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  1. FS: Holo Spring DAC level 3 "Kitsune Tuned" + Singxer su-1

    That’s a very nice price for the combo. All the very best for sale. You going all analog like me ?
  2. You can easily get it here in Melbourne too.
  3. My System this morning

    I have heard neither so cannot comment.
  4. FS: Sutherland Hubble Phono Amp

    Better than the Sensor ?
  5. My System this morning

    Better then the B&W?
  6. My System this morning

    Photo to a little curved?, panorama.
  7. FS: PMC Twenty5.26 Speakers

    Hard to sell speakers in this price range.
  8. SOLD: FS: Krell KSA 80B

    The manual explains that it’s all Class A
  9. SOLD: FS: Krell KSA 80B

    Superb amp, what a beast. My KSA is similar build but less heatsink.
  10. Power Cable for Krell KSA

    Iam happy with the standard iec cable, at least it works.
  11. Power Cable for Krell KSA

    I just settled for the slim computer cable.
  12. Subsonic Records

    Love the feel of the low frequencies. Want some more, got any vinyl recommendations?