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  1. Hi Mark and audiohifiaudio, I think I was too busy to miss the sell in ebay 2 weeks ago. I indeed keep tracking the J2 here in stereonet in past 4-5 months since I using a very efficient 94db (6 ohm ) speakers. My bad luck indeed. ANyway thanks you remind me to be patient and wait again here. Regards Ken
  2. Look for this amp for my high efficient speakers. I am in Perth but can arrange pick up by other is needed. Regards Ken
  3. Hello. I am Ken a new kid here. 90% classical ( mostly chamber music ) and 5% Jazz and 5% pop. TT: Linn LP12 and Garrard 301 plus Thomas Schick Pre: Klyne Power: Art Audio Quintet, Graaf GM20 and Sony ST5650 CDP: Audiolab DAC: Chord Speakers: Roger, Quad ESL. Living Voice
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