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  1. Could you set up so that the sub runs off the pre amp and ur main speakers poweramp runs from the preamp also? I.E. no output cables from the sub.
  2. I hate those amp thumps. Reads to me like a preamp issue. In the short term I'd be turning the power amp on last when going to listen, and off first when shutting down. That should stop the thump on the mains. Are you using 12 volt triggers to turn on any of the units?
  3. I wouldn't assume that. Depends on ur listening preferences. Fairly often bookstanders are difficult to drive to high loudness, relative to floor standers with the same drivers - something to do with box size. More power is never a bad thing because typically the more power means the larger the range of quality output from the amplifier in the avr. If the avr/amp is stuggling to reach ur preferred loudness it'll clip and distort and sound harsh. There's a few items in the classifieds that could go well in your setup. FS: KEF Q350 - Classifieds - Stereo, Home Cinema &
  4. Sounds like you've hit the ground running.
  5. Just one glass of this today with mum and extended family at lunch...
  6. I think the answer to your question really needs more info, i.e. which AVR? In general should be possible to do as long as there is one power channel per speaker. I read recently in Audio Science review that quite a few recent Denon AVR's measure well. Audio Electronics Review and Measurements Index | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum have fun good luck.
  7. G'day Ooogh. Yeh, I too am discovering headphones are a lot of fun. DO CHECK THE CLASSIFIEDS! some really good bargains on there.
  8. There certainly is a lot more to explore, experience and expend $'s. What's your system currently James?
  9. fascinating, thanks. I'm very sad to see that computer parts (and hifi) have gone up in prices since covid. Still my rtx2070 just showed me how epic forza horizons is, wow.
  10. Further information: I bought these for a series of flights I had and the QC20 performed admirably in cancelling the airplane noise. The unit has the battery charged and works great with an iphone 5. Accessories are pictured and the other silicone ear pads are still in the plastic bags unused. Note these are the made for apple version, but I suppose the 3.5mm plug may fit other brands too. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple ite
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