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  1. Just a friendly observation here - the Neuphonix in the photo is actually a MK1, while the product photo is the MK2. Visual differences can be seen in the baffle, grille and particularly the base. Hope this helps any confusion. Cheers, Michael
  2. Krix Loudspeakers

    Focal SR700 vs Krix Phonix surround speakers

    Hi @Perth.hifi, If you need some help with our range of fronts, feel free to send me a PM, happy to help. Cheers, Michael
  3. Krix Loudspeakers

    New home cinema room and the wisdom of the crowd

    Hi @mrbrown66, My apologies for the broken dealer locator, we are working on the new one right now! On Monday morning, I'll look up the closest dealer with these speakers and send you a PM. Cheers, Michael
  4. Krix Loudspeakers

    Acoustic transparent screen negatives

    Without intervening too much (just to point you in the right direction), the Dramatix in-walls (soon the be renamed to Megaphonix In-Wall) or Megaphonix Flat on-walls might be right up your alley. Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions @Dbuns
  5. Krix Loudspeakers

    Centre speaker match for Krix esoterix altum

    Hi @yiannisada, The Esoterix Altums were designed purely for two channel stereo listening, so don't have an exact matching centre - like the Harmonix have the Vortex, or the Neuphonix have the Epicentrix. Depending on the space you have available, the Vortex or Epicentrix will still match in nicely with them though, as we maintain the same timbre matching across our range. For surrounds, it depends on your installation requirement - on wall, in wall, bookshelf etc. The Dynamix, Equinox and Atmospherix speakers function very well as surrounds and share the same drivers, so many opt for them in multi-channel setups in rooms of typical size. I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers, Michael
  6. Krix Loudspeakers

    Unbroken Blu ray

    Ha! See you in 2020? 😉
  7. Krix Loudspeakers

    Unbroken Blu ray

    It's a misprint on the cover @Mr_Gadget - it is actually Atmos. @:) al went through the same thing a couple of years ago but might have forgotten 😊 That's what happens with 50,000 posts!
  8. You're right @blybo, it was the system total, which included speakers, projector, projector screen, amplifiers (all 58 channels), Trinnov processor + extension, video processor, media players, networking, automation, acoustic treatments and so on. The retail price of the speaker and subwoofer component came to around $130k, with $50k of that behind the screen with the 7 huge Cinematix. As @Marcmentioned, we wanted to show what was achievable with an almost unlimited budget in a residential space. We also wanted to show that our cinema heritage and years of development can be scaled to suit smaller rooms and budgets - so you can still get cinema sound at home without breaking the bank e.g. the MX-20 and MX-30 we had in the entry room, to our SX and home entertainment speakers. A 5.1.4 Series SX system, which features engineering and tech from our cinema range can be had from $8k. The system from our home entertainment range shown in the Selby room, $5.2k. It's not often you get a chance to produce a world first, and as Marc mentioned we had a lot of fun with it!
  9. Great idea! We'll definitely consider doing this.
  10. Hi Al, you never know! We really needed to go through the process once to see if it was something we could replicate in a different state or country. As you may have guessed, it was quite an undertaking, but achievable. As most of us have only just arrived home, we haven't gone too much into next years show, but it was part of discussions over coffee when we'd finished... I think we need to recover from this one first! CES wouldn't be in the equation - that's only 12 weeks away. Glad to hear you loved it, with such a great response it will be hard not to back it up in some way next year.
  11. Hi @Tubularbells, perfectly fine to say that - and I would have to be in agreeance. Being honest, we just weren't prepared enough for the kids to be coming through early on - while I did have a 15+ age warning on the ticket booking page there were a few families on Saturday that hadn't seen the booking page to know. I tried my best to have a chat to each of the parents but couldn't get to everyone. In hindsight, we probably would have created a 'kid friendly' session... on that same note though, many people weren't prepared to wait even 15 mins to the next session, let alone one at a specific time of day. There were almost no children on Friday, minimal on Saturday and tons on Sunday! There were a lot more walk-ins on Sunday, and we were better prepared with ear-plugs and content - however it doesn't change the fact you were shortchanged for your demo, and I completely agree that the kid friendly demos were quite lacking in comparison to the others . My apologies and I wish I had have known, as I would have tried to get you back after the last session (or another session) for a movie pick of your choice. All going well in Sydney next year, if we can replicate the scale of the room, please let me know if you are attending and I'll get you in for the calibration and 'full' test of the system. For your info, when I showed Scott your Simpsons video on the other thread (weeks before the show) he couldn't stop laughing. So I know he would have wanted you to get the whole experience. Moving on, thanks for everyone's comments and it's great to hear that so many enjoyed our demo, our crew got just as much a kick out of it as you. We managed to find some tricky and very unique problems that come with a world-first demo of this scale, which meant that most of us were lucky to get to bed before midnight for the three nights before the show. We were even re-plugging cables and adjusting the equipment 7 minutes before the first demo! We got there in the end, and while we ran a reliable and solid setup for the demos, we think that the large majority of attendees took a lot away from it, whether it be a little more learnt about what immersive audio is, or just the huge grins we could see on the faces of viewers. We have learnt a lot and if doing similar next year we will perhaps host some more advanced sessions for forum members/tech-heads that go a little longer and are more technical, or a 'BYO movie' session to test out your favourite scenes. Just some ideas... if anyone has any, we would love to hear them. From our whole team, it was an absolute pleasure to meet so many friendly and passionate people at the show - forum members and newcomers alike. I think the vast range of attendees speaks a lot for the organisation of the show and the audience it was able to reach. We thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you to all who attended. Cheers, Michael To answer your question @superaaaa, we should have some photos on our facebook/blog soon or as @Pete54mentioned, Selby have some up on their facebook page already. As for acoustic treatment, we had around 60 Sonitus panels (as used by many rooms around the show) and around 35 Martini Absorb 100mm panels as well.
  12. Krix Loudspeakers

    Not happy with Krix Phoenix

    Glad to hear you got it sorted @MattyT, good suggestion @sakabatou!
  13. Krix Loudspeakers

    Not happy with Krix Phoenix

    Hi Matty, are you able to double check the connections on all the terminals, making sure everything is in phase? Perhaps try running them conventionally with bridging bars to see if it makes any difference. Also, have you been able to play around with positioning? Closer to or away from walls/corners, speakers closer together, seating distance etc to see if it makes a difference.
  14. Krix Loudspeakers

    Krix Esoterix One (Mk 1) Speakers

    Correct @kab! EV 8"
  15. Krix Loudspeakers

    Krix Esoterix One (Mk 1) Speakers

    No problem. I've received a response - from memory they think it is a Dynaudio D28 Mk2 - which looks about right I reckon! Cheers, Michael