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  1. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Have to agree with you JJ great album
  2. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Jimi Hendrix - Winterland 8LP Box set Recorded 50 years ago over 3 nights 6 performances at the Winterland Ballroom San Francisco, California. Released in 2011. Amazing!
  3. ollie_08

    Monitor Audio

    Nice to hear another Monitor Audio happy chappy, yes i'm still experimenting with position thx for the heads-up.
  4. ollie_08

    Monitor Audio

    The GS60's look fantastic, its always good to get some SQ gains from tweeks like you new speaker cable, enjoy!
  5. ollie_08

    Monitor Audio

    Oh yes Animals sounds excellent 👍
  6. ollie_08

    Monitor Audio

    Thanks i believe they have recently released a new Bronze Silver Gold and Platinum range and getting good reviews.
  7. ollie_08

    Monitor Audio

    Enjoying the new addition to my system, Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers purchased from @gillmaverick Been listening to these for a week really enjoying the bass from these wonderful speakers, anyone else enjoying Monitor Audio speakers?
  8. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Steely Dan - Katie Lied
  9. Yes they are your old speakers, have enjoyed them time to move them on
  10. Item: CELEF PE-1 Standmount Speakers + Stands Location: Frankston, VIC Price: $450 Item Condition: Very Good Condition 9/10 Reason for selling: Upgraded, time to move on Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: These are great speakers made in the UK. Consist of Piezo super-tweeter, Audax tweeter and KEF B-200 mid/bass. Beautiful mid range, crystal highs and nice full base from these large Standmounts. Stands were handmade by previous owner and are at perfect listening height. 635mm x 280mm x 305mm, 20kg each Pictures:
  11. Another one to look out for for Gary Moore fans. Blues for Greeny, Gary playing Peter Greens tunes......awesome
  12. ollie_08

    SOLD: FS: Monitor Audio Silver 8 in Walnut

    PM sent to purchase, next minute Gill delivers to my door step what a service, thanks mate. Listening now sounding great👍
  13. ollie_08

    Currently Spinning

    Howlin Wolf - The back door Wolf
  14. ollie_08

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    It is White can and Blue writing........light must have affected pic. Nice PA though Darren😃