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  1. They are very emotional pair of speakers to many people in the world. They are bookshelves and sounded what a very good pair of bookshelves should be plus the beauty of the craftsmanship.
  2. Nice speakers and love the combination of strumento and s5
  3. Fls10 is a damn good integrated in my opinion. You won’t miss the mid that tube amp can produce and yet u got the power as well.
  4. I had the wood sl and now sm.... damn good for the price. I have not tried the sh but believe is just as good depending on your set up. What a bargain !
  5. I’m currently doing up g88 with Thomas Schick/ spu. I think that is very old romantic. Thomas Schick took 4 months for delivery
  6. Nice......where is the cover of g99? We both have the same set up
  7. Nice reed tonearm... sure it goes really well
  8. May I ask what loading impedance u had on this gem?
  9. audiome

    FS: Records 2019, 1st week

    Hello dolly and B.B. king for me if still available please
  10. Add in the external power supply and believe me u will be happier