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  1. Megawolf


    You should try driving professionally, I did it for 8 yrs, you wouldn`t believe the s#%t you see. I had one bloke run into the side of me claimed he didn`t see me. I was driving a bendy bus. cheers. Ian.
  2. Megawolf


    Thanks for the heads up. Though I agree with you there not the best in the bunch. From what I see on the roads in Sydney every day, the drivers here seem to regard actual driving as the third or fourth most important thing when they`re driving. I`ve now driven in every state except tassie, they all seem to have good and bad, I`m not perfect by any means. However I will keep a watch out for YOGI`S. Cheers. Ian.
  3. Megawolf


    Hey Terry. Are yogi`s anything like drop bears? Or just air heads. Cheers. Ian.
  4. Megawolf


    Thanks mate. I`m off to Batemans Bay. Had enough of the big smoke. Figure I`ll do it now whilst I still have time to enjoy it. Cheers. Ian.
  5. Megawolf


    Greetings all. Well the time has come for the Megawolf to move on. At last I`m leaving Sydney for a new start on the south coast. New house, dedicated music/ HT room. At 7.5 x 4.4 I think it should be big enough. It is the formal lounge at the moment, I wouldn`t know what that was unless I fell over it so it`s Adious. Of course the is a large man cave for the toys as well, for my other passion. So I bid merry Christmas and a happy new year to all, Have a safe one. Cheers. Ian.
  6. Megawolf


    Hi, It`s good to hear from another wolf. I have no problem standing on it 116kgs I`m ashamed to say. At the moment it has a ascenision centre and a 65" plasma. There are cross braces at every upright so there is 4 braces under the top. I`d say it wouldn`t have any problem with 150+ kg`s. Cheers. Ian.
  7. Megawolf


    Item: Custom HIFI unit. Location: Sydney. Price: $ 250 neg. Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Moving. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info: This unit was built to be low but still hold 8 components. Dim. 1600w x 530h x 500d Top adds 17mm to height, please see the drawing. ( -8 means I hadn`t taken into account the shelf). The shelf`s are 8mm ply. That may not sound like much but they hold my Rotel 1095 and the MF class A. The unit was blasted and has a industrial powder coat in black. Any questions please PM me. Cheers. Ian. Pictures:
  8. Megawolf


    Hi Guy`s. thanks for the comments, All gone to a good home. Cheers. Ian.
  9. Megawolf


    Hi Rene. Sorry I only made the decision this morning. I used mine for a lot of years be fore it became a second system, yes they do have a great sound. I had the choice to buy a 3020 and 2x 2155`s but it was just outside my budget, my first system cost more than my first car. Cheers. Ian.
  10. Item: NAD 7155 & 2155 PRE & POWER AMPS. Location: SYDNEY. Price: SNA DONATION. Item Condition: NEEDS CLEANUP & REPAIR. Reason for selling: MOVING. Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: Hi guy`s, the NAD`s were part of my first system 1984. There is one channel out not sure if it`s a connection or something else, both power up. These are in bridged mono 150w per channel. I still have the instruction manuals. The CD is a Yamaha 5 disc still works fine, with remote. The digital radio is from Jaycar I think it`s working. If you want the Samsung DVD/VCR it`s yours. I think a $ 50 SNA donation would be nice. I need to move these asap. Cheers. Ian. Pictures:
  11. Megawolf


    Hi, Yes that`s not a problem. I`m in Belrose. Cheers. Ian.
  12. Megawolf

    SOLD: DUAL CS 505 MK2

    Item: DUAL CS 505 MK2. Location: SYDNEY. Price: SNA donation. Item Condition: Not working. Reason for selling: Moving. Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: Please check my old ad link below. Cheers. Ian. Pictures:
  13. Item: 1 RACK, and 3 Shelf`s. Location: SYDNEY. Price: SNA donation. Item Condition: Good. Reason for selling: Moving. Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: The rack holds 60 cd`s. The second pictured shelf is 1005mm W x 625mm H x 200mm D. Picture 3, top unit is 750W x 400H x 195D. Lower unit is, 604W x 905H x 245D. These are solid wood. First in. Cheers. Ian. Pictures: