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  1. Double album by DJ Shadow - Our Pathetic Age
  2. BT - Everything you’re searching for is on the other side of fear. New album. A bit of delay due to current situation, but I finally got a copy.
  3. @ChupaChups thanks for clarification. Learned something new. I never knew I can connect subwoofer to line outs. Thought only dedicated ones like the Parasound Halo is the only option. How embarrassing because I actually own and love my Hegel amp, highly recommended.
  4. I am confused, I am reading the OP’s post as wanting an integrated amp with 2.1 channel capability? I.e. Want to connect subwoofer to integrated amp? Not aware of Hegel amp with subwoofer connection. From memory, Parasound integrated amp can. Not many has this capability. Is it a must to stick to one box? I personally prefer to use a entry/mid level AV receiver with preout option connected to a nice integrated amp with HT bypass option. So total 2 boxes but has best of both worlds. Excuse me, if I read the post wrong. In which case OP’s just looking for any integrated amp.
  5. Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker transcribed very nicely for a single piano only.
  6. Suddenly dug out this CD. Haven’t listened to this for more than 10 years? Forgotten how entertaining it is. Good workout for my amp and speakers.
  7. LOL. I also did a double take. Thought it says Air Jordan sneakers.
  8. Two very different Ballet scores, 30 years apart, written by Leonard Bernstein - Dybbuk and Fancy Free
  9. Remember Fugees- the score.
  10. Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer. His first Blue Note album as a leader.
  11. Sorry, my bad, I double checked I also have the Made in EU 2005 version. Think I got confused because a whole bunch of them were selling cheap from Canada and listed on AU fleabay at some point in time (not available on AU site anymore). See link below, can’t believe they still stock after so many years. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dire-Straits-Brothers-in-Arms-New-SACD-Canada-Import-/303095617150?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10#viTabs_0
  12. This may be the cheaper Canadian version, which is also what I got. Tbh, they were way cheaper than this price some years ago including shipping from fleabay. However due to the weaker Aussie dollar and current COVID situation, I guess this is consider a good buy if you haven’t already own this album.
  13. Assorted works by Benjamin Britten. Very nice.
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