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  1. Is not the real question which aftermarket cpu cooler do you want to run? Noctua and Intel all the way for me.
  2. i wonder how hot my spotify server gets when I get a Massive Attack replay fetish.
  3. That's a big room to fill with sound, perhaps look at floorstanders and a sub.
  4. I hear the wraith cooler bundled with the amd chips is quite decent for non overclocking use. Perhaps dump the noctua cooler and up the gpu to a gtx 2070 super?
  5. I've never forgiven the (dead) cat for pissing on my def tech loudspeakers.
  6. Kayne west. ha ha. that was shite... each to their own. try "Thank you mum" by St Germain. Makes my wife's desk rattle.
  7. It's not perfect from W7 to W10, my printer won't work on w10 yet has for a decade on w7. One particular software of my wife's doesn't cross over either.
  8. Ya could grab those dynaudio confidence 1's in the classifieds, they seem to be a benchmark for small speakers.
  9. Rotels' Michi series of amps came out recently, or the rd1581.
  10. A wee baby bottle of bourbon tonight for our 9th anniversary of marriage.
  11. That crack has me thinking... stop playing with it! Every crack could be damaging gear. Settle for the rca.
  12. A tight @rse would have used the paper on the toilet paper rises. Another option is shorter cables that hang high.
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