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  1. Holton Audio International HiFi Show Photos

    @Aussieamps @125dBmonster I havent been to the HiFi show but definitely thinking about coming next year AND bringing down the beast that I am making I have had a few people suggest to me privately so lets see if we can make it happen.
  2. Battery Based Audiophile Beyond

    @andyr Looks interesting does it not.
  3. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    @Addicted to music Its all about "FUNCTIONAL" movement now. Love the reasoning. I'm doing a lot of HIIT work. The end goal is to get on Ninja Warrior as the oldest participant and not embarrass myself. The oldest bit I'll walk in but the embarrassment is another story
  4. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    @Addicted to music Going off the weights in the photo - how much are you benching brother
  5. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    @generichs Went and saw Bill today to have a chat. He will have to get in the 30.7s as he knows it would be impossible to sell without hearing them. Price wise it will be circa $40-45k.
  6. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    I've heard the Spatials and DeVore's in Bills shop. Personally they arent my cup of tea. I just find box speakers in general to lack that really open, wide, expansive wall of sound that characterises the Maggie signature. My gut feeling is that Bill - and I dont say this as a statement of fact - could possibly be tempted into bringing down the 30.7s to demo at the shows. I dont think his store is ideal for that. Although my house is
  7. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    Mate good on you for at least trying them out. Nothing lost in doing this.
  8. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    Good point Peter! I have my 1Ds in a room measuring 6x6mtrs which by all accounts is average(?) and I am working towards something special. I think that something needs to be mentioned here which Bill told me a while back. As you move up the models, you get more of what you have from the previous model. My 1Ds absolutely smoke the IIIAs and I can honestly say the IIIAs with a true ribbon is really really good. But that is what the 1Ds are supposed to do. You would expect the 30.7s to do the same to the 20.7s.
  9. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    I don't get it to be honest. David's room looks unworkable. Same with Andys. But, by all accounts they work.
  10. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    They have guessed that on the basis that the 30.7s are roughly 2.5 times the value of the 20.7s. Thay would equate to the 30.7s being north of 60k in AUD. Room is a very big factor with Maggie's and should not be underestimated. I would never go for the 30. 7s unless I had the 20.7s singing. The 30.7s are without a doubt a return to the Tympanis and will definitely be an improvement I think on the 20.7s. Plenty to choose from.
  11. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    Ive not heard Andy's system so I am loathe to comment. However I would recommend to the OP that they audition another system given that Andy's really is non standard. He's obviously put a lot of work into it but there's little point I think relying exclusively upon this to form an opinion when you should be listening to standard set-ups because that is what you would be getting. Bill will have no problem in conceding that going active, wooden frames, steel suppprts etc will all go to improve the sound quality of any Maggie. But the overwhelming majority of Maggie owners never do this so it's important to listen to them as is. I've seen photos of djbs setup and quite frankly didn't think it would work. But, according to people who have been to David's, it most definitely does. The ARC may not be enough but I don't think you have to go north to replace it. Unfortunately I think ego plays a big part in what people choose when thats not necessary. An ME 850 Hi Caps would cost you around 3.5k and would smoke pretty much any amp in any price range. Once you go flat they stick in your mind. Bit like an old flame you lusted after [emoji3]
  12. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    My feeling is that @Sir Sanders Zingmore is correct. Have a read of the comments in the thread: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/audio-research-ref-150-or-250-with-maggie Maybe not enough juice.
  13. @Upfront I agree. The transformer will be the centre piece to the entire system I feel. It will be 3.0KVA and it will be massive. Ultimately I want this amplifier to smoke a lot of high end gear out there when its done. I think everything that I have done so far is putting the best possible foot forward to achieve this goal. I really believe that Anthony Holton is onto something with this design. As I have said before, find an amp that gives you 800wpc into 4 ohms, ~1200 (if not more) stable into 2 with unconditional stability at the same load with stability into 1 ohm, a massive 3KVA transformer, all for well under 3.5k and I would be happy to be steered in that direction. The only one I can think of is a high caps ME 850.
  14. Magnepans in Melbourne/Victoria?

    Mate not so much compared to the biggest change coming. The 30.7's will have their principle change in magnets being on both sides to give better control in the bass panels. AFAIK it will have a true ribbon with no change and the mid range looks to be about the same size as previous iterations. A properly set up Tympani, particularly the 1Ds and or IVAs leave everthing else currently available behind. The 1Ds are regarded by many as being the best ever maggie even to this day. The 30.7 is an acknowledgement of this. BUT, give me a .7, coupled with a Magtech and a 12k La Scala Dac any day over any other maggie that isnt properly setup. And yes I have heard that combination and it is liquid. At the moment Peter Keenan - @gonefishing999 is building a minisharc with all the bells and whistles which will be an upgrade on the minidsp. Once that happens it will be interesting to see what magic is produced.