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  1. Hi Wippet, I also am a new owner and took advantage of the great pricing and purchased a 9900. Out of the box the E Shift is defaulted to on, this means that it would be hard to get any focus on a pixel as it is moving. In the first menu page you will find MPC, go in here and turn it to 2k. That will turn off the E shift and make the pixels static and you should see the pixels as posted at the beginning of this thread. Mine are pretty even across the screen. This would have to be the best value for money projector ever. Thrilled with mine. Cheers Mark
  2. That looks fantastic ? You could try Ivan Richards amps in Gosford , a well respected Guitar amp guy. Cheers Mark
  3. Thanks guys , and Hippy the oval shape was done using guide lines and hand planer , followed by sanding . All the usual stuff. Cheers Mark
  4. Some lovely work here , enjoyed browsing through the posts . First post here by me , Just some speaker stands made for my Osborn EOS reference speakers . Jarah with Wenge and Koto highlights . And a section showing the profile the Jarah centre is 50mm x 200mm . Cheers Mark
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys .
  6. Hi all , been visiting a bit lately so decided to join up, Cheers Mark
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