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  1. Item: isotek Evo3 power conditioner with upgraded power cables Location: Melbourne Price : 4500$ including shipping to Australia wide got original box Item condition - excellent condition Reason for selling: as usual trying to source fund for upgrade “ bug” Payment method- local pick up /cash or PayPal Extra info Listing not got its standard isotek cable but comes with upgraded power cables Voodoo ultrawave 3 m cable with furutech connectors- made in USA Isotek top of the line optimum cable 2m used as link cable terminated with Neutrik connector to one end and isotek gold plated IEC 19 ( 15amp) connector to other end
  2. Thanks For all , yes I go ahead with more reliable system for far less price. Regards Matt
  3. Hi fellows I came across above combo for 4000$ Has anyone used or listened to above xindak products? How they sound ? And any reliability issues in long run with these products? Any comparable products in other brands ? Any wisdom thoughts will be appreciated Thanks Matt Happy Christmas and safe Holidays folks
  4. @ Happy -Yes it dose hum without anything connected . @ 125dBmonster Is there any diy to fix it or just ignore it and Get some more volume with amp ? Anyway that’s what I am doing at this stage . Will any vibration dampers will help ?
  5. Hi Thanks for your reply I already got a solar panels at my place which were installed nearly 3 yrs ago . So if that’s a issue then I should have that problem before as well? I am using power generator P10 in my system so I hoped that would cancel any dc voltage in my line . Regards Matt
  6. Hi fellows I need some help to figure out why I am getting transformer ‘hum’from my Luxman 590ax amp. I purchased it nearly a year ago and paired it with Luxman D06u SACD Player/dac and driving Opera Grand Callas speakers . All my system power go through PSAudio P10 power plant. Initially I didn’t get any noticeable hum with amp but in last few months I can notice a ‘hum’ from my amp. I am not hearing any noise from speakers only from amp and I can feel some fine vibration when I touch the top panel of amp. I couldn’t figure out why it’s happening? . is that a normal issue for this particular amp on long run ? Or something needed to look in for a service? Thanks for your time and any valuable advice will be appreciated Regards Matt
  7. I gone through same situation. I ended up with options krell vs parasound. Krell sets its bias according to output and Parasound Jc1 monoblocks offer high and low bias setting . Check them out and see . Love my Class A 😃 Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  8. HI Fellows GREETINGS FROM A NEWBIE THANKS FOR ACCEPTING ME IN STEREO NET COMMUNITY. I AM TECH FREEK SINCE MY CHILDHOOD but I didnt pursue my carrier in that field .But it always stayed with me as a hobby. I remember that i bulid my first amplifier at mu age of 10.Nowerdays didnt get much time but i always love to SHARE MY EXPERIENCES. Hope you guys dont mind😃
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