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  1. In complete agreement on the Melody Mate solution.

    Home brew and the competition can't touch this stuff and I tried them ALL.

    BTW if you do buy Isopropyl stay away from Chemtools. When I was trying to make my own cleaner many years ago I bought 5 litres of the stuff and it sent the water cloudy.

    Must have been contaminated with oil or something?


    Audacity I saw your YouTube video or someones on that. LOL


    I went for MG chemicals after that from here:




    I just playing around at the moment and will test all solutions I make thoroughly. I will also buy some commercial products to test. I have some mates willing to buy some in bulk.


    I appreciate the advice



  2. Hi All, Thanks for the replies. The solution mix I’m going to use is this:




    I’ve bought some dollar dazzlers to test on before any production runs.


    No problems with the water and I found the wetting agent mentioned at Michael’s in Melbourne CBD. I asked if they matched web prices and got it for $25.


    I want the best 99.9% I can find and not the rubbing type. I spoke with Jaycar and they have it in 850ml liquid form for $8.50. I also found this but they can’t ship it cheaply to Melbourne:




    I also need to get some good wet brushes. I’m looking at two, the 12†Disc Doctor or Osage. Both here: http://www.needledoctor.com/Online-Store/Record-Machine-Brushes


    Finally I’m looking to get a cheaper option RCM. This looks good and the reviews are promising. I have a mate here in OZ from Canada and lives close to this guy and he’s back and forth all year round.




    Any advice welcome.


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