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  1. David Oistrakh - Tchaikovsky concerto with Sachsische Staatskapelle Dreschen and conducted by Konwitschny. Excellent performance but obviously can’t do much about the mid 50’s mono recording
  2. IMHO, if you don’t need to buy another small box, then that money can go into buying more music? because you can simply go behind the speakers to unplug and replug, if they are easily accessible. It’s really not ‘that’ inconvenient. I think it’s a good to have, but not necessary unless if your speakers are inaccessible and you must have instant A/B comparison (quick switch) on a single song. Quite often I find the comparison is better if done over prolonged periods, listening to a wide range of music... Each to their own...
  3. Yehudi Menuhin Paganini violin concerto no.1 & 2, with RPO and Alberto Erede
  4. Mussorgsky- A Night on Bare Mountain and Pictures at an Exhibition with RPO and Leibowitz. I think the sound of the whirling wind in the first 5 minutes already made this a great recording in my perspective
  5. Ferenc Fricsay and Tchaikovsky Symphony no.6. This is the lost and found recording, the version with Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra.
  6. It’s nice to have complete Grieg set all in one, and I like the Audite label, very high quality.
  7. I don’t usually enjoy classical vocal recordings, but this is a rare favourite of mine, from 2L. Also used for testing hifi at home, with low organ frequency and surround setup.
  8. Me too. Mahler Symphony No.2 is the only one that I like. I am still trying to like his other ones...
  9. “Slava” Rostropovich playing Saint Saens concerto No.1, with Symphony Orchestra of the All-Union Radio and Grigory Stolyarv as conductor. The amp haven’t even warmed up and I am loving this, a CD nevertheless but sounds good. Perhaps time to hunt down the record... Schumann and Glazunov yet to come, the beauty of CD...
  10. Blast from the past... Feel quite uncool posting this, but I do like digging out old CDs to give them a spin every decade or so... LOL. This one from the late 90s I think?
  11. Beethoven Quartet no.11 in F minor and Schubert Quartet no.15 in G major, played by Oslo String Quartet.
  12. Listening to ‘Love for Sale’. So good.
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