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  1. Wow. Not sure if it’s dodgy all the way from Italy. I guess we should all bid for it at the current pricing. LOL. Even the DHL postage seems fishy at only 32 euro.
  2. Is Oak finish a special order? I have never seen Aussie retailers carry this finish. Usually only black or walnut. Nowadays, even amarone is less commonly available.
  3. I will contact the retailers. Cheers. I am okay with ex-demo/ used units also. But may not have the patience... LOL.
  4. I am interested in the lower models. I wonder how negotiable is the listed RRP. Is 20% discount possible for a new unit? Any advice?
  5. Further information: Bought new, watched once, and needing to clear space in my drawer. Basically mint.
  6. Further information: Hoff Ensemble: Polarity (from 2L records, Norway), Multiple format surround sound Bluray as shown in 2nd photo - Outer plastic case shows signs of use but no cracks, Disc is mint, no dust no scratches. Note: The SACD is missing from this double disc package (my friend borrowed and lost it), so only Blu-ray Disc is included. Being OCD, I bought another one ($50) so this is surplus and reflected in pricing. Truth to be told, I only use the Blu-ray anyway cos of all the cool surround formats. Excellent sound and music is nice too. http://www.2l.no/pages/album/145.html
  7. Herbie Hancock: My Point of View (RGV edition) - Outer plastic case shows signs of use but no cracks, Disc is mint, no dust no scratches.
  8. Cannonball Adderley: Somethin’ Else (RGV edition) - Outer plastic case shows signs of use but no cracks, Disc is mint, no dust no scratches.
  9. Brand new unopened/sealed CD. Sonny Clark: Cool Struttin’ (RGV edition)
  10. Further information: Mint condition perfectly working Schiit Mani MM/MC phono preamplifier (version 1.2). RRP $340. Bought it to try as a stop-gap solution while waiting for system upgrade elsewhere. And then was planning to setup my 2nd room system, however that plan has now changed. Been sitting idle in cupboard since. Punch above its weight with surprisingly good sound, low noise/hum and 4 gain options to suit many MM and HOMC cartridges. Lots of great reviews online and on YouTube. Have original box and packaging. Prefer local pick up, but can post at agreed cost. From experience, Aus Post for package of this size is not expensive.
  11. Never push nor pull this connector at an angle. Same for many other connector types but this type more susceptible/bendy. Other than that, just simple push in and out? I once broke that wavy (zic zac) silver bit, stuck inside my speaker connector, and had to go to length to dig it out. Luckily only slight marks after I used tools on my old spare speaker. After multiple use, you will not have realised it is slightly bent, perhaps due to stiffness or weight of connector or cable. I have since avoided this type of banana connectors. YMMV though. edit: In hindsight, it’s clear that an open C-channel is never stiff compared to a closed cross section.
  12. World Record Club: The Magical Bow - Michael Rabin & the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra conducted by Felix Slatkin
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