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  1. Thanks. I think the sound is definitely humming rather than buzzing. I think the amp still hums once the speakers & sub are disconnected. I will chek again tonight. I think I should take it it to a repairer as I don't want to play around with electricity.
  2. VanArn, Thank you for that advice. I will have a go. I confess I don't readily understand technical jorgon associated with electricity etc. I'm pretty sure the subwoofer cable is an IEC type. Where would I get the cable you recommend? a Hifi retailer? is this the cable you suggest I use?
  3. Great price. I can totally emphatise with the bedroom set up issue. I, too, can only use my solitary HEOS 1 for Frank Kelly. I have however ordered a second HEOS for stereo pairing which I suspect will not go down well in the bedroom.
  4. My Primare I22 amp is connected to a small Paradigm subwoofer. The connection is by way of RCA cables into the pre-out sockets of the amplifier. At low volumes levels I can hear humming/buzzing from both components with the sub being a litte louder. The Primare amp also has an after market Isotek power cable. Do I need a power conditioner? I can't live without the low frequency generated by the subwoofer so getting rid of it is not an option.
  5. This is a very suspicious angle to the theft.
  6. You will like Monolake too. He invented Abelton!!!
  7. Metal Beat, Melb is better for music than Sydney
  8. 2019 Melbourne Music Week. Outdoor gig. It to be missed for high quality electronic sounds.
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