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  1. Last record for the night before ZzZzzzz
  2. I used to buy from Amazon overseas and now limited to Amazon AU. Never an issue. Generally try to buy direct from Amazon, not 3rd party seller and you will be fine. In saying that I have also bought from 3rd party from Amazon for some rare CDs and is fine. Just need to take the usual precaution as with any other online shopping, check seller reviews, etc etc. Plus Amazon is pretty good with refund if something don't go as planned, missing item, fake seller etc, and there is also Paypal for dispute. If buyer don't wanna take the 25% risk (imho % probably less), then pay more and buy local or ask local shop to import for you.
  3. Soundtrack - I actually haven’t seen the film.
  4. Enjoying this. Piano solo nicely done on this format (not always the case).
  5. Two from his long list of recordings
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