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  1. So I had a P.M last night telling me that I was dreaming (but the member has not replied to my request for his 'quote' on what he thinks they are worth. I've reduced the prices a bit. I'm not trying to fool anyone, there are plenty of people who know what I paid for the whole amp. I am aware I would be better off keeping the tubes with the amp, but if these are worth more than new replacements then I need the finances to put toward the recapping. Thanks again.
  2. Item: 10 used tubes (6 x 12ax7) and (4 x 7591) Location: Vic Price: Removed from sale Item Condition : Used Reason for selling: Raise funds. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: From Sage advice I now realise the tubes are not worth what I had sought and as such I have removed from sale. Thanks to everyone for being gentle.
  3. Item: FREE CD's Morrissey / Eva Cassidy / Beth Orton ... etc Price Range: FREE Item Condition: Used Extra Info: All play, some will have a light scratch or so. I'd prefer one person take the lot. Pick up Torquay or I could possibly deliver around Geelong, or post if you think it's worth it. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. West German caps. The good news is nothing's leaking corrosive.
  5. Took the case off. Found the mains specifications. Bummer. I think I'd rather use a step down and keep her original to the u.s market, sound quality sacrifice maybe. 7591 tubes.
  6. OMG !!! I bought her. More than I wanted to pay, but that's auctions, if the auctioneer had run it differently I would have saved $118. But she's home. I will let her sit untouched for a few days before a photo shoot. U.S.A tubes (don't say fisher). That's as far as I have gotten. I just walked in the door. I'm still a touch confused (and hopeful). How do I tell the difference between an Aussie import 240v with u.s plug, and a 110v u.s version? Oh and she is an X200 (updated KX200).
  7. Thank you. I wont be jumping in. This will be a slow, careful process, carried out by professionals. I spent time saving for the amp. Now i will need to save for the resto. So it wont be quick. Thanks
  8. Nope, I'm a fool. I will stay away from touching it (I love making and listening to music, I'm no scientist, electrical engineer) I have done my research and the resto on this will be costly and time consuming. Providing I can find someone to do the resto. But first I need to know if I should buy it at all. If it can't be powered up on both a Variac and Step Down Transformer simultaneously then it's just a parts amp.
  9. I don't want the original question to be lost please. Still hoping someone will be able to answer ... ... can it be powered up on a variac and a Step Down Transformer at the same time (as would be necessary in OZ) or am I buying a parts amp?
  10. It's a 1962 'TUBE' amp that was last plugged in 'who knows when'. It is necessary to bring the device up to full power very slowly to avoid shocking it's components and to observe any problems that require immediate shutdown.
  11. Thanks, His CDP would be dual voltage. This 1960s tube amp wouldn't be (I'm 90% sure).
  12. It still has the u.s plug. I guess the main question is can it be powered up on a variac and a Step Down Transformer at the same time (as would be necessary in OZ) or am I buying a parts amp?
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