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  1. Postponed due to lack of toilet paper?
  2. Second and third episodes are a bit slow.
  3. Vaf research i-93 actives, finesse and power.
  4. They're a dense little sub, I had mine custom painted in green by Vaf.
  5. Vaf are an excellent south aussie hifi brand. I have two mpb sw2's on my desktop system and they do the trick but two sw2 is not as good as one platform2 imho.
  6. See if you can get a vaf platform 2 subwoofer, a nice big sealed sub.
  7. Gotta go active, the ls50 is a tough match for most amplifiers.
  8. In the lounge I aimed for a 3 m by 3 m by 3 m triangle with the front on the speakers 1 m from the front wall.
  9. I'm interested to discover if a lightning cable to usb type b works too.
  10. I've owned both the theatrical release and the extended editions of LOTR, so yeh, i loved them and the books. Making the films was a remarkable achievement for PJ.
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