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  1. TBD.. but something with 13.2ch processing 🤤
  2. Buyer just dropped out of deal. Amp is back up for sale, and looking for a good home.
  3. spaceboi

    FS: Various DVD, Blu-rays and 4KBDs

    Available list is current as of 11th Oct. If you want to bulk buy some titles (3 or more), please let me know and i'll sweeten the deal with a bit more of a saving.
  4. Item: Yamaha CXA5100 7.2.4 Surround AV Processor Location: North North Brisbane Price: $2500 Item Condition: Excellent, near new (and still under original 5 year warranty until March 2021!) Reason for selling: System overhaul/upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Shipping within Australia at buyers expense. Extra Info: 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos and DTS:x Processing. HDMI 2.0 with HDCP2.2 support on all rear HDMIs. Front HDMI is HDCP1.4 only (which is great for some Foxtel users with 1080p displays.) Unit is in excellent condition and comes as near new with remote (the good one, with full learning), YPAO kit, original box and internal foam. Pictures:
  5. spaceboi

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    I have over 70 titles available, so have created a separate thread with lots of photos in the vinyls & CDs topic. most are used and in excellent condition, and some are still new and sealed (as noted), with a price range from $4-$15. Please click below to see what's left, as a few have already sold. thx
  6. oops. that's not right.. shipping is definitively possible (thanks for the pickup)...will fix shortly. it's a pretty big box and so if postage is reasonable i would cover it, but would need to confirm cost first. please PM me if interested. thx
  7. FYI: Got myself an isotek cable the other day, and was told that the local supplier is out of stock of the premier cables until JANUARY 2019 - as they are waiting on more being made in the UK. ... .. and the price is about to go up on all isotek products.. so that's a good buy.
  8. Item: Yamaha A-S1100 Stereo Amplifier Location: Brisbane north "north' side Price: $1600 (Warranty covered until end February 2021! - just under 2.5yrs remaining) Item Condition: excellent near new (has been powering a pair of surround speakers in power amp/main direct mode since purchased) Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Shipping available pls PM to discuss. Extra Info: Current Yamaha model (RRP is $2599), with manufacturer warranty until end of February 2021! Amplifier is in excellent & near new condition. Finished in the rare Black body with Dark Brown Timber panel sides - this finish is no longer brought into Australia by Yamaha. Package includes Amplifier, Remote control, power cable, original box and foam. Pictures:
  9. spaceboi

    Yamaha Warranty

    i can second that. If an Aventage faults during the 1st year it is a replacement not a repair - and just needs to be confirmed by the store you bought it from and they can get you a new one. (NOTE: if you are missing any parts/accessories included with the original amp, you won't get those items back as new - so best to make sure it's all in your original box).
  10. spaceboi

