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  1. Raspberry Pi 4 with a nice case like the Argon 40 below.
  2. Yeah the OLED display is pretty cool. The damned thing is build like a tank. Almost broke my wrist thinking I could pick it up with one hand 😆 Sounds excellent too. I had my reservations about it being a Sabre DAC but they were unfounded. It is clear, musical, and with wide and deep sound stage (at least to my ears).
  3. Haha all good Btw your display pic is probably the best hip hop album i've ever heard. Love A Tribe Called Quest.
  4. I've been using an RPi3 and now a RPi4 with Ropiee connected via USB to my DAC. Also tried the DAC connected to my iMac via USB, as well. Couldn't tell a difference. I'm very happy with RPi4 with my Argon40 case. Temps never go above 35 degrees too!
  5. Yeah I can't wear these Elegia's for more than 2 hours. They're close in weight to my old LCD-2F's. I think @Esoterica mentioned that it 'includes' a headphone amp. I only drive headphones. I'm using a Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro MQA for DAC. Not as pretty as a full Topping stack though:
  6. Here's my stack. Very impressed with the fit and finish of the A90. Plenty of power too. It drives my Hifiman He-1000 v2's effortlessly. Prior to purchasing the A90, I was having a discussion with another forum member about whether the A90 was up to the task to driving the He1k's. I decided to take the plunge anyway and it hasn't disappointed me since.
  7. Love the content you make on Youtube. You're also making me regret buying a Topping A90.. GLWTS!
  8. Sorry man, this whole time I was thinking some sort of file needed to uploaded to get the system to emulate the Mscaler's tap number count on-the-fly🤦‍♂️ I'm listening to the 705 file and it's fantastic through my Hifiman HE-1000 v2's.
  9. Oh boy, what a dummy I am! So whats supposed to be uploaded into the convolution, if any?
  10. Yep Linux ftw! I have no idea either. I just uploaded the 705khz file into the convolution's currently selected filter field, and that's what I got. Must be a bug with the latest version of Roon for linux.
  11. Just tried playing with a local flac file - no dice. Not sure what is going on. Something must be up with Roon, especially when it displays 13million taps. As you mentioned previously, it should only be 250k taps... Is your core running a windows based server?
  12. Are you playing with music stored locally or from a streaming service like Tidal?
  13. Yes convolution disabled, all works fine. Am I uploading the correct file (.flac)? http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/sox/ Is another plugin or extension required perhaps?
  14. Oh for sure i'm doing something wrong ahah 🤦‍♂️ I'm uploading the following file, from that link quoted earlier
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