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  1. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Van Morrison his band and the street choir.
  2. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    BB King - Indionola Mississippi Seeds
  3. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Watching BBL with some Roy Buchanan tunes[emoji106] Live Stock
  4. ollie_08

    Monitor Audio

    Wow thats a good wrap for the MA S6
  5. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Pulled the trigger and purchased today. Bob Dylan - Trouble No More the bootleg series 13 4LP realesed 2017 of recordings of concerts 1978-1981 inclusive of excellent color booklet. Awesome 👍
  6. ollie_08

    Monitor Audio

    Im using bi wired banana plugs didnt notice how far they went in though will check.
  7. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Wilson Diesel - Short Cool Ones RIP Chris Wilson
  8. ollie_08

    Vale Chris Wilson

    Playing loud tonight RIP Chris Wilson, great performer.
  9. ollie_08

    Monitor Audio

    Good choice enjoy the speakers👍
  10. ollie_08

    Single malt whisky

    First taste, Xmas present
  11. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Doors - LA Woman Jim Morrison died 3 months after the release in 1971, gone too young[emoji22]
  12. ollie_08

    Single malt whisky

    Just had a look online 20% of all single malts @ First Choice 😃😃
  13. Try Audio Principe, Peter is good to deal with and has good value cables https://audioprincipe.com.au
  14. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Vince Jones & Grace Knight - Come In Spinner
  15. ollie_08

    Integrated Amp Help.. <$1500

    This is in classifieds might be worth considering? Well under Budget