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  1. I'm running the GL KT77's in my Audio Note Kits mono blocks now. Love 'em!
  2. I've had my 4365's for 6 years now and love them to bits. I do agree with the above comments, they love power. Running them with 40w EL34 mono blocks which are nice at low to moderate levels, but they sounded the best so far with a 300w Class D amp. Tried various amps over the years and the more power the better.
  3. Sophia 274B Aqua rectifiers for my Audio Note Kits Mentor preamp.
  4. Some tasty ambient with Windy & Carl.
  5. Glad you liked it. UK Jazz is hot right now.
  6. I actually think False Idols from 2013 is an outstanding album also.
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