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  1. KEF LS50w, dynaudio xeo2 come to mind.
  2. paradigm 9se is a good speaker, enjoy the music.
  3. Pretty good cinematography in 1080. I appreciated the overhead view of winterfell, that's a castle I could build in age of kings.
  4. New font is meh, old one was easier to read.
  5. Never imagined that cersie would actually do that with a greyjoy.
  6. So rise of skywalker. What we looking at? Is leah skywalker going to become the new president of the new republic? Is luke skywalker going to reincarnate and start doing weird magical stuff? Is rey a skywalker? Will Ben Solo seek a name change at marriages births and deaths before becoming dictator?
  7. They each have a place, and convenience often tops out.
  8. I've got the iphone 5 and it's not as good as the ipad 9.7.
  9. I was surprised at how good the ipad 9.7, 6th gen, sounded running a sennheiser 598's.
  10. Bastion soundtrack is on spotify. threadnecro.
  11. OP has the ceiling to work with, perhaps some scatter blocks or absorption up there.
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