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  1. att23

    FS: Classical vinyl

    I would like to take these: Philips 610 905. Delibes - Copelia (Dorati/Minneapolis) Sylvia (Fistoulari/LSO). Mercury recordings. Vg+/Vg+ sample sticker $8 WRC (World Record Club. Australia) TE 266 David Oistrakh/Khachaturian violin. Philharmonia/Khachaturian cond. (mono - no stereo exists) Ex/Ex $10
  2. Really enjoying this one.
  3. att23

    SOLD: FS: Linn LP12 SOLD.

    If only this is in NSW. I presume you have no plan to ship interstate?
  4. att23

    Minidisc talk

    Obviously haven’t used my Minidisc Walkman for more than a decade however I have still kept it, including a number of recordable minidiscs. Pretty sure it would still work using DC power or normal battery (but not the proprietary Lithum rechargeable Sony battery). I kept it more for nostalgic reason because it cost a small fortune when I bought mine as I was still a high school/uni student. Maybe a year after I bought my minidisc Walkman, Sony decided to release new models that allowed recording more than one album onto a single blank minidisc and I think it also allowed for faster speed transfer via the optical cable too? (My memory a bit blurry.. so correct me if I’m wrong). I remember that annoyed me a lot. Lol. And certainly not that long after, the world completely taken over by iPods. I still think my Sony MD Walkman has one of the most handsome designs. A photo from the internet showing the same one I have in my garage storage somewhere:
  5. I like Phil Chang's songs too, but I don't listen to vinyl. Off topic, but just in case you are also into other Taiwanese Mando pop singer - Tsai Chin will be performing in Sydney in October, I will be going...
  6. att23

    What CD player ?

    +1 Rega Saturn Without having to pay silly money, other good options include Marantz CD players, such as SA8005 and SA14.
  7. att23

    Currently Spinning

    For those who listen to old Chinese songs. One of the must have audiophile vocal albums by Tsai Chin.
  8. att23

    Impressions of my first classical concert

    I also attended Anne Sophie Mutter’s concert in SOH, it was fantastic. I’m in my late 30s and I always go to classical concerts by myself because none of my friends are interested. I could spot a few younger audiences, but yeah, mostly retirees. But I agree, I wish my parents would have taken me to a few classical concerts when I was young and learning the piano, may have inspired me to practice more.... My overall experience was slightly tainted because I was sitting next to a drank man, who throughout the concert was making noises and yawning loudly, could not control himself and sitting awkwardly, and by the time Ms Mutter started playing he was snoring! It was super annoying as I had to concentrate to shut him out. I feel like killing him, but kept my composure.. as I don’t wanna make a scene. His wife was trying very hard to keep his snoring in check, but I and others nearby could still heard him... urrgh...
  9. att23

    How CDs and Downloads Died

    I have Spotify. Agreed it has good enough quality (for most ppl) and decent library (for most ppl) but at the moment still not enough to tempt me yet. I like quality over quantity. To be fair, I don't have the specific high quality streaming equipment/setup for comparison. And for the limited SACD collection that I have, streaming for sure will not beat it. It is good for sampling albums I don't have and want to buy. Perhaps if Spotify create a special way to work with the music industry where they exclusively produce/ record multichannel music for Spotify streaming, then I will be very much tempted? Just an idea.
  10. att23

    How CDs and Downloads Died

    Each to their own. However I just find it funny that we audiophiles spend thousands of dollars on specific equipment down to cables and power supply, all for the sake of SQ, and then when it comes to the 'source', we are at the mercy of whatever the streaming site is offering... I am not comfortable with that. God knows what else needs to be upgraded upstream to get equivalent controlled SQ compared to owning the physical media. At least I know that with vinyl and CD, we get to buy and test out whichever version we like to own, such as limited first press, SACD, DVD audio, UPM, etc etc to suit our own taste and system... I will switch over one day only if I can find a site that is comprehensive enough to give me all those options for a single album, hard to find album, and that I can hear the differences after it has been streamed to my home... I have no issues with downloads or streaming, but only for mass produced, commercial, radio music... where the CD itself is usually $10 in the bargain section of JB Hifi anyway after a few months.... but not for serious listening music, until maybe in the distant future when technologies further evolve.
  11. att23

    How CDs and Downloads Died

    Think it will just serve the niche audiophile market. Hence I have been busy stocking up CDs lately, especially hard to find SACDs and UPM24k versions from Asia. They still command a lot overseas and cannot get locally. I recently discovered UPM24k discs and they sound so awesome, won’t see me ditching cd and going digital or vinyl anytime soon.
  12. att23

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    I bought it for the Pink Panther but surprisingly I find that I enjoy the second album Symphonic Soul just as much.
  13. att23

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Itzhak Perlman and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Followed by Henry Mancini double album:
  14. To give you more ideas or options, I m driving my pair with Hegel H200. And I’ve also used my Rega Elicit R with them.
  15. att23

    Electronic currently spinning

    Maybe this does not belong here, strictly speaking drum n bass... but still an electronic journey for me. One of his best releases...