    FS: Various DVD, Blu-rays and 4KBDs

    no problem. will do.
  11. you're truly a good friend! 🤣🤣🤣 I've played with the 700 series speakers and the higher end yammy AVRs and they were certainly more than serviceable, but speakers like the Bowers really come to life with good solid clean power. It's no so much as about MORE power, but rather BETTER power, and I've heard the same speakers with the same amps processing the audio, but running via Rotel power amps (1552 and 1582 specifically) and it was a damn nice improvement overall (don't even get me started about those Bowers on the rotel 1590 ) Getting a top end AVR and good speakers first up is certainly a great way to start. But adding power amps down the track is something to seriously consider, and once you do you'll will never look back.... i know i fell down that rabbit hole HARD! PS I've tried bi-amping with the Yammys and, it does make a little difference with improved bass and smoother dynamics but again, 2 better cleaner external power amps vs 4 internal bi-amps is my preference. AVRS are being asked to do so much as it is these days that it's just one more thing that should be left to the experts (ie dedicated power amps)
  12. Item: various titles for sale Location: Brisbane Northside Price: various (see below) Item Condition: Used and some new/sealed. all well looked after. Reason for selling: upgrading and general clean out Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Will ship anywhere in Australia at buyers expense in Aust Post satchels (tracking) with sufficient bubble-wrap. 3-4 standard sized (single or double disc ) slimcases will fit in a 500g satchel and the costs are: - $9 for regular post with basic tracking, - or $12 express post with basic tracking. NOTE: if movie has more than 2 discs or have special packaging i'll have to check total weight first. Any questions about specific discs, please ask away. All discs are genuine Australian or USA discs (region coding noted where applicable). BD American Hustle $5 BD Battleship $5 BD Close Encounters 30th Ann (booklet, mini poster) $14 BD Die Hard $5 BD-ATMOS Bram Stoker's Dracula (US region A with Atmos) $14 BD Enders Game $5 BD-ATMOS Expendables 3 (US Region A with Atmos) $9 BD Fifth Element (US Region ALL with TrueHD) $10 BD-ATMOS Fifth Element (US Region A with Atmos) $20 BD Ghostbusters $7 - pending BD Ghostbusters 2 $7 pending BD Grease Rockin Edition (playing cards & yearbook case) $14 BD The Heat $5 BD Inception (DVD Taken Out) $8 BD Independence Day $5 BD Interstellar $7 BD-ATMOS John Wick (US Region A with Atmos) $10 BD Jurassic Park $5 BD Lucy $5 BD-ATMOS Mad Max Fury Road (atmos) $7 BD Non-Stop $5 BD Predator Trilogy $14 BD Rise of the Guardians $5 BD Scott Pilgrim Vs the World $5 BD Avatar 3D $5 BD Aviator, The $5 BD American In Paris, An $5 BD Cloud Atlas $5 BD Drive Angry $5 BD Due Date $5 BD Expendables, The $5 BD Fair Game $5 BD Goodfellas $5 BD Jersey Boys $7 BD Highlander $5 BD Machete $5 DVD Man Who Fell to Earth (US region 1 DVD) $5 BD Man of Steel $5 BD Serenity $5 BD Spirit, The $5 BD Star Trek 2009 $6 BD Star Trek Into Darkness $6 BD Sucker Punch $5 BD T2: Skynet Edition (US region A dolby 5.1EX) $9 BD Next 3 Days, The $5 BD Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy $5 BD Tower Heist $5 BD-ATMOS Transformers: Age of Extinction 3D (atmos) $12 BD Ben Hur $7 BD Bridge on the River Kwai $9 BD Battle: Los Angeles $5 BD Chappie $7 BD Conon The Barbarian $5 BD Conon The Destroyer $5 BD Expendables 2 $5 BD Groundhog Day Spec Ed(US Region ALL) $9 BD Hunt for Red October, The $7 BD Kingsman: The Secret Service $7 pending BD Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (US Region ALL) $8 BD-ATMOS Jupiter Ascending 3D (DVD removed) $7 BD Jurassic Park Lost World $7 BD Jurassic Park 3 $7 BD Snow White and the huntsman (steel book) $13 BD Transformers $7 BD Unforgiven $5 BD World War Z $5 BD Star Ship Troopers (new and sealed) $7 BD Blade Runner (new and sealed) $5 pending BD ET: Extra Terrestrial (new and sealed) $7 BD Pacific Rim (new and sealed) $7 4KBD 5th Wave, The (4K) $15 4KBD Batman vs Superman (4K) $10 4KBD King Arthur (4K) $15 Pictures:
  13. spaceboi

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    It appears half cut off on my screen as well (almost like a permanent footer). their shopping cart allows you to ship to OZ, and also select various currencies but it's a basic currency conversion a quick dummy order of a XPA7 Gen 3 @ US$1999 ends up costing approx $AUD$3680 (after adding $1999 amp + $313 shipping/handling + $300 import duties, all @ conversion of 0.71 - as per their website.) Whereas Lifestyle Store Australia lists it with a RRP of $AUD3599....
  14. Item: WireWorld Equinox Subwoofer Lead 4m (new & sealed) Location: North Brisbane Price: $250 (RRP $529) Item Condition: Brand New and sealed in box Reason for selling: Bought 2 and only ended up using 1 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - RRP is normally $529 for 4m RCA lead. - 24awg with OCC copper with silver-clad copper RCA connectors. - An excellent cable, and am very happy with the one used on my own subby. - Happy to post for extra $10 if you need it. Pictures: