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  1. guys please dont get me wrong. I never heard this tt before but what im saying to him is why is it your dream? why wont be it something higher. Sorry if i offended anyone
  2. no i didn't heard one and i shouldnt assume. my mistake. I always like to read up how it was made and how the tonearm sit and whats the quality of the tonearm. i also like to know if it flexible in term of changing the tonearm to certain length of if i can add on the motor of this tt is AC synchronous motor and i cant see what special about it. There is no external power
  3. maybe something else. I just cant see that luxman been a good tt. Isolation and speed is what makes a good tt.
  4. totally agreed as everything in it makes a different. I just cant see y that luxman been your Dream!! why not techdas?
  5. its the tonearm and cartridge that makes the most different in sound
  6. What have u got currently may I ask
  7. What’s so good about it?
  8. wilson benesch gmt!!! amazing technology!
  9. i remembered speaking to him before i decided on Reed tonearm.
  10. Siggwan stopped making tonearm and i always wondering how they sound
  11. i guess its all about the music instead of look yeah
  12. Sonus Faber Amati Homage was produced when Franco serbilin still alive and still with sf. Amati is beautiful crafted speakers and the rrp was way higher than magico a3. Both are very different design. Depending on the music u listen to. Personally I will choose Amati over a3 anytime. A3 is the entry level of magico. The rrp increased recently due to magico decided to coz demand is more than supply.
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