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  1. Definitely understand your point. I've had to sit on my Holton build as I ran into major performance issues where the power output was hugely underwhelming. At this stage pointing to at least a transformer swap. I've elected to send my amp back to Anthony which for personal reasons - very sick father who recently passed away - I haven't been able to do just yet. Ozzie
  2. I was so impressed I bought FOUR one for each TV in the house. I actually prefer these over using the apps inbuilt to the TV. As an example, whenever I used Netflix from the TV it would lag. Use my phone and Chromecast it and no problems. Great price. GLWTS.
  3. I had one and very quickly developed sellers remorse. Great units.
  4. I have been down this path for some years now. I got a colleague to build a DIY minisharc. They are great units but built to a price. So I am changing tack and going down the path of the Ultimate Preamp. The guy is extremely knowledgeable and has built a very very good product which is modular in design. Furthermore he is representative of the quality home grown products that this country is renown for. See - https://analog-precision.com/home/upp/
  5. Yeah I had a sneaking suspicion the only way to do this would be by lowering the rail voltage. Well done ANDY. I am intrigued by your amplifier build. Interestingly when Maggie's first came out I believe they were getting coupled with valve amplifiers so it is not like they can't be.
  6. Do those feet which seem to elevate the unit off the legs come with the player? It looks absolutely superb with that effect! GLWTS
  7. Stunning condition! I am just a flat panel die hard I guess. But gee whiz you get a lot of speaker for this sort of money.
  8. Hi mate just had a quick read. I can only surmise your design has been rejigged because looking at the thread - and I hope I have not misinterpreted - seems to say: "19.1W into 4R, clipping at negative 13Vpk. This is not designed for 4R; it's specifically for 8R with dips to 6R. For big power, say >50W into 4R, I would change outputs and rejig some of the output stage values to maintain stability, THD and power into lower loads." Which seems to suggest to me that Hugh has been very inventive in his design. Clearly it works!!
  9. Andy, Sounds fantastic. Can you provide photos of the internals to the amp. That is a decent amount of current isnt it. The amp must have a stiff power supply for those results.
  10. Have to agree with this completely. I've raised my concerns at the pricing of the NC1200 in amps like the Mola Mola and yet Alan gets you in the frame with those very modules for a fraction of the cost.
  11. I don't disagree with that. Sometimes I think OPs should intervene a lot more than what they do by steering the ship when necessary as opposed to leaving it to the mods. Let the OP decide if the information is useful or not.
  12. Don't agree. It's inevitable that this line of enquiry will come to the surface. It's something that I'm sure any curious observer will need to resolve so why not welcome these opinions prior to spending the money.
  13. There are suggestions that ones which incorporate GaN semiconductor technology is a real game changer. Yes they are pricey but I believe the price is gradually coming down.. https://www.powerelectronicsnews.com/opening-up-the-next-chapter-of-class-d-audio-amplifier-performance/
  14. Andrew, Just to add to Andy's comment I would look for an amplifier which is 2 ohm stable. From memory another SNAer had an impedance graph for your speakers and if memory serves me correct they do dip down quite low. Another consideration is that Maggie's tend to be highly inefficient. Whatever piece of gear you do choose be mindful that at the bare minimum it needs to handle 4 ohm loads without too much stress. Maggie's are amplifier sensitive unlike other speaker ranges especially if you want to get the best out of them. Ozzie
  15. Hi Andrew, What Andy said. The amp that you have unfortunately won't cut the mustard I'm afraid. Maggie's are extremely current hungry and has the tendency of testing any amplifier it's presented with. Don't forget that placement is also crucial where inches can and do count in terms of of sound presentation - they do like a sweet spot. I would also look into integrating a sub for the bottom end. Cheers Ozzie
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