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  1. Does it matter? It's a great DAC and good luck to the OP with the sale.
  2. Out of those, I'd prefer the Clear. Just depends if you're a fan of the Focal house sound, which is tilted towards the higher end of the frequency spectrum.
  3. I no longer have the A90 anymore, so can't really compare anymore.. The soundstage was already very good on the A90 - plenty of separation. I almost exclusively use my Phonitor XE with it's crossfeed enabled. How it affects the sound stage is entirely up for debate. Personally I think it enhances the soundstage as it brings the image more centrally, kind of like a 2 channel stereo where a sound coming from the left can be heard predominantly with the left, as well as the right ears. In the case of the Phonitor XE, it provides more of a binaural experience rather than an emulation
  4. So far its been flawless on my end as well. I'm in Melbourne too.
  5. Its much easier to find multiple XLR input head amps like the Benchmark HPA4. I believe that has 3 XLR inputs. Not many single-ended head amps out there. Most have XLR input. Even rarer to find multiple input, especially in single-ended guise. As the other's have suggested, some sort of RCA switch would do the trick.
  6. Ah yes, that is true. Didn't think of that use-case. I was looking at it purely from a video perspective. Keen to get your thoughts, when you've sufficiently looked a the Shield Pro.
  7. Haha, yep the VU meters pretty cool. The Elegia's are great. I find that I'm using them the majority of the time. Mainly for external sound rejection when working. Also, they're a tad bit more warmer in the bass, which is always welcomed when it comes to headphones. I too use my open backs but late at night when things are quieter, that way I can really appreciate their sound.
  8. I'm using Infuse on an Apple TV 4k. It's the only app which takes advantage of the Apple TV's 4K hardware decoder. Absolutely no frame skipping when viewing 4k content. If you try VLC on Apple TV 4K, you can see that it struggles at times with stutter because it doesn't utilise the hardware decoder. I've also read that the NVidia shield is a decent 4K content player, but have read other forums that it too stutters. Kind of like trying to use raw processing power to decode 4k content.
  9. Yes, I saw that. Thanks for weighing in. Hopefully more people from this thread can add to that tweet thread. The more voices we have, the quicker they may expedite the process to release here in Aus. Australia's in need for an alternative for high quality streaming.
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