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  1. Item: Paradigm Studio CC690 (Will consider Piano black, Black ash or Rosenut) Let me know if you have one. Keen to buy ASAP. Looking to upgrade my CC590. Will pay good money for one. I'm in melbourne, also willing to buy interstate and cover costs of shipping.
  2. Still looking for a set of Paradigm Studio 20's and a Paradigm CC-690 centre. Piano black preferred and will also consider rosenut. If you're looking to sell, or thinking about it, please get it in touch. I'll offer a good price! Cheers
  3. Still looking for a set of Studio 20's and a CC-690
  4. Still looking for a set of Paradigm Studio 20s and a CC690 centre...
  5. Still looking for a set of Paradigm Studio 20s and a CC690 centre...
  6. Thanks for that advice there - good points. Doing it once and properly
  7. We're still leaving exposed beams, as we're only plastering between them to allow us to add insulation. So you'll still see the beam, probably just half the depth.
  8. Thanks for the link. Yeah, the reason for that is due to the room behind it requiring a recessed wall for built-in cabinetry. The bookshelves in that 3D render is only placeholder. In that corner there will be an "AV rack" using buit-in shelving that will be flush with the wall that comes out. The bottom part of the shelves may stick out slightly, but will be minimal and I've measured this which will not interfere with the front-right speaker or screen from the viewing position. Flooring will be engineered timber oak. Ideally carpet would be good here, however it won't go with
  9. I have seen a few and this hasn't been an issue - but good point. Thanks - Yeah I'll check that. I already have my LCR speakers (Paradigm Studio's). I should be able to place my projector at least ~4.8-5m back from the screen position. And ideally, the seating position will be about ~3.8-4m away. Thanks! In terms of fixed-screens. Do you think someone coming from an old 70" 1080p LCD TV is going to notice the benefits of a Majestic 120" screen (~$1800) over say, a $400 Selby Acoustics panel?
  10. Hey all – after many years of saving and planning, our renovations are going ahead this year. Part of this includes our secondary living room which will be changed into a semi-dedicated home theatre. One of the biggest changes, is me moving from a 70” LCD to a projector. This room is quite unique with a vaulted ceiling, in which the highest part of the ceiling reaches 4.3m, which will be the location of the projector screen. Here is what the room currently looks like: And a rough look of how it will look po
  11. I have a set of v5 Studio 100s and CC-590 centre and a old Jensen subwoofer. Really want to upgrade these to a CC-690 centre, Studio 20's (for rears) and a SUB15. Preference is piano black - but would consider black ash. Ideally located in Melbourne.
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