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  1. May I ask what loading impedance u had on this gem?
  2. audiome

    FS: Records 2019, 1st week

    Hello dolly and B.B. king for me if still available please
  3. Add in the external power supply and believe me u will be happier
  4. Fantastic tonearm and cartidrige
  5. Excellent phono! the psu makes a huge improvement.
  6. audiome

    FS: Cantonese pops vinyl part 2

    will there be part 3?
  7. audiome

    FS: Cantinese pops vinyl Part 1

    11, 12 and 13 for me please
  8. My Thomas Schick is finally ready for shipment after long waiting 4 months. What do u think about it
  9. U gave this up for a spu?! May I know what spu r u using please.
  10. it makes me wondering if these combo will sound better than Dave? Recently i had Accuphase DP430, Holo spring dac and chord hugo 2 set up in my system to compare. I was sooo supprised that hugo2 sounded the best in my opinion and ended up i had the dealer to bring in Dave for me to listen too. Accuphase DP430 is extremely fatigue to listen to. Maybe its system mismatch but i doubt so.
  11. audiome

    Aurender N10...well it’s okay...

    Harshness of the top end is the nature of digital if u compare side by side with Vinyls. I don't believe much got to do with your N10. Have you tried different dac? I had 4 different dacs lately to compare side by side. Accuphase DP430, Holo Sring Dac, Chord Hugo2 and Chord Dave. I was using Macbook Pro as a transport. I was so surprised Chord sounded most analogue and accuphase is extremely fatigue to listen to. Apparently chord has alot less harshness.
  12. Item: FS: Fisher audio FA011-10th Anniversary/ Kennerton stand Location:Melbourne Price: 350 Item Condition:excellent Reason for selling:Not in use at all Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these headphones to try out if I like using headphones. They hardly been use. Excellent condition. Kennerton headphone stand is included, they aren’t cheap. Pictures:
  13. audiome

    SOLD: FS: Oppo UDP-205

    Normally if it’s going to be discontinued, the price will dive. This player must be really good I guess.