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  1. For the record, I subscribe to a number of on-line magazines. including audio and technology, and all of them are defined by the publishers as 'men's interest' magazines, and that's how they're categorised in the on-line library. Here's a question; How and why are gender specific interests determined?
  2. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on why (in your opinion) women tend to not be as tech centric as men.
  3. I can never resist an attractive female stereo type.
  4. 95 has proved to be one of the best vintages IMHO. I still have a dozen of them in the cellar and ditto the 96 vintage which ain't bad either. It's a pity that BVE is no more.
  5. still drinking very well And one for the not too distant future.... That's a 1995 Grant Burge Meshach Imperial.
  6. Nice lunch yesterday at the Quay. It was Japanese cousine, so we started out with a Nest Egg Chardonnay and progressed to a few reds.
  7. My point though is that it need not be constant or stable because the data is buffered and reclocked. The embedded data is coded and interleaved, so it's not in raw pcm format anyway.
  8. The drive mechanism shouldn't have any effect on jitter at all, but it might effect the BER to some extent. Unlike LP playback, CD doesn't require the disc to spin at a constant linear or angular speed. The encoded data is decoded and clocked out of ram.
  9. IMHO, it's better to spend more on a DAC than a server, but sound quality aside it's nice to have a silent server that's reliable. I heard the Antipodes with a Rockna DAC and a Bricasti M1 DAC with the very latest factory upgrades. The Rockna uses the MSB ladder dacs and was very good, but was bested by the Bricasti. In my home system I also use a Bricasti M1, but also have a Berkely Alpha 2, which sounds fantastic with HDCD encoded files.
  10. I have a fan-less pc with W10 installed, and 3x SSD drives, fan-less linear power supply, I7 processor, 16GB ram, Plextor drive, Jcat USB etc... I've just installed Roon and will have a play with it today. FWIW, I was impressed with the Antipodes at the GTG, but was even more impressed with the SGR MusicKube, both with Roon and the proprietary software. In terms of sound quality, the Antipodes sounded a little brighter and edgier than the Kube, and that sentiment was shared among the 6 people in attendance.
  11. Is there anyone here using Antipodes + Roon? I was at a GTG yesterday and we were unable to get roon to play DSD native files without pcm conversion.
  12. Just released in the June edition, Stereophile has a review of the 802D3, by Kal Rubinson. The measured performance is remarkably similar to the predecessor, save for the fact that the mid bass is less pronounced.
  13. Not sure if your budget can stretch as far but I run a Bricasti M1 dac which has a user adjustable attenuator, designed for system gain matching. This mean that the digital volume control doesn't need to be below the level where significant bit stripping occurs.
  14. More gain will give you a better front-to-back ratio, which might be beneficial if you're being overloaded from the rear (so to speak). You can also add a second 3 element yagi for 3dB of gain if necessary. All that's needed is a small length of coax to transform the impedance.
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