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  1. att23

    WTB: Cassettes

    Just out of interest, how many are you after for the price you quoted? Lol. And the fascination with cassettes!? Nice. I have a couple of cassettes still left at my parents, which I haven’t thrown away yet. Probably some brand new unopened tapes for recording too.
  2. I have a 'basic' question. Does this only affect house? E.g. For those of us who live in apartment blocks where I assume they would have installed rods to ground, I don't have to unplug my hifi?
  3. att23

    Currently Spinning

    Starting my day with this. So good.
  4. att23

    Electronic currently spinning

  5. att23

    Currently Spinning

    Enjoying this one. She sounds so good.
  6. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    One of my favourites
  7. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Bought this AP reissue out of curiosity, now I have to find the original TV show to watch.
  8. att23

    FS: Dynaudio X32 plus other items

    The dynaudio X32 at this price and condition is a bargain. GLWTS. I paid almost double for a pair which was in much worse condition...
  9. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Nice sounding early CD.
  10. My research shows these 2 jazz CDs are from 1983 and 1988 but I cannot be sure the exact year as I bought them recently. They do sound great. Either way, I presume it must be made in 80s as it says West Germany print! I was still in primary school when the wall came down...
  11. att23

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    I run mine with Hegel H200 and I like it much better than my original amp Rega Elicit R.
  12. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    I haven’t noticed any inner groove distortion. Must listen properly again. Lol. Maybe it’s my hearing or my basic turntable/phono setup. Edit: Now that you mentioned, yes, upon second time proper listening, I notice the IGD.
  13. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Jazz fusion?... or soundtrack?... will post here anyway.
  14. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Bought this ORG reissue recently, never heard any other pressings anyway... I like all the Chet Baker recordings I have.