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  1. Ya could grab those dynaudio confidence 1's in the classifieds, they seem to be a benchmark for small speakers.
  2. Rotels' Michi series of amps came out recently, or the rd1581.
  3. A wee baby bottle of bourbon tonight for our 9th anniversary of marriage.
  4. That crack has me thinking... stop playing with it! Every crack could be damaging gear. Settle for the rca.
  5. A tight @rse would have used the paper on the toilet paper rises. Another option is shorter cables that hang high.
  6. I've got a pair of Vaf i66 mk2 and a pair of Evo 1's. Love my Vaf's they sound expansive. Plenty of love for this brand on SNA... Speak up.
  7. I had a look at the original Mad Max recently, geese its good.
  8. Elite Dangerous has incredible sound design.
  9. Licor 43, Drambuie, Jeffersons bourbon n coke. Crickey I'm on the piss tonight.
  10. Have you tried toeing in the speakers, or placing them parallel?
  11. cafads 'effing floorstanders addicts guide thread.
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