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  1. I have the EAT B-Note tonearm, came with the turntable I bought not so long ago brand new. So I don’t think I need any full rewiring yet...? It’s my 1st turntable, I’m learning very slowly, so happy to be told I’m wrong. Come to think of it, I may be able to claim warranty. I shall ask if I can get it fixed locally or I have to pack and send interstate etc which could be a pain. Tbh, if it’s cheap, I am happy to get it fixed locally and bare the cost myself.
  2. Hi all, I am a newbie especially when it comes to turntable and repair. I have a loose (green) ground wire that came undone from under the tonearm, hence constant hum/hissing noise. In my mind, I think it may be a simple repair/ soldering job for someone with the right tools/equipment. The annoying thing is that the super thin wire is manufactured quite short and my fingers are not delicate enough to fiddle with it, while tilting open the turntable base at same time. I don’t even have a magnifying glass. Anyway, from quick scanning of the thread, I assume the following ppl can do the job? Any other recommendations? Kimil Electronics, Rage Audio, JVP service centre Any idea roughly how much? Any other advice appreciated.
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    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Had to work on a Sunday, these keep me company in an empty office.
  4. +1 for the Van Cliburn recording.
  5. I have a 'basic' question. Does this only affect house? E.g. For those of us who live in apartment blocks where I assume they would have installed rods to ground, I don't have to unplug my hifi?
  6. Will check this out. Thanks
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    Currently Spinning

    Starting my day with this. So good.
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    Electronic currently spinning

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    Currently Spinning

    Enjoying this one. She sounds so good.
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    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    One of my favourites
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    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Bought this AP reissue out of curiosity, now I have to find the original TV show to watch.
  12. att23

    FS: Dynaudio X32 plus other items

    The dynaudio X32 at this price and condition is a bargain. GLWTS. I paid almost double for a pair which was in much worse condition...
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    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Nice sounding early CD.
  14. My research shows these 2 jazz CDs are from 1983 and 1988 but I cannot be sure the exact year as I bought them recently. They do sound great. Either way, I presume it must be made in 80s as it says West Germany print! I was still in primary school when the wall came down...