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  1. From a Marantz PM72 The Manual lists the the NEC heat stressed part as a 'relay' (part LNO3) (manual wrong???) I went to Jaycar and they said they didn't have a suitable replacement. I've searched the net but I cant find a source. Any ideas appreciated.
  2. I took the Selector switch apart as Hynotoad suggested and gave it a better clean and the distortion has gone !!! Thanks HypnoToad. I was confused because AUX2 was unaffected. Glad I didn't complain to the seller straight away, but still he must have known it didn't sound right. Would that NEC resistor that is obviously split and bulging be effecting the sound?
  3. The 'mint' amp was very dusty, I've just removed the selector switch to clean more thoroughly. I know I should not have trusted description, my mistake, I don't ant to get confontational, and I haven't told him yet because I'd hate to do so and then clean a switch and it's all good. I still wonder about the ferry, the vibrations were quite obvious.
  4. Fortunately that is just a shadow, the photos were taken late last night, I only picked the amp up yesterday arvo. Thanks
  5. I was thinking maybe the 'vibrations' during the ferry ride caused some cold solder to dislodge? I can't believe he would sell it like this as mint. He as very good with communication and met me at the Ferry. In the photos the amp is clearly hooked up to Yamaha NS600m speakers and a Marantz C.D player also for sale, so I presumed it had been played and tested.
  6. Thank you. They aren't bulging, and may ell be out of spec, but ... But... Why would AUX 2 (and the Tuner) not be effected if it were the caps?
  7. My just purchased (mint condition apparently) 1993 Marantz PM72 distorts badly, or only plays through one channel on all inputs other than AUX 2 which plays fine? (PHONO, AUX 1, C.D all behave oddly, either cutting out completely or with drastic distortion). When I select Direct Source even stranger things happen with the balance control not working, solving distortion or moving it to other channel etc... , but not to AUX 2 ??? I choose to believe that the lovely seller who travelled an equal distance to me to meet me at the Ferry, new nothing of it's failures, but I am so disappointed. I have taken the lid off and provided a course of Deoxit, but that was wishful thinking. The only physical defect i see is the south end of the red NEC part (see attachment closeup) that is labelled as a relay??? It is cracked/split and a bit bulgy at one end. Could this be the sole cause? (more wishful thinking). Odd that it works AUX 2 and not any others.
  8. I'm not sure anyone here reads the WTB section. I posted only a few weeks back for a PM80 or PM64Mii I got no replies but then a PM80 was listed and now a PM64mkii !!!??? I became impatient and bought a PM72 which I've paid for but haven't picked up yet, Not class A but that's fine by me for solid state 30+ years old, less likely to have been run hot. Anyway, I would have preferred this but the PM72 was considerably less dollars, so I take solace in that. Good luck with the sale
  9. I've been thinking the exact same thing about the exact same model. I once imported a Sansui 8080DB through ebay shipping. It arrived ahead of schedule and the item was as described, My wife asked the courier to carry it in the house for her because it was heavy... and he proceeded to drop it on its corner on the brick doorsteps. Fortunately it was very well packed and it survived. But, then I bought a record player on Gumtree that was from interstate (500km), took four weeks to arrive, was not close to the condition of the pictures or description, and arrived broken because of lazy packing. These Marantz are overpriced considering they are unrestored, known to have issues from heat and the only ones I can find are in suspect condition. Anyway good luck with the hunt. (I hope we stay out of each others way).
  10. Does anyone have experience with this seller. I would need to purchase sight unseen and use courier !!! https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wollongong/speakers/infinity-kappa-speakers-made-in-the-u-s-/1232441999
  11. Thanks Bruce. I'm on the other side of Geelong. Torquay. I'm not concerned with numbers per se. Contrary to some replies, Volume is not my issue. The combinations I've tried are plenty loud, just not played with any ease or pleasing dynamic. One guy I know loves to see his drivers 'pumping', not me. I want to see/hear a speaker under control. The amps I've tried drive these speakers to good volume, but the speakers are working at their range, the transistors are getting hot, and the sound is not desirable to me. I don't care if the amp that matches these speakers is 5 watt or a squillion, I just want a good matching system sound wise.
  12. Thank you. I do have my eye on the Pioneer. It's close enough to pick up, and I've dealt with the seller before, but I like/need things to have resale value if they don't suit (keeps my wife happy/on my side), I'm not sure this will. But at the moment. This is the Front runner.
  13. Thanks heaps Bruce, Very kind. I've had Sansui and love them. But at 20wpc, It won't drive these big 87db speakers. I am considering a Sansui AU-5900 at 45wpc, but I'm still thinking the speakers want more. I don't actually have any specs, for these speakers, other than for what the Kef Concertos are. I'm guessing 87db and am reliably told 50w rms. Thanks again.
  14. I did look into that, I think it's only 20wpc. My Proton 930 (NAD 7140) is 44wpc and struggles.
  15. I purchased an amazing pair of (KEF) Bailey Transmission Line speakers (upgraded crossovers) from a generous and knowledgeable SNA member recently. I was hoping either my Fisher x200 35wpc or Proton 930 (NAD) 40wpc would pair well... But not. Both amps really seem to push the drivers too much (even at moderish volume) and not present the dynamics I'm chasing, and the fisher runs way too hot with these speakers. Due to continuing circumstances I am still on a really tight budget and as such, these speakers are the best I will be able to afford for many years to come (and I love them) and I will sell the Fisher x200 (with sooo much regret) but not until I have decided what amp I am hunting. After I have portioned the money from the sale of the Fisher amp, I should have $400 for a replacement amp (insert sad emoji here - I don't know how to emoji) I only seem able to afford 45wpc amplifiers at best ... but considering the Proton (old and drifted) and Fisher struggle, obviously I need more grunt ??? Any suggestions on the minimum power for these speakers and any specific budget amps I should look for?
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