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  1. Hi Mat, Thanks for the comments. If you were interested in the table, I could inquire in the cost of shipping the table to Melbourne, you then can decide, shipping may be 4 to 500 hundred dollars, just guessing at this stage. Tony.
  2. It is a great unique peace of furniture, very solid, it could also be used for an outdoor setting for entertaining such as a Queensland room or even as Conference room table. Tony.
  3. Hi RobbC, The timber is hardwood, mainly yellow box, blackbutt and other eucalyptus that grow in the area, it is recycled timber salvaged from a livestock loading ramp and holding paddock, the owner estimated to well over 60 years old, it was pulled down to make way for a housing estate, very solid timber, it has been finished with natural timber oils and bees wax, with a light black stain mixed with the oil. The diameter is 1920 mm, sits 12 comfortably, for all the specs and more photos, go to the manufacturers website, http://www.tcloudspeakers.com/Custom_Made_Tables.htm Thank you for your comments. Regards, Tony.
  4. Hi Glen, Thank you for taking the time for a listening session with the Chameleon. Your comments on the woodwork and description of the listening experience is very much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed the experience and your support for Australian made products. Thanks Tony.
  5. Well, as for taste, let us consider that thy are in natural timber and finished with natural timber oils and bees wax, they certainly are Eco friendly speakers, even good for those with a licking fetish. Never the less, they are certainly in good taste. Tony.
  6. Hi all this is Tony, first of all I like to thank you all for your positive comments. Yes they look, feel, smell and sound great, satisfying at least 4 of our senses. Yes I am a fan of vintage Hi Fi gear especially Sansui, the one in the photos is a AU11000 1976 make. Cheers, Tony.
  7. Hi, I am Tony. I manufacture speakers. I enjoy good music, well recorded and reproduced. I love timber and enjoy woodworking.
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