner estimated only 250 hours of use, my friend has only run them for a few hours to trial them in his system. My friends listening space is smaller and his speakers easier to drive compared to the original owner's setup, and he has decided that KT88s are a better match for his speakers and smaller listening room. Retail is about $300 for a matched quad set. Happy to post and will be well packed. Advertised elsewhere. Pictures:
  10. Could I please have Coldplay (blue one in first pic), Roberta Flack, and Reo Speedwagon. In their cases please. I will PM to arrange payment.
  11. Can you please clarify, are you selling just the unit itself, without an external power supply? And what external power supply would be suitable? Thanks.
  12. Sounds like they are headed in the wrong direction. If these were for sale in Perth they would already be at my house! Very nice. GLWS
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