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  1. Interested in buying these, I am in Sydney and would need to organize freight, If that is ok then I am buying. John
  2. Just a thought same symptom. Check the socket on the DX where the cable plugs in. I broke the plastic guide tongue and consequently bent one of the gold pins on my DX
  3. Good to go here on VooDoo cable if one becomes available direct deposit post 2785.
  4. I received my DC-37 from Japan a few months back. Saw the link on this thread and hit the button. Thank you. Astounding DAC Easily the best my ears have heard. If anyone can refer someone in Sydney to switch 110V to 240V please let me know. I was not aware that it could be done.
  5. DX is not for sale. You should not mix "very small fraction" with "almost inconsequential" If you up a cable or interconnect a thousand dollars or so I again, call very small fraction and not almost inconsequential. I upped a pair of ECC83-12AX7 pre-amp valves to a pair of 1953 CV492 BRIMAR Long black square and again up a fraction. I personally am finding cables, DAC and valves can bring out the fiber of the instruments where the DX works on the accuracy and timing of the material. Excuse my rant, I'm not that up on HiFi and thankfully I've learnt so much from this forum. I absolutely love my music. As I said DX is the sharpest knife in the kitchen but the other knives are also very sharp. Its the room, your ears and the overall mix of the music and equipment. Change the room or the music and it all falls like code in the Matrix.
  6. Only my opinion, my system in my room with my ears I have had my DX upgraded, and into an Accuphase DC-37 DAC and also PSAudio Bridged DAC next to a PC using dedicated coax out (Belden 1694A Cable) its a close call. The Accuphase handles the COAX like a master and beats the PSAudio DAC (USB) (and not using the Network Bridge off the NAS.) My call is: It's the DAC and cables that count. The DX only just beats the the PC by a very very small fraction, similar to a cable change.
  7. JBL4315 Bought new around 1985, amazing with the right room and equipment.
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