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  1. In Australia, there’s all sorts. It’s up to the buyer to check the back cover or label before deciding if that’s the pressing or country they wanna buy. Most sellers or shops are honest and fair in their pricing to reflect pressing or country of origin... To give you an idea, for example: Brand new jazz records at $35 or so are usually cheap European reissues (Waxtime, DOL), sometimes these cheaper ones are worthwhile, like certain Verve or Blue Note reissues. The new jazz records at $90+ are generally 180g reissues from the likes of Analogue Production or MSFL. Occasionally there could be new Jap import, may have obi strips, and will be priced accordingly (high side). Used records can be anything pending on condition, pressing, rarity, country of origin, etc. Don’t get your hopes up too high. Personally I don’t find Sydney to be that great for record shopping.... but some of my overseas friends (e.g. from Hong Kong) thinks it’s great compared to what they have back at home.
  2. A bit puzzled why there’s such a huge difference in sound and perception at the store versus at home. Speakers not run in? Room acoustic/speaker positioning at home? Either way, seems like OP already made up his/her mind to give up and move on. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice here on SNA prior to your next purchase rather than just rely on reviews.
  3. One of the more progressive/ avant garde jazz recordings back in the 60s which I enjoy.
  4. I am actually very scared of these peripheral accessories/products that can result in dramatic sonic effects and add dynamic range to my music reproduction at home... sorcery! Quite happy with the sound of my Hifi gear, that’s why I bought them to start with. LOL.
  5. O ring/ tie down = thick & quality rubber band...? The Bunnings reo bar chair can already secure cables within the slot, so it’s a win? Save money on O ring rubber band...
  6. Beethoven Triple Concerto in C major op 56. This is another stellar cast, perhaps not quite up there with the HMV/EMI recording, but still a gem.
  7. Yeah, for brick and mortar store, hardly any choices. Definitely Birdland for jazz. If you buy used jazz records, also visit The Vintage Record.
  8. I’m enjoying the following. Good performance and good sound.
  9. This is a nice quadraphonic recording. My mistake for dismissing it previously, based only on the stereo layer.
  10. In Sydney, due to high rent, I don’t think we have as many record shops as Melbourne. So I buy online mostly or record fairs. The following are ones that i have not bought from purely because I don’t listen/buy rock, pop, metal, punk, reggae, hip hop... at least not on vinyl, but I think they are popular store and stock mainstream records: Utopia Records The Record Store Red Eye Records Beatdisc Records The following are ones that I have bought from: Birdland Records - Jazz only. New and used. Small section of records including audiophile 45rpm sets and the like, but much larger CD/SACD jazz collection. Can ask them to order in items from overseas (US/Japan). Small niche shop and helpful and knowledgeable staff. Nice vibe. Repressed Records - punk, indie mainly. New and used. Don’t expect friendly staff or service, just grab what you want and go. Something Else Records - electronic, house, techno mainly new. Little shop but niche, non-mainstream which I like. The following I have only bought used records from: The Vintage Record - Small shop has a range of genre, good collection if you like old stuff. I like that staff leave me alone so I can sit on a stool and get my hands dirty looking at those dusty cheaper records under the shelves. Gives some discount when buy multiples. Staff/owner are knowledgeable. Halcyon Daze Records - Small collection of random records of any genre. Soul, jazz, rock, etc. Owner/shop keeper is friendly and record lover, never in a rush and will vacuum clean every one of your purchase and put them in new sleeve for you all included in the price. Egg Records - Rock mainly and some jazz. Staff at counter are polite even when I only buy the cheapest used records. Cottonmouth Records - Jazz, soul and other genres too. Only bought there once, since they opened not so long ago. Owner is friendly. RPM - mainstream rock, indie, pop. Only bought there once.
  11. Maybe try Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington... since you mentioned big band swing
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