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  1. If you speak to the guys on the planar forum yes. You would need 6 per side. If you were to follow @VanArn then 2 per side only. I would go for the 6 if only for the fact that someone has done it with 6 and not 2. I wouldnt necessarily be rushing into the Neo's just yet though.
  2. ghost4man

    WTB: Holo Spring Dac

    Item: Holo Spring Dac Price Range: 1500-2000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking to buy the Holo Spring Dac. Would consider either of the levels on offer. Ideally after the I2S feature and R2R ladder dac that these present. Cheers. Ozzie
  3. VanArn, Just because the stated values for the AMT are such that it can operate at 800Hz does not mean that it will give you the best sound sonically. Recall that the person implementing this combination already has a pair of 2 way speakers utilising seas drivers and the AMT's. Peter found that 2200Hz suited best. You are making the same assumptions that other people are making and that is wanting to introduce the Neo's at a much lower XO point because perhaps you hold that it will deliver the best sound. Consider the following. Ask yourself why it is that Magnepan cut the bass panels off at 1100Hz. Why not cut them off earlier? My feeling is that whilst the Neo's can do the job it doesnt necessarily mean that they will do a better job in that 300-1100Hz range which is what the bass panels are doing. To this day the 1D bass panels are regarded as one of the best if not the best made by Magnepan. They sound even better when rewired with QR instead of the wire which is what I have. I am not that convinced that the 1D tweeter is as much of a problem as some would believe although it has been said by the planar guys that the Neo's work better in that range and bear in mind VanArn that they are combined with a maggie true ribbon as opposed to this configuration with the AMTs. I believe that Satie runs his Neo's full range but there is a resonance issue at around 8k. This is all about integration. The suggestion here of combining a pair of maggie bass panels, 2 Neo's per side and a pair of AMT's is to my mind a very interesting mix. Will there be some phase issues doing this? Is the potential for phase differences mitigated to a large extent by the size or rather "smallness" of the room. Cheers. Ozzie
  4. Hi guys. Just put things on a temporary back burner. My father started off with a Clark Level 4 Nodular melanoma which had to get cut out. The cancer had a thickness of 5.5 mm. So the specialist from the Melanoma Institute of Australia ordered a full body PET scan and brain scan. Brain scan clear. PET scan revealed two spots on right lung, one spot on left lung, lump underneath armpit for which a fine needle aspiration was done. That's not the biggest concern at the minute. Unfortunately there is a major issue in his ascending bowel which requires a colonoscopy this Friday. The Professor told me in private that she is very concerned about this. It is all identified as new growth stemming from the skin cancer. So I guess you could say my kidney stone isn't much to talk about. Its been a fight trying to get the procedures done as the hospitals, well are pushed to the brink. To say I've had moments of contemplation is about the understatement of the year. Obviously the amp and a whole lot of other things have been put on the back foot. I WILL return to the amp though. That's my story at the moment guys. Always heard about other people experiencing cancer until now watching it with my 81 year old father. Life throws you curve balls.
  5. Vanarn This is simply not the case. There has been quite a bit of discussion on the planar forum about the uses of the Neo 8s. The ideal number is 6 per side as Satie and comoanh are doing. Only incorporating 2 per side is self limiting to say the least. You are also not limited to using the Neo 6s and the Neo 10s which have their strengths and weaknesses. I do applaud your thinking outside the square by at least having some alternative knowledge. There is also talk that the Monsoon drivers are even better but no one on the planar forum has done this. You need the 6 because you want an array which will resemble the type of imaging from a bigger driver.
  6. Andy, this is something that I have known for some time in terms of the ability of the true ribbon to go down that far, although it did surprise me particularly given some of the suggestions from the planar guys. I think we need to bring back the focus to the listening experience and not be swayed by the numbers. I dont know if you heard Davids system in the last month or so but the point - from what I can see that Peter is making - is that you would HAVE to hear a difference between the Maggie tweeter and the AMT because there is a huge drop off around 12k with the maggie but not the case with the AMT. If it sounds the same to the listener then can they make the distinction between 12k and 20k. I have not heard recently so I cant comment. Another concern is the maggie tweeter. The fact that it measures 10 ohms can only mean that one of the runs is faulty. Re the Neo experiment - I am not convinced that it is the way to go. I just dont think enough people have implemented it to be sure it will work.
  7. Andy in answer to your statement re tweeter and XO point for 3.5 I can only go off the following
  8. It does make you wonder if Oppo will re think their position given this "late" popularity.
  9. Andy I think you will find that the position of the AMTs outside or inside is perhaps not as problematic as some would suggest. But you will form your own opinion when you listen to it. I'm thinking Peter has XO to the HF at the higher end as per your suggestion and yielded a very good result. So I hear from the underground planar movement [emoji3]
  10. Hi Andy, If you have the multi panel maggies like the Tympani range you do have to rearrange the panels accordingly if you have intentions of moving the tweeter either from the inside or the outside. Simply moving the tweeter panel is not sufficient. In terms of outcome I dare not comment because when I came to Davids place my immediate impression was that it would not work. I was wrong.
  11. ghost4man

