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  1. att23

    CD shopping in Tokyo

    There is this link I cannot remember where I got from... it’s a little dated now, but hopefully the shops have not closed down or reloacted yet. http://mostly-retro.com/2016/10/03/the-biggest-guide-to-tokyo-record-stores-on-the-internet/
  2. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Awesome sounding LP, especially after listening to a few subpar reissues prior to this one. Love Johnny Hodges and the big band era.
  3. att23

    Currently Spinning

    It’s been a long time since last played this record...
  4. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Grey import from the 90s. Sounds fine tbh... especially when I haven’t actually heard any original Blue Note versions. Lol.
  5. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    So far today in the jazz department
  6. att23

    World Music: Currently Spinning

    Deleted. wrong post
  7. att23

    Currently Spinning

    Onto another Gershwin tonight.. this time with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.
  8. att23

    Currently Spinning

    Nice sounding record
  9. att23

    SOLD: FS: Rega Elex-R

    Can’t think of any amp at this price that will better this one. GLWTS.
  10. att23

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Nice music to play against the wild weather outside
  11. att23

    Electronic currently spinning

    LTJ bukem Earth volume1 from the mid 90s. I remember I bought ticket to see him but he never showed up... this was back when I was studying in Auckland, NZ