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  1. If in Vic i would love these please. Was on phone,just saw Sydney. Bugger. Thanks for your generosity
  2. Item: Yamaha ns430 speakers Price Range: 50 - 150 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Im still after a pair of these (or 1 as i already have 1, i need another to make a pair.) I dont think anyone really reads the wtb? Im in Torquay but will travel to Melbourne if need be. Ta Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  3. Item: Polk Audio Monitor 7 Price Range: $200 - $400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: In Victoria (I'm in Geelong). Price depends on condition (upgraded tweeters/x-over etc..). If you have a speaker you think is warm detailed and not too large that would be comparable or better than the Polk 7 for no more than $400 please let me know. Photo for photo sake Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. It was listed weeks ago for $999 and didnt sell. Now at auction its over $1075 in the first 24 hours and 6 days to go. Mmmmm
  5. I got excited and thought I was going to buy this Sansui 8080. This morning it was bidding at $111, then I got home and 2 sellers, one with 0 feedback and the other with 44 bid retractions in just 6 months (???) had egged the price to over $1025 with 6 days 15 hours still to go! Oh well, I guess it's better than being hopeful until the last minute and seeing the price triple in the last seconds. Given what I ended up selling mine for a few years ago when I got no interest at my asking of $600, I think they are overpaying. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sansui-8080db/114200439593?hash=item1a96e06b29:g:UUkAAOSwswdecb2C
  6. I hope they sound good Because my God... Were they sold by Franco Cozzo?
  7. There is not enough space to drill or place snap capacitor in place of the original radial 10000 71v. Thanks
  8. Oh. I got fooled by the photo. I thought they looked radial. Ta Its not a great marantz, its a PM72, its all i have at the moment and I'd heard good things so would like to give it a chance. The dimensions of the caps are 3cm across 5.5cm height (heights not an issue, diameter is).
  9. Thanks again ihearmusic. I'd be happy to be wrong but I don't think its in stock. Thats their data sheet but it doesnt seem available in store.
  10. Cheers ihearmusic, All 100v ones I found are snap or screw. The 71volt are radial.
  11. I have a Marantz integrated amp that has one power Capacitor running warm to touch compared to it's mate, so I want to replace both, they are Elna Audio 10,000uf 71v radial. I cannot find a compatible capacitor on Mouser or Digikey. There are these Nichicon on ebay but I don't know if they are dodgy. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10000uf71v-gold-tune-nichicon-capasistor/273771266218?hash=item3fbe0a00aa:g:DXAAAOSwrfVZTLaf Just to repeat, Looking for Radial 10,000uf 71v + Any help appreciated.
  12. From a Marantz PM72 The Manual lists the the NEC heat stressed part as a 'relay' (part LNO3) (manual wrong???) I went to Jaycar and they said they didn't have a suitable replacement. I've searched the net but I cant find a source. Any ideas appreciated.
  13. I took the Selector switch apart as Hynotoad suggested and gave it a better clean and the distortion has gone !!! Thanks HypnoToad. I was confused because AUX2 was unaffected. Glad I didn't complain to the seller straight away, but still he must have known it didn't sound right. Would that NEC resistor that is obviously split and bulging be effecting the sound?
  14. The 'mint' amp was very dusty, I've just removed the selector switch to clean more thoroughly. I know I should not have trusted description, my mistake, I don't ant to get confontational, and I haven't told him yet because I'd hate to do so and then clean a switch and it's all good. I still wonder about the ferry, the vibrations were quite obvious.
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