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  1. Haven’t listened to this for a while. Edit: In Blu-ray surround of course
  2. Brahms Symphony no.1 and Haydn Variations Paavo Jarvi and The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen.
  3. I am no expert, I thought there’s only 1 version of SACD released so far, so I assume since mine is surround sound, yours must be too. I have attached photos of mine, so you can check if same version. Apart from the sticker on my front case, the bottom right the back also printed as 5.1 surround sound.
  4. Isn't this one quadraphonic whereas the Mofi one just stereo?
  5. The 3 albums by Vikingur Olafsson - Triad. While waiting for his new release to arrive in the post.
  6. Enjoying another great Tone Poet release. Byrd in Flight.
  7. I buy all formats. For me, Jazz does sound and 'feel' incredible on LP, but I do prefer SACD/CD for my Classical purchase.
  8. Schumann cello concerto in A minor op.129 and Five pieces in folk style op.102 Pablo Casals in mono
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