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  1. ghost4man

    DEQX Owners Thread

    It certainly is an option without having to resort to going down the path that Andy has which imo is not necessarily the most effective. Andy's way appears to be more problematic. This is the benefit of DIY where you can taylor the design to meet your individual needs. If there is enough interest then I can post pics.
  2. ghost4man

    FS: Peachtree Nova 150 Amplifier

    They actually drive Maggie's very well also which is saying something.
  3. ghost4man

    DEQX Owners Thread

    Minidsp doesn't do FIR but the minisharc does.
  4. Scumbag, Your answer is based on the pre supposition that I have little idea what takes place in a recoding studio. Once the mixers get a hold of the recording they weave their magic for very specific reasons - to achieve a product that is competitive in gaining the attention of the listener. I would categorise them as food engineers who create a product which attempts to replicate the natural product but falls way short because it is not the real thing. In music this goes way back to 1980 and as George has pointed out the level of compression has continued unabated. The problem is once you do that to the original I know of no product out there that can reverse this. Compression affects the sound. It has to. There is no other way of looking at it. And it is meant too. Go back to my previous example of narrowing the range between a whisper and a shout. The human ear benefits from being exposed to the contrast presented through dynamic range the lack of which leads to a fatiguing sound. Recording studios are preoccupied with meeting their own needs.
  5. If one can't discern the difference between heavily compressed music and music which is presented as close to the original then the answer would be a yes. It's staring the obvious and not meant to be taken personally.
  6. Not quite sure what point you are trying to make. I like to listen to music which is as close to a live reproduction as possible. That's my preference. The issue with compression and the impact that it has had on the dynamic range is well known. This has become what we now known to be the loudness war. I personally like to hear the difference between a whisper and a shout which becomes compromised with compression. If you can't discern that difference then I would suggest the problem lies elsewhere. Have a good read about this history and you'll quickly discover that compression and narrowing of the dynamic range is all about increasing competitiveness by grabbing the attention of the listeners by making their music louder.
  7. Out of curiosity I would love to put my Holo Spring Level 2 DAC up against this. These R2R DACS are the best in my humble opinion. In saying that one of the things that I have taken on board from George and that is to source music with the highest DR you can find. That I feel is the key. Music with low DR, that is under 10 will struggle regardless of how good your equipment is.
  8. ghost4man

    FS: Pass Labs X250.5 (2 years old)

    Absolute ball breaking amplifiers that according to Bill McLean are beasts when driving maggies. Wish I had the funds. GLWTS.
  9. ghost4man

    More Power needed

    A lot of people in the time that I have been on this forum have spoken about the virtues of the ME amplifiers well before these upgrades came to light. I have no doubts that the upgrades will improve performance but the ME stands alone as a damn good amplifier without such improvements. Ozzie
  10. ghost4man

    More Power needed

    Most if not all amplifiers Trevor are perfectly stable at 2 ohm loads. Some just seem to be stable for a pico second only
  11. ghost4man

    More Power needed

    Thank you for the clarification. I was actually genuinely interested if there was and what they were because I went through this before to the extent I am on the tail end of a Holton Precision Audio build - 800wpc into 4 ohms. I dont doubt that there are much cheaper out there but I have auditioned many different amplifiers with maggies and I can personally tell you there is a difference in SQ with better amps - not necessarily more expensive ones.
  12. ghost4man

    More Power needed

    For the life of me I do not understand why it is that people have to be act in this way. Is there anything in your post that would assist the OP. Did I ask you to be my shopping assistant? No. Andy made a comment and it was you that asserted that there were as you said dozens of amplifiers at 1/6 the cost of the Sanders. When I asked for five examples you give the above reaction which perhaps suggest that the numbers you are quoting at the nominated pricing may not be so true. Do you not think that the OP could've benefited from you supporting your claim given his budgetary restrictions?
  13. ghost4man

    More Power needed

    I must admit I haven't come across that many. Could you name 5 that represent that sort of performance rating at $1000. The Sanders is actually very very stable at 1 ohm loads. I've been in Bill McLean's shop when he has hooked up a DWM woofer panel on each speaker which has presented a much lower 4 ohm impedance rating and it handled it with ease. Maggie's or Magnepan speakers are one of these speakers that just seems to get better and better when you couple them with improved amplification.
  14. ghost4man

    More Power needed

    Dave, So I have it firmly in my mind then an impedance curve for my speakers would be a flat line across the frequency spectrum - say 20hz - 20k without any deviation. And if I add a third driver, a true ribbon, to cover 3k and above then this will obviously change the graph as we know that the TR driver goes down to 2 ohms and below.
  15. ghost4man

    More Power needed

    Absolute must read. Big thanks to @davewantsmooreand @georgehififor their knowledge, patience and time. I was the one that asked Dave re the Tympani 1Ds. This is critical information for Maggie owners when trying to determine which amplifier to couple. We know that Maggie's benefit greatly when married to amplifiers that can perform under load.