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  1. My BP 7040 are still going strong, quite a decent speaker for the money.
  2. I've come to appreciate the final episode, it has a certain melancholy about it that is alluring on later watches. Tyrions scenes are subtly acted and he has some good speeches.
  3. John snow won't kiss his aunty but will kill her? sigh. Not consistent character. A really disappointing ending to the series.
  4. A dwarf will sit on the iron throne!
  5. Daenerys went mad, so be it, Arya will kill her now.
  6. Maybe vaf have some dc x-42 left, or a single i91.
  7. Lots of intercourse this episode! Celebrate the victory in style. But that Cersi wench is lurking.
  8. I see I missed the Ayra dagger wasn't given to Sansa, that's the dark picture fooling me. A better episode the second time around. Love the sightlessness of the dragon fight in the storm. A nice detail is the moaning of the dead sound over the wind before the dothraki charge, approaching doom. A great twist at the crypt, it's not so safe after all!
  9. Dothraki charge was a waste of good men. Men outside the walls was militarily stupid. Archers on the walls with dragonglass arrows could've won the fight alone, maybe.
  10. Whats up with the dagger arya gave to sansa being back in arya hands at the end?
  11. An excellent episode 2 tonight, lots of threads interweaving meeting at winterfell.
  12. KEF LS50w, dynaudio xeo2 come to mind.
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