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  1. About the only thing I think I could afford are the speaker outputs - whatever brand they may be. Absolutely stunning amps !! GLWTS
  2. Gary, For those size speakers mate, 1.3 metres in the big scheme of things is really nothing. If it was me I would move the horns out and leave the maggies in the same place. I think you will be surprised by the outcome. Give them as much room to breathe as you can.
  3. Pass Labs and maggies make a very very good team. This would have sounded amazing.
  4. This is extremely disappointing news. I know Matt that the blame can't and shouldn't be levelled at you but one has to wonder about quality control and testing and lack of it. I was actually really looking forward to what I considered to be an affordable introduction to 4k PJs which to my mind has been a pretty poor offering given the inherent noise issue. I realise this does not apply to all of these projector's but the fact remains that the problem is not limited to a few purchasers.
  5. Andh I'm not sure if replacing the MDF frames would be an advantage. Ivd not heard of too many enthusiasts who have gone to the trouble of replacing the framework on the 20.7s with sold wooden. I know from past experience a repairer who went down the route of adding metal plates to a pair of IIIAS which greatly increased the weight of the speakers. This had the effect of hugely reducing frame vibration. He commented that doing this on a big speaker like the 20. 7s would be superfluous as they are already very heavy speakers so I'm inclined to think that replacing the MDF on the newest model wouldn't be so essential. These speakers would I believe definitely benefit from stands. Cheers.
  6. RJ That is very interesting BUT - and yes I know there is always a but - you need to clarify this by providing a reference point. Quoting the above is meaningless without it. What were the speakers like before? The physical differences between the 20.7 and 30.7 is glaringly obvious RJ. And then when one explores even further and notices that the bass panels have magnets on both sides one realises how much of an upgrade this is. Having vacuum bonded panels that have presumably been soaked with Nepalese yak semen might sound really good on the spec sheet but do they give better sound reproduction. I cant answer that.
  7. Big Dog, My feeling as to why they introduced the 30.7s is due to the fact that the 20.7s was as far as they could take the system to a high level. Adding the DWM's raised it up a notch which as any maggie owner knows is NOT necessary when you can meet the demands of the bottom end with a pair of subs. In terms of the DWMs its my view that you could get a lot more out of them with the smaller maggie speakers as they would cover up to 200Hz. This becomes less of a requirement when dealing with multi panels as they already have that covered with the additional panels. As far as parts is concerned again I am of the view that magnepan do things on the cheap out of commercial necessity. Thats not to say that this is the case with the 20.7s or 30.7s with regards to quality capacitors or inductors as I am sure they do meet a very good level BUT I do think that you can achieving amazing things with maggies by replacing the framework and certainly massive improvements are to be had with the use of quality stands. By the way I think you can do much cheaper and just as good as the purpose built mye stands. Additionally, going active is something that the overwhelming majority of maggie owners do NOT do for a number of reasons. Have you heard a maggie system that uses an active XO in lieu of the passive RJ? If not I would advise doing so. Of course this requires a good DSP and a lot of work in terms of leveling the speakers and addressing what order slopes you want to incorporate.
  8. Totally disagree Big Dog for a number of reasons which I will go into here. For many many many years, audiophiles were begging Magnepan to reintroduce the tympani range. If you go over to the planar forum you can read for yourself. The planar asylum is THE maggie forum by the way and has a number of people who have links with Wendell. Magnepan listened. Why? Think about the following Big Dog - why did magnepan introduce the DWM woofer panels???? Because it was an acknowledgement on their part that the single panels were missing something in the bottom end. This includes the 20.7s. Put simply two panels of lower end surface area will outdo one panel. My bass panels by the way were completely rewired BUT with quasi ribbon and NOT the original wire. Difference in sound - chalk and cheese. Let me clarify this remark by stating that the repairer presented two pairs of 1Ds with the QR and with the original wire so I had a reference point. Night and day difference. I DONT believe in passive XO's. I am all for active so I think that the current 30.7s can be improved even more. But the fact remains that a pair of 20.7s coupled with a pair of DWM's are a poor mans tympani range.
  9. Yep me too. Was actually at Domayne looking for an AV receiver many years ago and had a great chat with one of the sales people who told me about these flat panel speakers - magnepans. It just so happened that Bill's store was 5 minutes from my place. A couple of weeks later I made my way into the store and heard the 3.7's. Quite literally 5 seconds of listening and I was transfixed and as @andyr would say once you go flat you never go back. I have just never come across a pair of speakers that can give you that wall of sound and "air" that maggies give you. Its difficult trying to explain what "air" means but if you are a maggie owner you will get it. I have been very very fortunate to have built a home theatre system consisting of the 1Ds, MMG;s and MGMC1s. For good measure I have the IIIAs for upstairs.
  10. Hi mate, From what I can see plenty of Maggie owners in Vic. If you are around Central Coast of New South Wales by all means come over at my place. Cheers Ozzie
  11. More current than anything else. Perhaps an oversimplification but you get my drift.
  12. Russ, We make assumptions all the time. And very reasonable ones at that. But what motivates us in this context? It's reasonable to assume its backed by bias. We all do it. Me included.
  13. Andy, Pointing the bone at someone doesn't add give you any credibility. By his own admission he has NOT done the direct comparison. If you follow that with a "suspect" then you kind of set yourself up to be asked why. Side by side comparisons Andy are exactly that. I'm not sure what it is you are confusing here sir. The problem here is that you have taken direct snippets to promote your own argument. I actually included the entire phrasing. Has Russ heard both side by side? If not then it becomes obvious that something is at play. I "suspect" it might be bias but I could be wrong. 😂
  14. MSB DACS do the same thing Gary. Its high time these companies promote modular designs which can increase the longevity of your purchase.
  15. Buddyev, This is what you said : it’s ridiculously good and, while I haven’t done a direct comparison with DSD on my system, I suspect the vinyl would be more engaging again. So I'll ask the question again given your admission, why would you suspect the vinly to be more engaging. I don't know how someone can avoid facing their own bias when they admit to not having made the direct comparison.. Perhaps we are misunderstanding one another here. You need to hear both side by side. That's the whole point of making an A/B assessment.
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