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  1. Ok I will take Sigur Ros please
  2. Also, Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass Thank you
  3. Leonard Cohen Old Ideas please
  4. Mingus - Black Saint and Sinner Lady Armstrong & Ellington - The Great Reunion Thank you
  5. Hi, Could I have these please: 9. Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz To Come 11. Cassandra Wilson - Loverly 13. Nina Simone - Sings The Blues
  6. smav

    SOLD: FS: Benz Micro Ace SL MC - $420

    Have this same cartridge and a Denon 103r. In a Rega RB300 arm, this Benz ACE is my favourite. Great price for an excellent cartridge.
  7. These were the first serious speakers I bought, back around 1994. I still remember how good they sounded, i had export version with beautiful jarrah finish. They were paired with Arcam Delta 290 amp and I could listen all day without any fatigue, and speakers had real oomph. Still miss them! GLWTS
  8. Post to Melbourne? Keen on the DNM if postage available.
  9. smav

    SOLD: FS: Luxman L80 amplifier

    Please let me know if sale doesn't happen, interested in purchasing.
  10. Hi, I'm a new member from Melbourne. I have a long standing interest in music and hi fi and have accumulated various bits and pieces of equipment over the years. I enjoy listening to to my music via CD and vinyl as well as computer audio via Squeezebox. Looking forward getting to know the people here and participating on the forums. Thanks.