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  1. Oh really? That doesn't sound ideal - what was the most annoying thing? Has the Anthem been fine since the switch?
  2. Hello All, Speakers: I'm helping my parents piece together a 5.0 setup, and need some other options or thoughts on what I've missed. They're at home and streaming more Movies/TV than ever and are going to properly treat themselves to something better than their soundbar. The need for white speakers has landed us on some truly lovely sounding/looking KEF R7s and a R2c - that choice is mostly set in stone. The rears will be a pair of B&W M1 MK2. I am pushing for an additional pair of these, to up it to 7.0 - but for now it's just 5.0. There won't be a sub, my father is semi keen but it's not wife sanctioned atm. Also, I own a pair of KEF R3s myself, and personally don't find the need for a sub either. We believe the R7's bass response should be pretty ideal for the situation. Can always add sub if needed. Pre-pro/AVR: We've been to our local Hi-Fi store - will be buying the KEFs from them - and I'd love to support them in the Pre-pro/Amp purchase too. However, I'm very much leaning towards separates from Emotiva (see title). The MC-700 pre-pro because of a few reasons, including; Great price point - not paying for things we aren't using. Fundamentally, they only really need are some inputs, two 4k outputs (TV & Projector) and 5.0 mixing (with max potential of 7.1). Rather simple remote - parent friendly. Great EQ options - EmoQ reads like it's quite good. I'm sure it's no Dirac Live, but those units are a huge step up in dollars. Slimline, friendly looking. Great stepping stone to fall in love and learn more about HT. Friendly enough price point ... that when Emotiva brings out a the MC-700 equivalent of their RMC-1/UMC-2 line, could sell this off and upgrade then, if needed. Can use Sonos their current Sonos Port, and not Heos etc. Amp: BasX A-5175 (evenan A-500) BasX A-5175 is because in my mind, the speakers deserve it. I don't think it's overkill. I would even get them to stretch for the XPA-5 but it won't fit in the media cupboard - too thiccc. I understand the MC-700 isn't without it's problems, but what isn't? Am also aware they've pulled distribution from Aus. Other options include; Outlaw 976 (can't find in AU) Marantz 7705 (epitome of over-buying to me, could be wrong!) AVRs like Marantz SR5014 or Denon AVR X3600. Thanks for any thoughts, Tom
  3. Item: Emtoiva BasX A-100 amplifier for speakers/headphones. Location: Erskineville, Sydney. Price: 300 Item Condition: Superb condition, as photos show. Reason for selling: I finally bought a Sonos Amp for my living room and use that instead. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Could ship at your expense. ~$25ish. Extra Info: Second owner. I purchased this from these same forums a while ago to drive some vintage speakers I'd bought off Gumtree. It's been a great amp. Comes with box, packaging and jumpers etc. I only used it with headphones for a brief period and I can say it always sounded lovely to me with either headphones or speakers. It's a really wonderful piece of kit from Emotiva. I'm just looking to clear up my closet. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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