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  1. Oh, come now. Everybody needs a power amp, surely. 😊
  2. Item: ROTEL RB1552 mkii 2 channel x 120w Power Amplifier Location: north brisbane Price: $850 (including shipping - main metros) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: System changes Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Purchased early 2016 and original owner. Performed General light duties for surround back speakers. Unit in tip-top shape and comes with original box/padding and power cord. btw the top plate panel is suppose to look all dotty/speckled... it's a "rotel" thing Mkii version with RCA and XLR inputs. Pictures:
  3. Available titles and individual prices have been updated 4th January.
  4. Hi. Items that have been crossed out are sold. The others are still available. Thx
  5. BUMP. Amp is still available folks. top notch condition. looks practically brand new. includes all accessories & boxing. single owner and over 2 years warranty remain.
  6. Priced dropped. Such a tasty apple.. go on... take a bite.. you know you need to 😉
  7. If this doesn't achieve the brown note for you, I don't know what could 💩
  8. i feel your actions are highly reasonable, appropriate and budgetarily sound - for a complete and total nutter! 😉
  9. After a couple of interested buyers on here and elsewhere - with pricing offers lower than i will accept for this still very current unit - i have dropped the price to the above and won't accept any lower than this, so please don't try to haggle. thx
  10. oh wow,.. i have one myself and only ever-ever-so-so-briefly entertained the idea of replacing it... also with the SVS 16 series sub... ..but the room extension required to fit the damn thing was too costly 😋
  11. TBD.. but something with 13.2ch processing 🤤