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  1. Finally installed the Gaia II's on the CLX's from Iso Acoustics. It took a while to acquire the correct thread size... after a few attempts, they were finally installed last night. Been listening since during different intervals but tonight was the main critical session. After a few hours of repositioning the CLX's, I believe this is just about as good as it gets in my particular living room. It's a good thing I still manage to pump out 80kg dumbbell presses, man handling and placing the CLX's on their sides was no easy task for a single person. The wifey helped though to move the small car
  2. Greetings maties! Fellas and fellies... Was wondering where to post this but I thought here, since the CLX's have given me so much joy, might as well pass on my sincere wishes. Happy new year to all, music fans, enthusiasts and fanatics! May you stay safe, healthy and have a very jolly one. Oh! and most of all, enjoy those fine tunes. With a big woofty woof'n Cheers to 2021, bestes! RJ
  3. Greetings from Melb! Happy holidays and seasons Greetings. Here's wishing you all a peaceful and safe Xmas. Well finally the monoblocks were dropped off today for a final SE upgrade with all the necessary goodies... so whiles that's taking place, which will be ready in about a week after fully running in and final tests, I picked up this beauty yet again! Although made in the exact same factory by the exact same team and offered by the exact same brand as the tube monoblocks, yet two completely different sounds. The 2550SE is definitely no ordinary amplifier. In comparison to the monoblo
  4. G'day Bruce, Nice to hear from you. Yes, infact considering the time has passed pretty quick, it's been little over two years since I purchased the CLX's, which was around Sept 2018. Since then we finally moved into our new home in Sept 2019, with much larger space they sound mighty fine! I've added a few things since, upgraded the Nordost speaker cables to Frey2, Class A bias adjust on the monoblocks, this really helps to grip the stat bass panels, and upgraded to the Esoteric K07xs digital playback system, it's a superb work of fine machinery. After I got the Spec aluminium
  5. Hooray! Finally can confirm the static has left the building! With these two gadgets, highly recommended a must have for any one experiencing nasty static that trips off your preamp, especially CJ preamps... definitely not a good thing! I was having some nasty static for a while and was wondering how to get rid of it. Finally diagnosed the problem and apart from me being the primary static carrier, it was also building up on this Spec aluminium disc mat. So each time I would lift off the LP to change sides, it would cause enough static to carry through the interconnects and onto
  6. Ok fair enough, and good point. Definitely agree on that. I'm not going to ever change from this point, and especially at this level, it's definitely a marvellous thing! I was advised about the clock unit, if I were to seek a solid upgrade but that thing alone goes for around 20grand. Just for a clock! My personal benchmark percentage has to be around 40-45% in performance improvement, otherwise I can't justify the spend... At this stage I'm really not sure if this clock is going to make such a significant difference in that performance percentage... I'll give it some thoug
  7. The K01XS, that should be beyond superb! Of course the rest of the gear in the system must be on par... to really get the utmost best out of this marvellous Esoteric gear. What a work of art! Just pulled out this one by Bob James and Kirk Whalum, where I actually saw these guys play live way back in 98, separate performances though. This particular CD I had not played since nearly 20yrs... took it for a spin, simply marvellous! The K07xs is nicely settling in, clocked in beyond 50hrs now but I can still sense the improvement every time it runs in. I'm sending the CJ monoblocks
  8. Ok maties, with restrictions slowly easing... I ventured out a bit and revisited two very very different systems. 1. My good mates place- Maggie 30.7's with his new Mac line up, much much better. It had far greater control, very good coherency and the ribbon tweeter didn't wonder off... The MC462 was able to control these huge panels with ease, and deliver truly superb low frequency content, was a remarkable experience. The C53 combination with this new MC462 is a great combination, no doubt. At least the design team behind Mac have really thought it through and put together something that'
  9. What just happened...? Update incoming....! Well it seems like I've managed to just clock in around 50hrs or so of burn-in on this thing, and it has just shifted a few gears again! Apart from the top end frequency extension and beautiful midrange, that CJ midrange magical partnered with this beautiful work of Art from Esoteric is absolutely stunning, marvellous and outstanding! I think I've run out of vocabulary... The most profound frequency range is the LF detail. The bass lines are so crystal clear and you follow each and every bass detail to the core, no fuss, no strain a
  10. Further information: All packaging is included, already fully packed with owner's manual and a pair of Analysis interconnects. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  11. Currently listening to Four Play- Elixir. It takes me back to the live event in Illinois Naperville back to 94 at Frankie's Blue Room, simply marvellous! Bob James and his crew at their finest! Cheers to Four Play! RJ
  12. Wow, wow wow! This thing just landed in the Starship Enterprise! OMG! What a performance! Tonal density, speed and transient control, along with a top end frequency extension is just superb! Its clocked in about 10hrs, maybe less but every minute the potential is formidable, there's no doubt I can feel every nuance easily. There's so much to talk about, not sure where to begin... I'll try to make it simple as possible because it's very very hard to type this whiles discs are spinning. Features: amongst the usual goodies at this level, the special transport mechanism is superb, and th
  13. Yes Stump, it is a cut & paste from CJO, that's my resident forum, being a member on it since I learned to bias tubes more accurately and mod to a higher Class A bias. 075Congo; thanks for the warm welcome. I did have the opportunity to access the 05xs version. However, after a very honest approach from the MD himself, and a lengthy discussion, although the 05xs is even better, the improvement is only incremental. It's not within my Benchmark percentage of improvement, which has to meet 35-40%. Whereas the 03xs and 01xs definitely are, and this is something I will work my
  14. G'day maties, Well, I guess that time has come... for a small upgrade in the digital front. Going back 10yrs, I purchased the McIntosh MCD301 in 2010 brand new. I used it in various systems since, from Maggies, Quads, SF's, Infinity's, Theils, Wilson's, then back to maggies, Quads and now Martin Logan's. Also amongst those speaker systems were various CD players, ranging from Marantz, Arcam, Musical Fidelity, Cambridge Audio, Audio Research, CJ's DV2B, Meridian, Wadia and some I can't even remember. Anyway, none of these players lasted too long, some were superior to the big Mac but this M
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