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  1. Oh if that's the case I'd absolutely use them. The Sonix is very similar, just in a black timber cabinet with slightly different dimensions. If the Tryptix suited better as surrounds (easily wall mountable and gloss enclosure) then you could certainly pair them with Sonix at the front.
  2. Hi @raff, The Tryptix is a discontinued speaker, however 3 x Sonix would work very well here (they have the same MTM as the Tryptix and Symmetrix). I think you'd find they'd suit the application well. Cheers, Michael
  3. Hi Kevin, sorry I wasn't trying to suggest not using the Atmospherix AS, more trying to explain the differences for Kezzbot. Do you know how much depth you have to work with in the ceiling cavity?
  4. Hi @Kezzbot, not wanting to derail the thread however this may help @warek as well The Helix has a very shallow mounting depth of 86mm vs the 183mm mounting depth of the Atmospherix AS. The Helix has quite a small footprint (diameter) for the driver size, due to having mounting 'wings' instead of 'dog ear' type clips. This means they both have similar bass performance, even though enclosure sizes are quite different. To facilitate this bass performance, the Helix has a semi-open back. It is still able to keep debris etc out of the enclosure (foam damping covers the outer perimeter of the internal enclosure) while the Atmo AS has a completely closed off back box that eliminates almost all sound bleed into the roof space. This also then allows us to use a more sensitive driver, so the Atmo AS have greater sensitivity (90db vs 86db). The Atmo AS also feature a ring radiator tweeter that extends further with a bit more finesse, giving improved performance. You can perhaps think of the Helix as a versatile and compact background music, overhead effects and additionally outdoor speaker, with the Atmo AS offering a bit more in performance as more of a main multiroom music and overhead/surround effects speaker for use indoors.
  5. Hi Lino, sorry to hear this - it is a huge open space and I believe they have recently submitted plans to partition off the area so they can get the system sounding how it should. With the right amplification and EQ, an MX-30 has the capability to hit reference (while still sounding crystal clear) in a closed-off 14m deep room. The MX-20 demo room in the new Thornbury store is apparently very impressive, I'm yet to get there to hear it myself! Thanks for your thoughts and most importantly great to hear you are enjoying your home cinema.
  6. Hi @solman, I'm here If you'd like to send through a rough plan of your room to info@krix.com (with any other details you can give) I can take a look and make some recommendations on products etc. Cheers, Michael
  7. Hi @Mr_Gadget, understandable. It also makes it tricky with that noggin as sometimes they are in place for pipes or other utilities, so it's hard to recommend removing them without knowing exactly what is going on back there!
  8. The Tryptix was discontinued as the large majority of customers were choosing the in-wall equivalent (the Symmetrix). While it sounds great in practice... you're correct, it's not quite as easy as that. I'm taking on board what you are saying though and since the new immersive formats have been released a Dynamix Flat or slim on wall speaker has been a consideration. Can I politely ask your apprehension about installing the Symmetrix if you will be running the speaker cable through the wall cavity anyway? The Symmetrix (being MTM) can be rotated 180 degrees, so you can have the terminals at the top or the bottom for easier cabling.
  9. If you can get wiring into the wall cavity I'd certainly be aiming for Symmetrix or Ecliptix (similar to Hemispherix but in-wall). The cost shouldn't be too much more to go in wall than wall mounted, as long as you can work it in with studs and they are in the right position to your couch. It would certainly look nice and clean.
  10. Thanks for the feedback @Mr_Gadget . My guess would be that if we were to make a Dynamix flat version it would need to be around 100mm deep to accommodate the driver, vent etc. 50mm or less would be a completely new design. Can I ask how you were going to run the speaker wire to the speaker if choosing an on wall option?
  11. Hi @Mr_Gadget, A Dynamix Flat has actually been discussed recently, can I ask what application you would use it for? eg. Side/rear surrounds, overhead Atmos, L&R next to a TV? Thanks, Michael
  12. Thanks @Marc. @Mr_Gadget, the update is based on a larger voice coil, upgraded bass driver. It is the only change, but being a significant driver change it was enough to warrant a new version number. The upgraded driver was pushed through to our Atmospherix in-ceiling speakers a little while ago and has now been updated in the Equinox and Dynamix. No further updates in the near future. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions! Cheers, Michael
  13. Hi @agrif78, I’ll check on Tuesday(Monday is a public holiday) and send you a PM. Cheers, Michael
  14. We can send some out for a small fee if you need them @agrif78, just let me know. You could also strip the speaker cable back far enough so that it passes through both terminals - achieves the same thing
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