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  1. I just home from the show. Hands down the most boring music being played in most rooms. White man blues. Terrible.
  2. Lightspeed Attenuator

    @georgehifi, do you make a version with more than one input?
  3. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    This is my afternoon sorted.....
  4. JBL 4435 resto

    Just rebuilt a pair myself......
  5. Just want to let you know, that you can get this new/sealed for AUD$200 off Amazon.
  6. Yeah, i agree. I also like that it has a mono feature also.
  7. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    I got them made locally by a guy. I was inspired by Kenrick Audio from Japan.
  8. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    I say, take them with you into the apartment. I live in an apartment in Brunswick also and my JBL 4365's sound magnificent .
  9. Wow. With 4 steps, i'm pushing 94db in my room. I guess it's all about the gain in your system.
  10. That sounds great. I will drop him an email. If he can built something to my requirements, i'll definitely consider that.
  11. That's the model i'm looking at.
  12. The reason i looked at the Tortuga was that for $300USD more, you get a professionally made unit with 3 inputs, 2 outputs, remote control and adjustable input impedance. I have never felt my Slagle's rolled off the bass. I have experienced the opposite. I look forward to your comparison.
  13. I've owned the Dave Slagle autoformers for about a year and i love they way the integrate and sound in my system. Easily the best sounding pre i've owned. My only dislike is that i find the attenuation range too narrow. Only 24 steps. So when i want to listen late at night, the first step is too loud. I know he's released a stereo version with 47 steps for $900 USD which i'm thinking of getting. But i'd like to know if anyone owns a Tortuga LDR3 and their thoughts on it. Also if anyone has A/B'd the Slagle's with the Tortuga.
  14. KT88's v EL34's

    I do agree the Sophia's are exxy, but compared to Mullard NOS, they're a quarter of the price for 85-95% sound. I say keep the 77's in and save for the Sophia's. Even if it takes you 6 months, they're worth the wait. We humans can achieve wonderful things when we set our hearts to it. Haha.