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  1. Dan, Did you actually listen to the Emotiva coupled with a pair of Magicos. That's the point I'm trying to make. I'm not diminishing your experience with the Emotiva brand. Both of us have had sufficient experience with different types of gear to be able to acknowledge that pairings do make a difference. And that is my whole point. The prescriptive recommendation is to try the pairing before you form any conclusions. I'll give you an example. Without revealing the persons identity I know of a chap who has some pretty high end gear with sime very decent magnepan speakers. Ordinarily these are partnered with SS amps and decent ones at that. This chap has tried some outstanding amps in the past. What is he using today? Class D monoblocs which he would never ever have thought to use. Yes class D is commonly used by planar enthusiasts in an active system for the bottom end. But very rarely if ever do you hear of persons using them on Maggie's with passive XOs. If he held the viewpoint as a lot of people do with Class D that they don't work as well as an AB amplifier then he wouldnt be reaping the rewards. Try the combination and then make the conclusion. That is all that I am suggesting. Suggesting that Magicos require the proverbial Ferrari is nothing more than elitist. Which goes a long way to explaining how audiophiles will pair high end speakers with other high end accessories as a matter of perceived necessity.
  2. Dan, I don't have Emotiva HENCE the reason why I won't quote on its alleged performance. I've read on the forums that it has been coupled quite frequently with Maggie speakers due to its stability into low impedance loads. Stable doesn't necessarily mean good sonic outcomes. I'm not casting aspersions as like I said it requires the proper testing.
  3. Dan, I appreciate the point you are making however this does not diminish the importance of doing a proper A/B comparison. We have all had enough experience to appreciate that one amplifier may work very well with one lot of speakers but present an entirely different experience with another set. I have an absolutely sublime and yet cheap Lightspeed Attenuator preamp that presents amazing value for many and yet you will not get the best out of it if there is an impedance mismatch. You won't know until you try that particular combination.
  4. So you are saying you have heard this combination together? @Bunno77 Just to clarify, are you saying you have heard the different setups, that is an Emotiva coupled with the Magico's, along with the Mcintosh etc without knowing which was which?
  5. I'd love for all the naysayers to partake in a listening experience where a number of amplifiers are included in the line-up, Emotiva as well, in suitably controlled conditions and then report back their observations. This is a good example of price influencing people's perspectives. Spend ten thousand on speaker cables and you'll have ten thousand reasons to think they do something to the sound.
  6. One of the best ones out there especially at this price range.
  7. Considering the price here: https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/mcintosh-mc75-1-x-75-watt-tube-mono-power-amplifier.html And the above is for one! This is a very very very fair price. Absolute bargain. McIntosh and Pass Labs are my dream go to amps as a Magnepan owner. Just beautiful. GLWTS.
  8. @gonefishing999 Has the Cardis speaker cables.
  9. I think it needs to be acknowledged that many an audiophile incorporates a sub into their system irrespective of what type of speaker they have. The DWMs were always an attempt at getting the bottom end that was achievable with the Tympani range without the extra panels. I've heard what the 20.7s have to offer and I know the Tympanis have more to offer epically in the bottom end. I've got no doubts these 30.7s will be astonishingly good.
  10. Gary it depends what you mean by ribbon. I think that Magnepan like any company out there play somewhat fast and loose with their descriptions to give the impression that Maggie's are ribbon speakers. To be perfectly accurate they use a material of varying lengths and thickness which they either glue onto the Mylar in the presence of an array of magnets or they suspend and glue between magnets in a cage for the tweeter. It's possible you could and I've heard it done you could get Al foil from your kitchen, cut it to size and use that as a tweeter depending upon resistance. How successful that is I don't know.
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