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  1. 20% off Music this Friday

    Any nice vinyl? They are usually overpriced but sometimes there are gems for cheap.
  2. We all know that quarter wavelength frequency gets cancelled post reflection from the back wall. To bring this frequency to a much lower one which is in audible we need to bring the speakers at least 2.5 mts from the rear wall. I don’t have that luxury as I sit at that position. Having got windows behind and not much wall the reflection might have high amplitude and resulting in greater cancellation when 180 degrees out phase with the direct bass wave. what can I possibly put behind the speaker that can either defract or do I need some absorption so that the reflection ed wave takes a different path or cancels out. Do note that I have a bass port at the rear of the speaker and I wouldn’t want to absorb all that power. See photo for understanding.
  3. My System this morning

    Sounds very good but not sure whether it can do better hence the WTB.
  4. Shoes for Spikes that load a 90kgs speaker

    Thanks, just realised I have these already and can use them
  5. Shoes for Spikes that load a 90kgs speaker

    They look exotic which means expensive:)
  6. Wanted to know what the options are with spike shoes that can withhold a pressure of a 90kgs speaker.
  7. Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    I believe we are the only two that loved the grandinote over the rest at the show. Photo I took
  8. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    Listening to them now, Eric Clapton Unplugged sounds so open, detailed and easy flowing. Why am I selling these?
  9. FS: Audio Equipment Table

    You mean the water bottle ?
  10. FS: Audio Equipment Table

    Item: FS: Audio Equipment Table Location:Wyndham Vale Price: $150 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Very strong benches made of tempered glass, held equipment over 15 kgs each side no issues. Had 40 kgs on one glass Pictures: