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  1. That's the same story I had with the def tech bp 7006's i owned. both amps went, some thing with these current 7004's. I had all the amps replaced under warranty and they've been strong since. I see the psaudio are using a similar arrangement on their new speakers, side powered subwoofers, rear firing tweeter that deftech use too. Interesting.
  2. I like my Definitive technology bp7004's a nice loudspeaker. Welcome to the forum, party hard.
  3. No worries, I'm still using the Vienna acoustics everyday for years now.
  4. I like desktop audio, its right there in ones face. These little speakers don't need much room, so front porting is useful rather than essential i reckon. That said my Vienna acoustics are front ported. Something to consider is a simple amplifier and passive pair of loudspeakers rather than actives. I run a Nad d7050 with a pair of subs and the aforementioned VA haydn grands and it works well.
  5. Ease of use is an important factor for my hifi enjoyment. I've been ff'ed by jriver or driver issues enough to care about ease of use.
  6. I gave roon a go but have stuck with spotify for exploring music and jriver for multimedia and local drives.
  7. Bale was pretty cool in the Big Short, it's a good movie.
  8. I like smart amps. Cambridge Audio One, various naim all in ones etc.
  9. My BP 7040 are still going strong, quite a decent speaker for the money.
  10. I've come to appreciate the final episode, it has a certain melancholy about it that is alluring on later watches. Tyrions scenes are subtly acted and he has some good speeches.
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