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  1. Thanks. I think the sound is definitely humming rather than buzzing. I think the amp still hums once the speakers & sub are disconnected. I will chek again tonight. I think I should take it it to a repairer as I don't want to play around with electricity.
  2. VanArn, Thank you for that advice. I will have a go. I confess I don't readily understand technical jorgon associated with electricity etc. I'm pretty sure the subwoofer cable is an IEC type. Where would I get the cable you recommend? a Hifi retailer? is this the cable you suggest I use?
  3. Great price. I can totally emphatise with the bedroom set up issue. I, too, can only use my solitary HEOS 1 for Frank Kelly. I have however ordered a second HEOS for stereo pairing which I suspect will not go down well in the bedroom.
  4. My Primare I22 amp is connected to a small Paradigm subwoofer. The connection is by way of RCA cables into the pre-out sockets of the amplifier. At low volumes levels I can hear humming/buzzing from both components with the sub being a litte louder. The Primare amp also has an after market Isotek power cable. Do I need a power conditioner? I can't live without the low frequency generated by the subwoofer so getting rid of it is not an option.
  5. This is a very suspicious angle to the theft.
  6. You will like Monolake too. He invented Abelton!!!
  7. Metal Beat, Melb is better for music than Sydney
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