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  1. I agree. But what does that do to the pricing? On that basis we should be paying less not more for the 1200s. Commercial motivation ALWAYS dictates pricing points. Promoting the purifi as being "better" than the 1200s will most assuredly impact on pricing hence the reason why you simply cannot sell the 1200s in 20k units whilst the purifi are much much lower. Eventually common-sense takes over and the market adjusts.
  2. They don't have to have that intention. The market dictates they end up in one.
  3. Alan, I'm not being facetious but I wouldn't expect you to say anything else. The facts are very clear. NC1200 modules were being implemented by a number of sellers adding their own spice along the way with a price that was largely dictated by other forces. Those pressures are no longer there which now means that the price has absolutely plummeted. I cannot fathom how the purifi will get a stranglehold if the pricing remains similar when your selling point is technical - read whether this is even audible to the listener - improvement, when the 1200s as I understand still offer big reserves of grunt over the latest iteration. There seems to be confusion here with how the technology is improving over commercial motivations. They need to be separated.
  4. A betting man Alan would then say that this would put even more downward pressure on the 1200s to be priced below that of the latest purifi modules.
  5. Anthony I'm all for the genuine guys being able to make ends meet. I think however during the course of this thread it has become apparent that the adopted business model, certainly with the 1200 modules has been interesting to say the least. I can see their pricing sinking even further.
  6. Completely concur. If you read between the lines it would be anticipated that Bruno would make some sort of positive declaration about the newer modules compared to the 1200s but what does that really mean hearing wise. Line the two up against a pair of big Maggie's like my 1Ds which have two bass panels per side and lets see the end result. I'd say this is another commercial decision by Bruno where his latest module is more affordable to the public. Tell everyone that the new ones are better than the 1200s, it forces the price down due to perception. I'll wager the 1200s will be even cheaper in the next 12 months. Basically if you don't have difficult to drive speakers then you have no need for them. Sellers will keep pushing the newer gear onto the public based on bench scores that might mean very little in listening tests but make for good sales pitches.
  7. You really get to know what sort of amp you have when you start putting the squeeze on it. Basically this amp goes to water.
  8. That old chestnut R&D gets a mention yet again. When the chips are down and you haven't been able to convince the folk you pull this one out of the hat.
  9. That's about it in a nutshell I'm afraid. I wouldn't expect him to say anything less. I don't doubt the next iteration will generate the same response. If you really want to test them, line up some difficult to drive speakers, like Maggie's, and then take them for a run. The example of comparing with a known brand is a good one I think. Let the listeners decide for themselves.
  10. Alan whilst I understand what you are saying mate I think you need to review the above. I know you like to adopt professional courtesy but you are basically arguing that the input buffer on the Mola represents 15k extra in costing. Mate it just doesn't wash. We don't have to agree with one another but most of us are aware when we're being had. Having their own Bruno input buffer is like KFCs secret herbs and spices. Read into that what you will but I think most people would agree that your pricing is fair. Mola pricing on the other hand is beyond a joke.
  11. Not really mate I think. You don't need to worry about massive cases or similarly sized transformers. It doesn't occupy much real estate. You can get loads of power and current which makes it pound for pound a very attractive option. They are easy to place and move around due to their lightweight. Sorry i think that Class D is here to stay and very much the future. Whilst the purists might hang on to the CRT tvs the reality is the overwhelming majority of us have flat panel televisions. We really do embrace new and emerging technologies. Audio however has the hangers on who will argue no matter what that valves are best and will always resist the new kid on the block.
  12. I keep hearing how intelligent Bruno Putzey is. I don't doubt that the guy is a brilliant engineer. But that whole situation which reflected in the pricing constraint made on how much the NC 1200s could be sold for has left teh market with amplifiers that can now be bought for 4k and probably under as opposed to 20k. They need to be called out on this. I actually respect the fact that Alan is at least selling the gear at price which could hardly be considered exorbitant. Its clear that others aren't. Let the consumers decide.
  13. Yeah, every time I hear about the opamps this springs to mind. And then dont forget the internal cables. But when they start talking about distance between binding posts I start to think about cooking times. Some things just need that little bit of extra love and care. It just beggars belief. One minute you're paying 20k and before you know it its down to 4. Call that one reaching the expiry date on the food label.
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