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  1. getting on the andrew garrets sparkling shiraz tonight
  2. (1) Fatboy Slim - Praise You [Official Video] - YouTube
  3. (1) Ben Harper - Morning Yearning - YouTube
  4. I've become a little jaded by the long line of special bookshelvers from dynaudio.
  5. I was just thinking of cancelling my spotify subscription. Cool.
  6. Today I discovered that Microsoft has deleted/removed all my contacts in Outlook 365. Yeh fair enough my subscription ran out sometime ago, apparently over 90 days ago but the contacts list is mine not theirs to delete! Yet it's gone. A little bit of digging and I discover Microsoft do display on the 365 website the consequences of discontinuing Office 365 service, but I missed it. Hope others don't fall into the same IT problem. My work around was to take all my contacts off the iphone which is the most current/extensive anyways.
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