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  1. Might be a good idea to update the photos to show this. At the moment one speaker looks incomplete.
  2. Do you have the brushed aluminium face plate that is missing for one of the A10’s?
  3. Is one of the APEX 10 speakers missing a cover panel? Do you have this cover?
  4. Item: Audioline floor standers AL-3210 & large bookshelf AL-???? Location: Eastern Melbourne region Price: $150 for all (or $100 per pair) Item Condition: A bit tired looking Reason for selling: Grown out of partying Payment Method: Pickup only - COD Only Extra Info: Audioline floor standers AL-3210 If you're interested in listening to your favourite music the way it was intended, with all the nuances and perfect imaging - then these are not for you. These speakers will covert all incoming frequencies to bass, ensuring you put down that night cap, get out of that comfy chair, and release your inner party animal. These are truely low end speakers, and I mean low end as in the opposite of high end. The following types of people should consider these: 1. 15 to 25 year olds who believe bass is the shizzle; 2. 15 to 25 year olds who P - A - R - T - Why? because CAN; 3. 25 to 40 year olds who have 5 or more cats/dogs/children or combination of such; 4. 40 to 90 year olds who did points 1. or 2. a lot in their youth and need the volume. They are in ok condition for their age, but: 1. A bit of the black fake wood veneer is coming off in places, but could be glued on if one doesn't like the extra crappiness this brings; 2. Tweeters have had the plastic covers cut off to try and extract any source of treble; 3. Grill material is perfect Audioline large bookshelf AL-???? Everything above also applies, however, there's a little bit less bass in these (that doesn't mean you get more treble though). They are also in ok condition, but: 1. Tweeter covers have been cut off 2. Certainly not Sony speakers - in my youth I though Sony was the greatest, so I stuck on some Sony labels; 2. One tweeter has had the finger treatment from a little person; 3. There's a cup stain on one; 4. Some of the fake wood veneer is coming off; 5. Grill material is perfect (except for a few stains) Happy to demo. Pictures:
  5. fknid

    FS: Acoustat Z22 Electrostatic Speakers.

    I've never seen a speaker with such good freo respond and sensitirity. They look great. GLWTS.
  6. fknid


    Hi, I don't own anything other than my wife's Bose kit. Yuk!! Tired of it and looking into getting something that that works. Cheers,