    FS: Wyred4Sound DAC-2 in Black

    This is an absolute ripper of a price for a DAC that has I2S connectivity. A lot of high end DACs dont have that. Shame this isnt R2R ladder DAC. Mate GLWS
  12. Thats correct. That was the one I was referring to actually. Just bear in mind that for that model it goes like this: Low Pass (Bass) - 18dB(butterworth) - 200Hz High Pass ( mid range to tweeter) - 12dB(quasi) - 300Hz. So that is for a 3 way system with the true ribbon in place. The 3.X series are to this day very highly regarded especially due to having the true ribbon on the top end. So historically Magnepan has employed some fairly non conventional XO points and slopes with some of their speakers. Andy's point is taken however in terms of whats implemented its not what Magnepan seem to have done.
  13. That seems to be the general consensus doesnt it. I couldnt see the point of getting a 205 when you can easily better the DAC with an external one. I'm inclined to think that maybe we are looking at this with some narrow thinking. I could easily go out there and set up a HTPC to deal with both the audio and video. Everybody is prepared to accept the limited lifespan of a PC, purpose built or not. So what difference does it make with the Oppo? The Oppo can spin discs of pretty much any variety. You can connect an Amazon box or whatever and stream netflix, Youtube etc. You can download content and then playback by way of external hard drive. The capabilities of this unit doesnt change because of what has occurred. You could easily spend double on a PC and then in 3 years be back again to do the same. I still have my 103 which I would prefer over any AVR. These Oppo units seriously give you value for money.
  14. Andy what you say makes for good theory and there is no doubt worth considering. However, like most things on theory it needs to translate into a physical reality. My concern can be related in the following way. Pause for a moment and consider the following. Think about what the original XO point was. It was 1100 Hz with a HP and LP traversing that mark over a narrow bandwidth. Let's assume we drop it down to 600 Hz. Firstly, is the driver capable of being driven that low? If it is, does it translate sonically? If you say yes then why didn't they set it at that mark in the first instance? Could it be that 1100 was the ideal point? Could you account for a 1100/2200 XO range with say 24dB slopes. We know historically that one of the 3 way Maggie's in the past has crossed over to the true ribbon at 1800 so the ribbon does have downward movement potential. This is the beauty of going active which we can test for. Cheers Ozzie
  15. Personally I got the 203 at a really good price and simply got a better DAC to utilise with it as I prefer to use a R2R ladder DAC. I think the benefit of the 205 is if you are happy with its DAC. Beyond that I wouldn't get it. As to the efficacy of the mods there are numerous people doing it but I dont know what the consensus is beyond what the individuals who have had it done are prepared to state. Do they provide the level of improvement they claim? I cant answer that to be honest. At the moment I wouldnt be prepared to invest in such improvements given the direction that Oppo has taken. But thats my position right now. Cheers. Ozzie