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  1. Anyone upgrading will probably keep the M6s to use as surrounds! 😂
  2. These are actually 3 driver 2-way crossed at 2.8 Khz and can be matched with the What Hi-Fi 5 Star award winning Diamond 9.1 bookshelves. GLWS!
  3. Interesting that you preferred the 7s over the 30s. Was that with a solid state or valve amp? I have Spendor SP2/3R2s which I like alot but I have always wanted to try the Harbeth 30s or the 7s. These 7s look great.
  4. Great little centre speaker here. I have one of these and it does a good job resolving movie dialogue for it's size. And this one looks to be in excellent condition, GLWS!
  5. Very nice! What timber finish is that? These would look great as side surrounds in my room.
  6. These, then came the 11L2, later came the 11L Classics.
  7. Floor mounted door stop in front of the speaker. You should be able to bring the speaker further out from the wall.
  8. I can pick up today if still available. PM on its way.
  9. Perchance that be Luxman L-507u? I think there is a typo there 😉 Good Luck
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