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  1. Greenjoyce3001

    Grimm LS1

    Appreciate the response Marc. Great pics there. Thinking you're a very lucky man to have attended Munich - even a trip to Melbourne for this year's Hifi show was denied by the powers that be. Cheers!
  2. Greenjoyce3001

    Grimm LS1

    Anyone have experience/views on the Grimm LS1 speakers or even own a pair in Oz? I'm liking what I read about them, and see them as a potential alternative to all-in-one active systems such as the Kii Three & Dutch & Dutch 8c. The issue is that the nearest Grimm dealer is in Hong Kong, so getting a demo of these is not so simple.
  3. Greenjoyce3001

    StereoNET Kii Three Review

    Thanks for the link. 44K? Ouch. I think I'll settle for the poverty Threes without the BXT.. that, or say goodbye to my marriage.. 😯
  4. Greenjoyce3001

    StereoNET Kii Three Review

    On the subject of pricing, anyone else notice how the Threes keep going up in price? On Sonic Purity's page, they are now showing as 20,500 for the speakers alone - I'm pretty sure I remember them being around 16K last year. The missus has given a nod to purchasing a pair on our 10th anniversary, but that's still a year away! :0
  5. For anyone who's interested, I eventually bought a Da-lite PHT 800-1250 stand/trolley, which I purchased from B&H Photo Video and had it delivered to Sydney. It's a perfect fit for my JVC X500, and is strong, secure, and easy to wheel around. So I definitely recommend it if you can't mount your projector and need a mobile solution.
  6. Greenjoyce3001

    StereoNET Kii Three Review

    I'm kicking myself that I did not get to hear these at the Sydney Hi-Fi show. When might the next opportunity be to hear the Kiis in Sydney?
  7. Greenjoyce3001

    JVC X500 - Vertical Lines Issue

    The store has said I should send the projector for repair to Westview Electronics in Castle Hill, Sydney. Anyone have good or bad experiences with this place? Or can anyone recommend an alternative authorised service centre (in Sydney) from their own experience? Thanks.
  8. Greenjoyce3001

    JVC X500 - Vertical Lines Issue

    Thanks. I purchased the projector as an ex-demo, so it only came with the new lamp. The projector is under warranty, so am following up with the store for advice.
  9. Hi All, I turned on my JVC X500 projector last night and noticed some unusual vertical lines being displayed. From the attached photos, you will notice that the lines are there even when viewing the on screen menus, and without any input connected. The projector has a new lamp with about 12 hours of use. Prior to this, the projector was behaving perfectly. Is this a known problem? My first thought was to try a different power point but that didn't make any difference. Thanks.
  10. Greenjoyce3001

    Next Generation Jvc's: X5000/7000/9000

    I haven't been able to find an answer to this so thought someone here must know. Is there a way to reset the lens shift to center (both vertical and horizontal) on the Jvc X series projectors? Thanks. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  11. We live in a rental so I can't mount the projector on the ceiling. My current setup involves sitting the projector on a child's table atop the dining table. Less than ideal I know. So am looking for a stand as a more long-term solution.
  12. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a stand that would be suitable to support a JVC X series projector. Weight - 15kg Dimensions (W x D) - 45 cms x 47 cms I noticed there is a UK brand called Unicol with some decent looking stands (see pic below), but can't seem to find their products in Australia. Thanks.
  13. Greenjoyce3001

    Next Generation Jvc's: X5000/7000/9000

    For anyone who's interested, I noticed rio.com.au have reduced the x5000 to $4495. Cheapest that I've seen it. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  14. Greenjoyce3001

    Wtb: Jvc X75

    Looking to buy a good second hand example of the JVC X75 in Sydney or surrounds. Cheers.
  15. Greenjoyce3001

    Next Generation Jvc's: X5000/7000/9000

    Hmm. Rio.com.au are selling the X5000 for $5199 now. That's a drop of $200 from when I last looked. Anyone seen it cheaper than this?